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**Please before you send me a nasty and rude Email, or post a message here about something being in error,I have not been as active as I once was on Findagrave, People who do not wish to wait to have a correction researched and checked, are having the staff at Findagrave make the corrections and links to family members for them, thus creating errors that should not be, however the fallout for these errors always rest upon my shoulders, as if I had made them. When any information that is not listed on the headstone, is place on a memorial, or a family link is placed on the memorial, I always check it out before doing so. Also I will maintain the memorials that I have posted, but will no longer post new memorials on Findagrave.

Born and raised in Oakland County Michigan, I have been researching my family for 23 years, over the last 8 years I have been photographing cemeteries in and around Oakland County, only now starting to place them online. I am not one of these nut cases that thinks that a cemetery is mine and mine alone, or that the pictures I have are for my use only, and they are copyrighted and using them is a huge no-no. Anyone can use the pictures that I post, place them on Ancestry if you wish, I am doing this not only as a hobby, but to help out others with theirs, and for someone that makes a million dollars from a photo I have taken, please share the wealth. When taking these photos, I and others like me are not trying to invade anyone's privacy or disrespect their family members, we take pictures because it may be the last one ever taken of a headstone before it falls to the elements, a vandal, or the caretakers giant mower. So don't be afraid of the old bald fat man in the cemetery, its only me taking more pictures.

**If anyone has a better looking picture then what I have posted, please post it, as all of know sometimes the sunlight , or lack of, causes a image to look washed out or to dark.

Just a note: I don't want to sound rude, but, there is not a need to Email me everyday about making a correction, as some has done, I do not live on Find A Grave, and I only look at my Email about once every 5 to 6 weeks, so If I don't make a correction right away, does not mean that it will no be done. Also I will no longer give any transfers of any memorials, unless they are your parents, grand parents, or great grandparents. If a memorial is transferred, please do not delete them, I have transferred a couple of memorials to find out that the people deleted them, because they did not want them on this site. Another note, I don't know just what some Find A Grave people have done, on a recent trip, in Oct 2013, my wife and I visited many cemeteries in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New York, Every cemetery where we had met someone, they were complaining about "those damn Find A Grave people". and they did not want them around. Remember people, treat every grave is it was your own families grave. I just hope that one day some of the people on this site understand that, it is not about the number of memorials you create, trying to become the king of the hill, it is about preserving the headstones with a photo, for one day they may no longer be there, and giving someone the ability to see an ancestor's headstone from half a world away.


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