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I joined Find A Grave years ago to help me in my genealogical research. Now I've been adding a few memorials of my own to help other people with theirs. Most of these are blood relatives, however distant, or their immediate in-laws. Occasionally I'll add a memorial of an unrelated person whose life I feel especially deserves documenting and honoring.

If you are a relative or other close loved one of a person whose memorial I've added, please contact me if you'd like me to transfer ownership to you - I feel the deceased would always be better served having their memorials attended to by people who personally knew and loved them, no matter how honorable or respectful my own intentions.

I put everything I know about a person into their memorial. If you see material in a memorial that you'd like me to remove for personal reasons, if you find errors or omissions in a memorial, or if you want me to add more details because you know things I don't know, PLEASE contact me! I only want to help other genealogical researchers, and to honor the memories of those who've passed on.

Last but certainly not least, if you would like me to remove a memorial I've added of your loved one, please contact me and I will do so in a heartbeat. I mean nothing but the utmost respect to the people whose memorials I've added, but that means nothing if the people who knew them best feel violated or insulted by their presence on this site. And once again, if you would like me to transfer ownership of a memorial I've created because you are a friend or family member and can honor them more ably or thoroughly, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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