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I am stay at home mother of 3. Blake, Alisa, & Sierra. I started to do a famliy tree back in May 2007. Actually Oct 2007.

My daughter Alisa got kidnapped July 5 2010 by Paul S. Smith. He killed a Jeff Smith July 3. Alisa back home with her family.

I finally found my great great great grandparents Joseph Stephen Harrison and Eliza Jane Quaite stone on the date July 21 2009. They was in the one place I didnt even looked. I had a gut feeling to look there.

I just learned there is 3 set's of Harrison's in Riverview Cemetery. One set might be related to my set.

Update May 20 2016

A friend offer me a DNA kit. So, We could see if these 2 sets of Harrison's are related, but we did not match what so ever.

On FamilytreeDNA

European 89%
Western and Central Europe 86%
Finland and Northern Siberia 3%
New World
Native American 11%

On GEDmatch using Dodecad V3

1 West_European 42.87
2 Mediterranean 23.13
3 East_European 10.56
4 West_Asian 8.16
5 Northeast_Asian 7.12
6 South_Asian 3.55
7 Southeast_Asian 3.42

I am 3rd generation of mexican's born here in USA. They came in the early 1900's. I have 6 ancestor's that came from Germany in the 1880's. Have Dutch, French, and German intermarry. Also have 4 French Canadian's that came to the states in the 1800's.

Jul 11 2017 It look like My Joseph Harrison family is not related to the Mitchell Harrison family that is also buried in Riverview Cemetery. A relative name Robert Mitchell of Mitchell Harrison cant find the name of my dads cousin who took dna test on myheritage. That show proof they are not related through dna. Just need more people to take the dna test.

DNA breakthrough between Joseph Stephen Harrison and Eliza Ellen "Harrison" Himes "28 Dec 2017"

My Surname's Harrison, Jones, Quait/Quaite, Pringle, Waller, Rogers, O'Neal, Chiles, Arend, Bax, Meyer, Stranghoener, Sisley/Cissley, Rhodes/Rhoades, Davenport, Scott, Forbes, Axtell, Tuttle, Merriam, Pratt, Baker, Goble, Houghton, Moore, Higgins, Lindley, Swan, Daniels, Kniffen/Niffen, Moss, Chittenden, Whelpley, Merritt, Sherwood, Purdy, Lane, Park, Thomas, Newberry, Havens, Leonard, Rounds, Clay, Young, Thompson, Curtis, Pinel/Pennell, Durrell, Sampson, Pease, Brown, Allen, Penrod, Lehmer/Lamer, Emmett, Wimmer, Staats, Broucard/Brokaw, Rapalje, Bogart, Bergen, Laboyteaux, Epperson, Divers, Lambert, Perault, Haden, Moseley, Rountree, Dudley, Wintjen, Pilere/Peeler, Gilland, Pelletier, Preston, Ruyle/Rule, Gilpin, Fanning, Davis, McDaniel/McDonald, Taylor, Dodson, Durham, Hightower, Bryan, Axley, Pleasants, Hazelwood or Davenport, Rangel, Ibarra/Yvarra, Leyva, Leblanc/White, Lamothe, Rival Bellerose, Deguire Dit Desrosiers, St. Germain, Hess, Poepping, Mertens, and Loethen

My newly surname's. Sep 23 2018
Julian, Pugh, Beals, Bullock, Chambers, Rogers, Thurman, Clark, Basye/Bayse, Nichols, Thomas, Linton, Ramey, Ybarra, Beltran, and Torres
Updated on Oct 16 2016
To those who past away
Edgar Earl Harrison - 25 Jun 2008
Herbert H. Harrison - 28 Jul 2008
Glenn Edward Wharton - 1 Dec 2008
Mildred E. Hughart - 15 Jan 2009 Age 90
Douglas Carl Foiles - 20 Apr 2009
Leo William Schneider - 27 Apr 2009 Age 33
Irvin C. Hoaglin - 10 Jun 2009
Billy Guy "Red" Foiles - 18 Jul 2009
Emma Jane Harrison Perez 5 May 2010 -54
Melissa Jo Lynn Campbell - 18 Jul 2011 -33
Joseph Leland Goree - 20 May 2011
Holly Lynn Heck - 18 Feb 2012 Age 26
James F. Hoaglin - 13 Aug 2012
Nelson "Red" Harrison Sr - 17 Mar 2013 -85
Ronnie L. Rue - 22 Apr 2013
Ansel Milton Sanderson 23 Apr 2013 87
Richard Lee Bliss 9 Jan 2014
Donna Margaret Chamberlain 23 Mar 2014 86
Justin Clifton Bufford 5 Apr 2015 Age 28
Catherine Joan Niffen 26 Nov 2015
John Lester Clark 24 Jul 2016
Robert Lee Niffen 16 Oct 2016

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