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Former volunteer, secretary, treasurer and photographer for the Montgomery Cemetery Rehabilitation Authority and certified taphophile. Researching family roots for more than twenty - five years. Profoundly grateful for the friendships made along this journey such as Cemetery Sue { Martha P. Armstrong} and the Cemetery Czar {Phillip Taunton, Sexton of Oakwood} and countless others. The integrity of this site has been diluted and compromised since the acquisition of Ancestry so I don't contribute as much anymore. Please do not make any assumptions as to the content included in memorials. I have a life outside of this website and can't fact check every correction I receive nor can I be responsible for proof reading.
***In regards to duplicate entries, I am aware of them. I had no idea another contributor came before me, not knowing the boundaries between Oakwood and Saint Margaret's that were added to the wrong cemetery. He is no longer active on this site but has a manager who has graciously allowed me to manage a lot of his memorials and I am working on getting them moved to the correct cemetery. I will contact Findagrave when I feel like I have enough and ask them to merge them all. I can't delete any of his memorials on my own.. I would not want that anyways. He was not from here and did not know Saint Margaret's was a separate cemetery smack in the middle of Oakwood.

One thing I would ask is that contributors refrain from adding titillating, salacious newspaper articles, these can be written in your own words and included in the biography with a notation of the newspaper article and date. And please, if a death certificate has graphic injury descriptors, blur those out keeping in mind that not everyone needs to be privy to injuries a person sustained that led to death. Keep it simple please. Death is but just moment in each of their lives, some died horrifically and we should all strive to keep their memories free from anything indecent.

All requests to add estimated dates from census records will be declined. If there are no dates present on a marker and you wish for me add this to that field, send supporting documents otherwise it will be included in the biography. Especially in particular infants with only one date on their headstone and or record. This little baby, Infant Son Adkins for example, was born sleeping and the records on file at indicate this so I have included both dates for him.

Once upon a time burial unknowns were frowned upon but according to the administrator I emailed about it said that while this is not the intended purpose of the site all they can do is ask that people refrain from it and that not knowing where a person was buried as records could be lost forever did not preclude them from inclusion on this website and that contributors could not refuse to make links to burial unknowns no matter how strongly they disagree with it. So with this in mind I have added my paternal great grandparents as twenty seven years of research has led me to conclude records that could help locate them have been lost and I would very much like to link them to their children.

Please, please.. do not download any photograph of mine or anyone else's for that matter and upload it as your own without permission from the copyright holder. Some of us have driven a long way and put a lot of miles on our cars and feet to document markers. The very least any of us can do is acknowledge where they came from. And please, if someone goes to the trouble of fulfilling a photo request drop them a line of thanks.

Last but not least, I am not fond of this new look at all or the ads which seem to have invaded every aspect of our lives. ~ Lonewalker


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