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TO ALL MY FREINDS AND GREAT PEOPLE WHO USE THIS SITE I TRULLY APPERCIATE YOU VISITS TO MY FAMILIE SITES AND WHOULD LOVE U TO ALWAYS VISIT IM SORRY SINCE MY WIFE PASSED I AM NOT THE SMAME I USED TO LOVE TO THANK EVEYONE WITH PERSONAL WORDS I HOPE TO DO THAT AGIAN BUT I JUST DONT KNOW IF U HAVE TIME PLEASE VISIT MY SPECAIL WIFE SHE WAS THE MOST AMAZING WOMAN THANK U SO MUCH: I like this sight because many people in history interest me and im courious to see ther final resting place Also many of bio's that are wirten are very interesting and informative.PLEASE VISIT MY FAMILYS MEMORIALS.I now have devatating news My (angel)My wife (MARTHA CASSILLO)of 25 years has passed away On april 18 2013 i am lost without her Please i ask if u can please say a pray for Martha cassillo My wife,partner,My strenght, freind my life. Martha here it is 2 years you are gone from me i am no better in fact its getting worse my pain of being without you i always felt save,comfertable and secure with our marrige and always happy we had each other i miss u even more today> I am just so mad at God martha i can help it He should have known id be nothing again without u I LOVE U ALWAYS

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