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April 2021 Update:
I just caught up on 2 years worth of messages and suggested edits, so I DO apologize to those who've been waiting! We expanded our family to 8 children in 2020 a week before all of the COVID shutdowns began, and it's been a lot of work since then to navigate, and more than you can possibly believe has kept my attention. Nevertheless, I'm still here and I will eventually get to updates! Shipley Family Reunions in the NW have been indefinitely cancelled as well for currently obvious reasons.
Modification to "About My Contributions" below:
My current focus is to keep grave profiles focused on Find A Grave's mission of recording a grave location, and not rebuild it into Ancestry, esp. since Ancestry now owns Find A Grave. I like a nice full biographical profile, but these can become quite political depending on varying facts, sources, and family perspectives. I'll still do my best though to create as rich of a memorial as I can, when I can.

About me:

David G. Shipley, Jr.,
son of
David G. Shipley Sr.(Mem.ID: 83181965)
son of
Dwight M. Shipley (Mem.ID: 28236746)
son of
Warren L. Shipley (Mem.ID: 27705092)
son of
John G. Shipley (Mem.ID: 26165111)
son of
Thomas B. Shipley (Mem.ID: 83228727)
son of
Amos Shipley (Mem.ID: 84114593)
son of
Abel Shipley (Mem.ID: 83667426)
son of
John Shipley Jr. (Mem.ID: 85155407)
son of
Capt John Sheple (Mem.ID: 28320294)
son of
John Sheple (Mem.ID: 83481763)
son of
John Sheple (Mem.ID: 83445561), an immigrant from Failsworth, England who arrived aboard The Primrose in 1635.

Besides being descended...

Married to Kiara L. Shipley of Maryland.
Father of:
1) Aythan Zane Shipley
2) Ravenna Kiara Shipley
3) Lilya June Shipley
4) Weston Thurin Shipley
5) Abel Axton Shipley
6) Xora Lucia Shipley
7) Lydia Kaede Shipley
8) Bronte Alonzo Shipley

Graduate of Dallas Baptist University (English, 1996) and Oregon State University (Environmental Science, 2006).

Fond of antique toasters, black licorice (especially my recent discovery of double-salted containing ammonium chloride), coffee 'black as midnight on a moonless night', the Graveyard Poets, gothic literature, old books, Africa (visited Kenya, May 2008), The Bible, Theology, Archaeology, Economics, cemeteries [Emily Brontë (Mem: 1709) eat your heart out], waterfalls, the ocean, stouts, black basalt, obsidian, corvids, pronghorn, highland desert, and the NFL Patriots.

Career highlights: mid-level carpenter, wastewater chemist, product failure analyst, R&D engineering technician, project manager, general manager/music festival producer, full-time stay-at-home father of eight.

A 21-leaf collection of incunabula (the first typeset manuscript pages from pre-1500) can be found under my name at the Portland State University library.

I did my first grave rubbing when I was only seven years old of Joseph and Virginia Meek at the Old Scotch Church Graveyard in Hillsboro, Oregon.

About My FIND A GRAVE Contributions:

I am readily open to suggestions for corrections, but I might take time to verify facts and may ask for sources. Occasionally personal discernment or firsthand knowledge about the information contained in records [note: they are not foolproof, as my Grandmother's birth certificate (Mem.ID: 47026920) exemplifies] may prevent some requests for changes; please respect if I decide not to make the change and I'll do my best to explain why. Also, I am a full-time father so my children receive my attention first. But if you haven't heard back in a few months, try contacting me again. Sometimes email just gets forgotten in the barrage of life, and this is increasing the case with EIGHT young children.

Finally, I view creations on Find A Grave as a collaborative effort and am happy to transfer any profile unrelated to me or to a person more closely related than I am, even if outside of FAQ transfer request boundaries. I am not possessed by a lust for numbers (hoarding profiles), nor am I interested in marking territory or other ownership politics which is a horrid dishonor to these dead. But I am interested in lovingly and respectfully helping to create rich memorials that **everyone** can share and benefit from.

On that note, any photo I upload (besides my profile pictures) I also consider public domain and anyone may use or alter (unless it is ALREADY attributed to someone else whom I gained permission from...please contact them too first). I'm not looking for credit! My reward is personal and elsewhere, and I'm not so insecure as to need it here, no matter how many hours of records research, footwork, or gallons of gas it took to make the contribution--that's what makes me a 'volunteer'.

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