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On or about April 25, 2018 I received the most egregious email I have ever received in regards to my character, my apparent lack of gratitude regarding information I receive for digital memorials to the dead and numerous other flaws from someone who has never spoken to me except through email, doesn't even know what I look like or held a conversation with me. I promptly deleted some 439 grave photos in a cemetery that really needs transcription because this was the last straw for me. Particularly from this contributor who I feel has held nothing but contempt for me since our first correspondence over what is included in an inscription.

I have enough going on in my life, this is just a hobby and I will not deal with anyone who has personality traits such as control, arrogance or superiority. It says that 116 people follow me on this website... I don't know why on earth anyone should do that. I am just a middle aged woman who loved bone yards and the peace I once found there.

I will continue to make corrections, add information and from time to time add burials of those I know but that's it because Find A Grave is a volunteer website that yields no reward other than the satisfaction it brings to each contributor for their own personal reasons. I have documented 35 thousand plus graves over the course of ten years with only a smattering of appreciation or words of encouragement from anyone but their accolades are not what I seek. All of us want to be remembered. None of us wants to be lost to euphemal time.

There are errors in my submissions. We all can and do make errors. There is no excuse whatsoever to castigate another contributor over any entries or your perception of how they should be. If there is something you want added or changed, please be specific with your request and pay attention to how you word your request. I myself have really tried to pay attention to how I words things but someone will always find offense. Just know that what you send to me will be returned in kind.

From the Help Section of Findagrave: If you have waited longer than 30 days for an emailed suggestion, to be processed without a response, forward your copy of the suggestion along with source documentation to edit@findagrave.com."
Also from the Help Section: "Members have 21 days to accept or decline suggested edits."

To those of you who have transferred memorials to my management that were out of guidelines, such as my son's biological grandparents, I appreciate you more than you know.
Please do not use any of my photos without consent anywhere. I have driven a long way and put many miles on both feet and vehicles to document graves.



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