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Richter / Judge Gerhard van Bylrebeke (Billerbeck) Eckrodt AKA:to Eickroden or tho Eickroden De Eggeroden Adelsfamilien ; maybe our oldest line known relative we may connect to. His family coat of arms was on the Billerbeck wax seal was with St. Luidger or the Bishop of Muenster. Today known as the Billerbeck coat of arms.

Eckrodt for my German Search
Eggentorp for my German Search
To Eckroden for my German Search
Erckroide for my German Search
Erkrath for my German Search (old Script "c" look like "v or r")
Eckroth for my American Search
Eckenroth for my American Search
Eckenrode for my American Search
Eckroat for my American Search
Eckroate for my American Search
Eckroade for my American Search

To view my early searches before the arrival of the new world of the family use: "Eckrodt" in your search

Tho-Thon-Von-Am-De/ Schulte zu-zum-to-thum-tu-thu Ogelrode/Oeckenrait/Okenrod/Oggenrait/Erkenrode/Everkrothe/
Erkerode/ Die Endung -rode deutet auf einen Hof auf gerodetem Land)
Averoth/ Ex Olhrod/Eickrath/Eickrodt/Eckrodt/Eicholtz/Eichenholt/Eichenholtz/Eickraden/Eickraidt/Eickraidt/Eggentorp Family
Please note: Alfkenroide is also Alkenrath or Alkenrode
The name shows up in 1458 as Alfkenroide

The old ways at looking at the homestead name: The name change has to do with the succession. If they were born free, they did everything to preserve this status and pass it on to the next generation. For example, the succession did not automatically go to the eldest son, but rather to the youngest because it had the longest life chances humanly speaking. If it was more interesting to arrange the follow-up via a daughter, this was done with ease. The name belonged to the homestead and the successor got that name.

Origin of Family: Lotharingia / Germany
Strongly suggest Eggerode, Billerbeck, Buerrig, Bottrop Coesfeld areas in NRW. Germany.

Im Jahre 1151 in das Gebiet Schoeppingen - erste Erwaehrung von Eggerode
"Eggerode was first mentioned in records in 1151 in the register of the Asbeck Abbey" Source:

Im Jahre 1230 in das Gebiet Schoeppingen- erste Erwaehnung der Herren von Ekkenroth gennant Stryck
"In the family Stryck the Virgin Mary was very revered. The Madonna sculpture was probably brought from one of the Crusades (1096-1270) by a member of the noble family. The pilgrimage to Eggeroder miraculous image of "Our Lady of the Kingdom of Heaven" is in a letter of indulgence of Pope Benedict XII. from the year 1338 documented for the first time. Thus Eggerode celebrated its 675th pilgrimage anniversary in 2013." source:

Submitter's note: Daniel de Erkerode Is possibly this knight of the Crusades. "The Eckrodt house first appears as Franconian Adelshof Erkerode in 1147. 1189 it appears as a moated castle and knight's residence of Daniel de Erkerode. In 1221 a Conrad of Erkrath (Erkerohde) is mentioned. His mother was a sister of the Lord Henry of Denn (Danne). In 1367 the house appears as the seat of a knight of Schönrath."

Im Jahre 1230 durch 1300 in das Gebiet Schoeppingen- Bau der Kirche in Eggerode als Eigenkirche der Ritter von Ekkenroth genannt Stryck.
"With the construction of the parish church in the 12th century, an independent parish developed. The knights of Ekkenroth, called Stryck, founded a church in the main courtyard of their possessions. The first mention of Eggerode as an independent parish can be found in 1313 in the register of churches and benefices in the diocese of Munster" source:

Eigenkirche: Original churches (Latin ecclesia propria, propriae hereditatis or cellulae iuris nostri)

The American family Eckroth-Eckrodt-Eckrath carry strong similar family names that appear in Bottrop, Germany

Suggestions would be: Latin "Ogelrode", Eckenroth Bad Kreutznach, NRW Eggerode, Billerbeck,, Bottrop, Buerrig, Koblenz, Coblenz, Kowelenz, Coblentz, Koblenz Niederberg areas. There are also areas near Duesseldorf just east Erkrath.

Please note: Endung -rath oder -rot/-rode or -roth does not matter.
The ending can also be Eggenrode or Eggentorp Thorp=Dorf
von altsächsisch ‚thorp’, mittelniederdeutsch ‚dorp’ is like "Rode" or "Village"

Haus Bavier: (in alten Quellen auch Buer, Buir oder Buyr)
Das Haus erscheint erstmals als fränkischer Adelshof Erkerode im Jahr 1147. 1189 erscheint es als Wasserburg und Rittersitz von Daniel de Erkerode. 1221 wird ein Konrad von Erkrath (Erkerohde) erwähnt. Seine Mutter war eine Schwester des Edelherrn Heinrich von Denn (Danne).[1] 1367 erscheint das Haus als Sitz eines Ritters von Schönrath. Sources: Haus Bavier Wilkipedia

House Bavier: Due to its location in a former wetland area, it is believed that the site was formerly fortified by a moat. The house first appears as Franconian Adelshof Erkerode in 1147. 1189 it appears as a moated castle and knight's residence of Daniel de Erkerode. In 1221 a Conrad of Erkrath (Erkerohde) is mentioned. His mother was a sister of the Lord Henry of Denn (Danne). In 1367 the house appears as the seat of a knight of Schönrath.

Please note of Bavier name Buer: The house passed different names over time. In the 12th century, it first appears as Erkerode (The ending -rode points to a courtyard on cleared land). Then in the 14th and early 15th century as Schletzgut or Schletthausen after the then owners, the lords of Schletz (Sletz). When the house came to the Lords of Buer in 1515, they named it after their name, d. H. after her former headquarters Burg Buer in Gelsenkirchen-Buer. Towards the end of the 16th century, however, the family "translated" their name into High German into Bawyr, Bavier, Baur or Bauer, so that Haus Buer became the home of Bavier. This name has been preserved until today and can be found eg. B. in a Erkrather street name (Bavierstraße) again.


Submitter note: Buer or Bavier. Please note the town of "Buerrig/Buerinck or Buerig

Update note of Bavier...This can also be spelled Wevel or Wefels or Wewel

The house Bavier was most likely the center of Erkath.
It is possible, but not provable, that Daniel von Erkerode, who was mentioned in 1189, had his court here. On the other hand, the name Schletzhaus is in 1405 and in 1461 the name of Bure, Later known as Buir for the Baviersgut. As a free manor Bavier ruled over the Hoefe in the Honschaft Erkrath. The Bavierhof, which stood between Bahn, Gerber and Bavierstrasse, was demolished in 1962.

Eckenroth is located between Bad Kreuznach and Simmern. It is one of the smallest village located in the Stromberg area.

In the Stromberger Census (Stromberger Zinsbuch) books you can see the family listed names as "Ockenrait" and "Oeckenrod".

Die Herren von Erkenrode waren vermutlich auch
die Bauherren und ersten Patronatsherren der
Katholischen Pfarrkirche.

The lords of Erkenrode were probably also
the builders and first Patrons to the
Catholic parish church

Erkrad, Erckraidt oder Erckrat(h)
3 weitere Namesnstraeger: de Erkenrode de Erkenrodhe genannt.

There are three old names I am aware of:
Bernerus de Everkrothe
Siegebertus de Everekrothe
Daniel de Erkerode

It is thought that in the 12th century the town "Eggerode" in North Rhein Westphalia was founded by a Knight from "Eckenroth" of Bad Kreuznach also with the help from the Stryck family of Switzerland. The town of Eckenroth in Badkreuznach, RL-Pfalz, Germany. The town had a religious Catholic background that taught relgious education by Swiss Catholic Clergymen.

In the 17th century you see the family living near Eggerode Germany in Billerbeck, Buerrig, Bottrop, Coesfeld, Bork and the Schoeppingen areas.

Families left from Rotterdam, Nederlande

Settled in Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the area of the Blue Moutains near the Kings Highway near Steinsville, PA. AKA: Indian trail=Kings highway in Lynn township, Lehigh, Co., PA.

Our family was visited by Roman Catholic Jesuit Priest "Father Theodore Schneider" and also mentioned in the Goshenhoppen Records by sacraments performed at the house and at Asperum Collem or Spitzenberg in Albany township, Berks, Co., PA.

Parts of the Eckroth farm were sold to the Donat family and were later known as the Donat Farm.
My 1st generation Grandfather was killed by an Indian while plowing the field. He had his daughter with him but she had managed to escape the attack. (I don't know which daughter escaped) My uncle mentioned to me about a Indian attack in our family but would not confirm which side. He mentioned that the head had been put on a fence post. I could not get any other information but I'll try my other uncles to get what I can at a later date.

Family farm located in Lehigh Co., PA "Lynn township" Other family lines that are known to me are: Lutz, Eck, Kuhn, Henrich/Henry, Neier/Nauer, Schlosser and many others.

My family line moved to Stark Co., Ohio then to Nebraska and into Oklahoma.

Johnan/Joan/John Diet. Eckrodt and Anna Margaretha (Geddinck)....(This is the current thought of mine anyway).

George Eckroth/Eckroat and Anna Maria (Nauer/Neier) Note of interest: George's children were taken into guardianship by David Zehner, since most of George's children were under age when George Eckroth died. The Oswald family also had an interst in obtaining guardianship for the children under age 14 but in the end it was the Zehner family. David Zehner's wife was Elizabeth Henrich born March 11th 1770 in Pottsville, Schuylkill Co, PA. After George's death, Anna Mary/Maria Neier married Christian Henrich Jr.

Daniel Eckroad and Rebecca (Eckerott/Eckenroth)
(Yes, He married his did his brother)

Jacob D. Eckroate and Barbara (Kleis)

John Ananias Eckroat and Mary Catharine (Baechler)

William M. Eckroat Sr. and Mary Alice (Hall)

William M. Eckroat Jr. and Kathryn (Kloiber)

William M. Eckroat III. and Gayle (Gasper)

I got an email from a guy in Eggerode Germany and he mentioned to me that one time they use to have these shooting matches (Schuetzenfest) and people would come from all around Germany and Switzerland and that something went terribly wrong, (Gun powder?), one year and people were killed and the town Priest put an end to these shooting matches... I've always wondered if part of the Jacob Egg/Eck family of Switzerland came to these matches. Jacob Egg/Eck was a gun maker. I have no other information. I also heard about the Stryck family having some interest in Eggerode Germany.

Ovid E. Eckroate wrote some information about the Eckroate family in which tells this story:

"An interesting story survives for the Eckroate ancestry. It seems there were three Eckroate brothers being pursued by Indians alone the river. (What river? perhaps the Ohio). Two of the brothers were caught and killed. The remaining brother escaped by hiding in the roots of a tree. It is from this surviving brother that the Eckroate lineage supposedly descended. The Eckroates that settled in Ohio were supposed to have come from Pennsylvania." (Ovid E Eckroate 9 March 1990.)

Research shows us that the family is Roman Catholic but in those days very few Parishes were set up in the area. (Mass houses were mostly used) In some other cases protestants would call upon a visiting Catholic Priest to administer Sacraments, even protestants themselves would request Sacraments of the Church. I have also noticed that they may have gone to the German reformed Church and part of the family has gone to the Zion Reform and Friedens.

Update note: The Friedenskirche was allowed to share the Roman Catholic Church at St. Michael's in Koblenz Germany Rhein-Hunsrueck


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