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99% of my grave hunting is in locations where I am not related to anyone. If someone I am managing is related to you, tell me the connection and ask for the transfer. Ask for all I have of a certain Surname if you want. I'm here to find them...managing them is, heh, just more work. And if I come across additional relatives to someone I transferred in the past, you'll be getting them without even asking.

I am not a numbers guy. The ultimate would be to be able give away 9 out of 10 of my entries...to people related to those folks. I take a lot of photos in the summer...and then make entries all winter long. I do this to help family members that will never come to see the stones near me or, even better, had no idea where that relative was interred at all.

While I do this to have fun and learn about the locals...I have 2 pet peeves.

1. Burial Unknown. YAY...you found an obituary. This is Find A Grave...not find Some Info. A picture leads to an entry and I always check THAT cemeetery to see if the person is already there. I'm not looking thru all of the names of folks nobody has a clue where they are. Burial Unknowns are good for 30 days. After that MY entry is officially 'first'.

That leads me to the next pet peeve...

2. Plunking a person in a cemetery 'in the area'. If I find things like that I copy the info of the plunked memorial and paste it into the caption of MY gravestone photo on MY memorial. Then wait until someone MOVES their memorial to the correct cemetery...and try to tell me theirs was there the entire time.

Note: I consider any photo I post online to be Public Domain. You can use them where you like, just don't claim them as your own. Give credit (if at all) where it is due.

Now....back to the field of stones...

Cemeteries Worked :

::Hamilton County, IA::

Bethany - Completed
Blairsburg - Completed
Calvary - Completed
Cass - Completed
Evergreen, Jewell - In Process
First Presbyterian, Kamrar - Completed
Graceland - In Process
::Completed Sections in Graceland ::
::::Section 7
::::Section 8
::::Section 9
::::Section 10
::::Section 11
::::Section 12
::::Section 13
::::Section 14
::::Section 15
::::Section 16
::::Section 18
::::Section 19
::::Section 20
::::Section 21
::::Section 22
::::Section 23
::::Section 24
::::Section 25
::::Section 26
::::Section 27
::::Section 29
::::Section 32
::::Section 32A
::::Section 34
::::Section 35
::::Section 36
::::Section 38
Homewood - Completed
Liberty - Completed
Rose Grove - Completed
Saratoga - Completed
St Mary's - Completed
Williams - Completed

::Hardin County, IA::

Alden - In Process
::Completed Sections in Alden ::
::::Section 1
::::Section 2
::::Section 3
::::Section 4
::::Section 5 - Photographed
::::Section 6 - Photographed
Buckeye - Complete

:: Linn County
Czech National Cemetery - Partial

:: Tama County

Crystal Twp Cemetery - Partial

::Webster County, IA::

Blanchard - Complete
Washington Twp Cemetery, Duncombe - In Process
North Lawn - In Process

::Wright County, IA::

French Church - Complete
Rose Hill - In Process

::Lynden, WA::

Monumenta - Partial
Lynden Cemetery - Partial
Haynie Cemetery - Partial

:: Minnesota ::

Gilbert Cemeterty - Partial
Virginia Cematery - Partial
Elm Park, Baudette - Partial

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