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Genealogy is something that I've always taken seriously because if it wasn't for our ancestors we would not be here today. I want to educate myself and my family to the best of my ability about our history and PROUD heritage. I want to present our ancestors as "real" people by placing some of the "Flesh"back on their"Bones." I want my children to know that those two people whose names and dates appeared on a piece of paper were "Real" people.

We have no idea of the unremitting labor it took for the first settlers to just survive. What did they do to survive? Unless they were wealthy and could have certain goods shipped over here, they had to do without or make it themselves. What did they do for fun? Go to church, sing, dance (if religion permitted it), tell stories, visit, and make descendants.

I truly love all my ancestors, even those whose names I don't know. I want to allow them to rise from their anonymous mists to become"flesh"once again, to give them the due honor they deserve.

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