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My photos are copyright protected, if you take one and upload it here or anywhere else on the web without permission, you are committing infringement. Ask first.

These memorials and photos represent fourteen years of my life I can't recover in my quest to save the past for the future.

I am sick to the point of exhaustion from the emotional barrage I am subjected to day in and day out. Discouraged, beat down, disillusioned by waves of toxic, self absorbed, mean spirited people. Veiled threats, cursing, name calling and all the other nonsense that goes on here is wearing me down. Physically, emotionally and mentally.

Made to feel as if I am somehow unworthy or incompetent to manage information for dead people, which is all this website really is.

A repository to collect information on the dead for Ancestry which they profit from by having the largest unpaid workforce in America.
Pathetic, the seriousness with which some take this HOBBY to document final deposition.

I continued contributing regardless of a years long harassment campaign that was spawned by one banned contributor who incited at least six others across multiple states that escalated to threats of violence against me, giving away my free time and energy only to be subjected to some of the most heinous verbal and emotional abuse from complete strangers over what? Digital memorials?

Your family and mine are not in this digital format, to be fought over like last nights leftovers. They are digitally memorialized here, that's it.

I honest to God do not understand how relationship makes someone a better manager when all of us have access to the same information on the web. I think the person spending their time out there doing the foot work deserve a lot more credit and consideration. After all they walked and found the grave right? Which makes me a bigger idiot to continue working as hard as I have here.

I am going to spend less time spinning my wheels researching, walking in all kinds of weather, tearing up my car and cameras, wasting my gas (which is 4.55 a gallon) because if a disgruntled, unhappy contributor can whine to support about their relationship and how special this makes them so that Ancestry overrules and transfer and edit memorials regardless of whether I agree or not, there is no purpose to any of this.

That is not the definition of a collaborative effort. No such thing exists here, just a bunch of self appointed family gatekeepers, genealogical junkies determined to manage every last one of their kith and kin.

All edits, with the exception of estimated dates or links to burials of unknown deposition will be auto accepted.

For years someone else supplied the flags placed on the graves of veterans in Lincoln, Remount and Oakwood Annex by Cemetery Sue. When she was unable to continue, I took her place but they are too expensive for him to continue to furnish.

Thank you Buddy, from the bottom of this Veteran's spouse's heart for your patronage and support of our veterans.

Just two of the many memorials I have created that mean a lot to me. I walked for these people, one young and one old, Mary Louisa Portis and James Streety whose stories might have gone untold.

So good luck, good night, and happy hunting.



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