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UPDATE 12/2/2020...
Where has the time gone? Thanks for your patience. So this weekend I went to the FAGRave file and made most all the suggested memorial changes. If there are more, please let me know. Thank you.

UPDATE 10/11/18
Finally! Have dealt with all life threw in way of working for my ancestors... and now back working on family genealogy.. starting with the emails I have received with edits/attachments about current memorials (Thank you for your patience). And then to move on from there.
UPDATED ~ 4/18/17~
Still in process of moving/finding genealogy notebooks, etc.
UPDATED 08/29/12. Moved to Waco Texas
UPDATED 06/22/12:
Sorry for not replying to emails.. but we are in process of repairing our home ... so that has taken me "away" from genealogy for the past many (many) months...
But, YES, I am interested in learning all I can about close and distant relatives.. so please continue to share information with me and I will get back to it as soon as possible..
2008. (As of 2018 = Still current info for you):
Hello from Colorado!
My interest in genealogy/researching our family history started shortly after March 2007 when I received a new iMac 20 computer (my first Apple computer) and I added family photos to the apple iPhoto program..
I started with a few hundred photos and slides and then started scanning/ capturing birth certs, (using a Neat Receipts portable scanner), etc...
And then, after searching different apple genealogy software programs, I found/bought Keith Wilson's iFamilyforTiger (now iFamilyforLeopard/Lion) MAC genealogy software.
At that time regarding my direct "ancestors" I only knew information about my parents and grandparents and that a grandfather had died in the great Boston Fire of 1872.. I could not provide even names on others... so I "started" with only 7.

Next, I decided to add in the 250 names that I had in a notebook compiled in 1997 by my brother-in-law Ed (and sadly that book had "sat on the shelf" for 10 years).
And I found and included contents of a report my brother John and Steve had "commissioned" from a "genealogist"
(later finding much of what he included was inaccurate, incomplete, or just wrong.)

And then -while the family sources were still "here" ..
I contacted the "senior" (" chronologically gifted) family members to learn of their dates and history and family stories, and we even went to visit several of them.
And then I went to visit each of my three siblings... capturing as much family history and photographs as possible -

As of September 2011, we had completed 9 family history/genealogy research trips visits.
-- During 06/2008: a 2 week trip to MA: visited 13 cemeteries,
67 family members; cleaned 47 family/relatives tombstones & surrounding area - and found 12 new deceased relatives.

-- During 08-09/2008: a 2 week trip to NY-IN-MI, visited 12 cemeteries, 133 family members; cleaned 87 family/relatives tombstones/surrounding area; and found 57 new deceased relatives.

And to date (06/2012):
- I have captured over 33.000 photos (pics, certs (birth/baptism/marriage/death/obits ), docs, and misc, etc) in iPhoto,
-and with the never-ending help of known and newly found "cousins" I have entered over 5,700 relatives and ancestors into iFamily. (758 of those are "direct" ancestors - going back 18 generations !)

- As you see in the statistics on this site, I have found the burial location of more than 500 relatives & their siblings, etc /ancestors (with tombstone pic, bio, and links)
- in 72+ cemeteries in 22+ states
* My main goal: to gather/ learn all I can from whom I can,
about whom we can, -- while I still can -
and then to share our family history with the current and next generations
(via findagrave, DVDs, and personal published website/s
and then sending a "book" to be hosted at the Utah archives).

- Paternal surnames:
- Connelly, Spellan, Golden
- Ricker, Turner, Kezar, Hobbs, Carter, Turner, Lane, Day, Denning, Laughton, Matchett, Gilbert, Blethen, Ham, Traske,
Davis, Hanson, Walker, Holt, Lord, Paul, Putnam, Boyce, Holyoke
Knight, Heard, Hull, Peson, Everedd, Bussy, Prichard, Pysing, Salmon ... and many more

- Maternal surnames:
- Guenther, Cartwright, Ganning, Loeffler,
- Hardesty, Frisbey, Goble, Wood, Vanclief, Dorsey, Walker, Randall, Winslow, Smith, Morton, Jenny, Oliver, Newton, Carver, Skurrie, Macomber, Crooker, Doty, Turner, Gamer, Lincoln, Stetson, Manley, Lathrop, Downer, Field, Danforth, Keith, Edson, Hodges, Thayer, Rockwood, Taft, Cook, Brown, Russell....
.. and many more

Please let me know If you have any information about any of the memorials I have posted AND please share any photo you have of "them"..... and specifically about these ancestors:

-- my great grandfather John Connelly (various spellings)
(he was born in 1843 in Ireland - possibly County Waterford
per his 1871 naturalization record) and was killed on duty for the West Roxbury MA Hook and Ladder Co #1, in the Great
Boston Fire of 1872..
he and wife (and most likely young daughter) are buried in Mt Calvary Cem, Roslindale, MA (In 2008we literally/physically searched the cemetery and could not locate their gravesite);

his parents are John and Hannah Connelly of (possibly) County Waterford Ireland;
and I am looking for his (possible) siblings --
and how to contact the County Waterford Ireland parishes.

-- info on John Connelly's wife Margaret Spellan Connelly's brother - a Dennis James Spellen (or Spellan/on/ing) who was
born in Ireland in 1836, married a Mary Henry (b.1838 Ireland) 7/8/1857 in Milford MA; living in Hopkinton MA..
- final burial location unknown

Thank you!

P.S. when emailing me at alnalm at, please put findagrave in the subject line
(so the email is not treated by AOL as spam.)

P.P.S. FYI.. on my "memorials".. the goal is (for as many as I can find information about and photos of) to have not only the birth and death date and locations, and burial plot number...
but for each to show who their parents, siblings, spouse, and children are.. and cause of death... and to then link all I can...

Plus I would like to have a key photo of the person
and a photo of both the wording on their tombstone (front, and side/back as applicable) and a cemetery plot area photo.

Thank you.

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