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Born Chicago, have lived in IL, MI, Germany, NJ and AL currently, with a summer home, my great grandfather Silas Benjamin Anway's farm house, in Central Lake MI. Graduate of U. of Michigan and U. of Illinois. Retired physicist, communications engineer, and professor. The picture above left is 51 years old.

The majority of my older memorials are for my and my wife's relatives, their spouses, and the spouses's parents. Of particular interest are the surnames Edwards, Westbrook, Nate, Anway, Sanford, Brown, Budde, Wolf, Lanterman, Bordenca, Diliberto, Tortorici, Corrente, Rizzo, LoCicero, Calabrese, LoVoi, and Tamburello. I have source information for my relatives. Virtual cemeteries are my direct Ancestors, Anway/Nanny, Brown and Lanterman. The Lantermans are descendants of Johann Peter Lanterman b. ca 1714 and his wife. Anway/Nanny are all descendants of William Nanne b. 1720. Brown will contain the descendants of Walter Brown born ca 1727 on Long Island. When I enter a memorial, I attempt to find the parents and link them, if you know the parents' grave locations, please let me know. My sources for my relatives are in the database rtegen on Rootsweb Worldconnect. The link is at the bottom of this profile.

A newer project is the genealogy of Antrim Co., Michigan. For more information on some of the people there (eventually all I can find data for), go to Rootsweb Worldconnect and select the centrallake database. Rootsweb Worldconnect databases have not been updatable since Oct 2017. An updated version is on the Worldconnect Beta https://wcbeta.rootsweb.com/trees/395713/I00001/-/index?pageindex=158&letter= . An updated version is also on Ancestry.com, also called centrallake. Family trees on Ancestry.com can be viewed with a free account. Many memorials in the cemeteries near Central Lake including Southern, Bayview, Dunsmore, Morehouse, Antrim, the two Lakeviews, Helena, Sunset Hill, and the two Fairviews in Mancelona are not my kin and are available for transfer to descendants. Please say how you are related when requesting a transfer. All but very recent graves in Central Lake have been photographed. I will continue to enter unmarked graves from records. I am now going through all the memorials in Southern Cemetery, adding detail, linking individuals, correcting errors, and adding all the entries to the the database mentioned above. So far I've gotten to Carpenter, so it will be a while. However, I enter related families as I go. So far 24,000 individuals from Antrim co, Michigan or nearby, their ancestors, or descendants have been entered. I am entering grave locations for Southern cemetery as I review the records, and also adding grave locations as captions on photos I have supplied when I do not control the memorial. If there is no location for a burial in Southern Cemetery, send me a message and I will attempt to add it.
To other researchers in Michigan, Familysearch.org has MI death certificates for 1897-1952, and pictures of 1897-1940 MI death certificates are available on Seeking Michigan. Family search also has records for 1867-1896. These have exact death dates, often birth dates, and locations. Please use these databases to flesh out your entries and find birth dates for those with no birth date on the stone or when no age or birth information is on the stone. Do this especially for Civil War markers. Honoring our veterans is fine, but giving them bare bones memorials is cutting them short. Also, their military service is not all they did, give them rounded out bios; family comes first. And please, expand the abbreviations used on those markers. It's FINDagrave, Wm, Sam'l, Jas, and Jno are not going to be found. If you use abbreviations, expect a correction from me.

I will be happy to add bios, obituaries, correct errors, add links, and credit your contribution. Please let me know how you know what you send.

I never enter duplicate memorials intentionally, except in the rare case when the older memorial was entered under a name different from what is on the marker, usually the name of a later husband. I think this should be fixed by allowing multiple married names for women. In those rare cases I include the number of the other memorial that uses a name not on the marker in the bio. When I create a memorial I use the name on the marker plus any known middle name, as the rules suggest, and give other married names in the bio and link to the other husbands. If you enter two names in the family name field, it makes the memorial unfindable. When I link, I link to the older memorial. If I have entered a duplicate unintentionally, let me know, and I will fix it.

I research all entries. If I find solid information that the dates on the marker are incorrect, unfortunately fairly common, I enter the best dates available.

I have photographed all of the favorite cemeteries listed here, except for Fairview North, Maple Grove and Brookside. I plan to start on Fairview North this summer (2019) but I enter them slowly, as I research all entries. Memorials without photographs in the completed cemeteries may have no marker, or a hidden or unreadable marker. You may copy my photos and put them on your site, preferably with attribution. You may not charge anyone for a copy or use the photo in any for-profit endeavor. If you want any of my photos attached to a Findagrave memorial, please ask me to do it, as the rules suggest. If you copy the contents of any bio that is not just a copy or digest of an obituary, as a favor to those who may want the source, attach the Findagrave number or my name.

If English is not a language you are comfortable with, you may write to me in German or French.

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