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May 23, 2020. My mother Mary and her companion of Joseph Steele was were together for close to 20 years. I updated the photo of the tombstone and made a pre-need memorial at her request as she does not do find a grave or any other form of genealogy and doesn't want a complete stranger making a memorial for her. They were not married. **************************************************As of February 24, 2017 - I have started to add the burials from the Sexton's Coupon which were original attached to the Burial Permits to Milton Cemetery and sending edits when needed. These coupons were detached from the Burial Permit and retained by the Sexton at the time of burial.************************************************** List of headstones that were photographed at Milton Cemetery in Alton, Madison, Illinois. Original list was compiled in 2001 by Marjorie Miller and son Bruce of Alton IL. An early inventory was done in 1960 by Emil Bertels and combined with the Miller's list. I am unaware of any additional headstones that may have been added since 2012. *Asterisk denotes confirmation of a headstone. ** Dual asterisk denotes not listed on either of previous lists. Primary credit for this list goes to the Miller family and Emil Bertels. Listed alphabetically by Last Name:*Abner, Robert *Abner, Ralph*Ash, Trulia *Austin, Annie & Cyrus*Austin, Ellen & Leone & Robert & Thomas*Bailey, Augusta & James & Laura*Baker, Augusta & Charles & David*Ballard, A. R. & Robert*Beauchamp, Lizzie*Belangee, Ernest & Frances & George & Herman*Belangee, Ora & Ray *Berger, Elizabeth*Black, Terry L & Larry *Blair, Annie & George & Joseph &*Blair, Katherine & William*Blake, Emma Bailey*Bonner, James S. & Martha Eliza (Hotten)*Brooks, George M & Sherman*Brown, Donna Jean & Wm. Danny*Burroughs, Thomas E *Carpenter, Ida*Christy, Guy *Clapp, Charles*Clayton, Anna & James W. Jr *Cleveland, Harry*Cole, J. W. & Wm *Collyer, Robert*Cox, Frank *Creed, Lane (LC on stone)*Creed, Melisa N*Cummings, Nellie "Mother" *Davenport, Emily Orban*Davis, Charles A. & Ruth G*Delaney, Frank & Martha*Dent, Everett & Martha*Dixon, Marjorie Dyke*Donaldson, Annabelle*Douglas, William & Luetitia*Emerson, Albert*Ernest, George & Amos*Farmer, Charles & Grace*Feuguay, Thomas Martin*Flaherty, Emmanuel*Foote, Mabel*Ford, Edward & Isaac & Robert Lee Sr*Foster, ____*Franklin, Francis & George E. & Thomas*Gaither, Cora & Mary J*Gilbert, Sally*Hankins, Olivia & W.B.*Hanks, John**Harbison, ________ & James A.*Harpole, Ruby Saylor*Harris, Edward & Gloria & Leta & Raymond*Harrison, Catherine & Nancy & Paul*Hartman, Harold D & Elvenia & George*Haycraft, Infant*Hegel, Judy & Mary Ann & Nickolas Jr*Henderson, Robert*Hoekstra, Alfred & Anna & Anna & Reinder*Holcomb, Mary *Holeman, (Holesan) Luke H*Holliday, James *Horton, Wm*House, Martin *Howell, Frank*Huchens, Edwards*Hunter, Ella & Samuel & Charles & Charlotte*Hunter, Edna & Lester *Ingold, Albert & John*Ingold, Mary (Swires) & Nonie & Robert*Isaacs, Allison *Jerrells, Genevieve*Johnson, Jimmy & Mary & John*Johnston, John E & Raymond Jr*Jones, A Earl & Ada G*Keefe, Stella *Knott, George*Kovis, Ike *Lacy, Vivian N.*Landreth, Hiram Royal Jr*Lattin, Cleary H*Lehman, Joseph & Raymond & Ronnie & Rose*Long, Lillie Mae *Mathais, Israel*Mayer, Bessie A (Jessie)*Mayer, ____ *Mayer, Viola Bell*McIntosh, Millie *Melow, Barbara & Eugene & Orville*Meyer, Berdnadette & Fern Feldwisch & Gail*Meyer, Ollie*Miller, Virginia (Saxton)*Miller, Jack & Marjorie (Ursch)*Miller, Ernest & Lee Eugene & Minnie*Miller, Baby Alice & Charles & Gertrude*Miller, Laura & John *Mitchell, Mary*Neuhaus, Francis A. & Frankie*Norris, Wilbur*Nuehs, Herman & Myrtle (Clapp)*Osborn, Alfred & Matilda*Paddock, Margaret A. & Benjamin & Grace L*Paddock, Mary*Price, Harold & Jennie & Juanita*Proctor, Joseph*Puckett, Infant & John*Ragus, Laura & Ruth*Ray, Glen & John & Martin*Rea, Delmar *Roberts, I. F.*Roettigers, Ida*Rogers, Golden & Nannie Jane (Barnes)*Russell, Richard*Salmons, Winfred William*Sanders, Ada & Daniel & James W. & Margaret*Saxton, Amy & Edward & Evelyn & Harold*Schaefer, Mary J. & William F.*Sebastian, Kiel R*Sebrun, Louis*Sever, Byron*Sewell, Pearl Lane*Sexton, ______*Shelton, C. J. or C. T.*Shelton, Laura & William*Sims, Charles (LS on footstone)*Sims, Charles (shared headstone/broken)*Sims, Elizabeth (shared headstone/broken)*Sims, James Sims, Leonard (unconfirmed. LS on footstone, could be Linda Sims)*Skinner, Beatrice & Laverne & Patricia*Smith, Ansel & Edith*Springer, ‘baby’ & Asa Lorin & Clarence Dayton*Staggs, James *Starkey, Ada*Suits, Isabell *Sunderland, M E*Tayon, Frank *Teipel, Cecil L*Thompson, Myrtle & Steve*Thornburgh, Lilia & Nellie & Raymond*Tidd, Betty & Samuel*Tindall, Matilda & William T*Totten, Daniel & James W. & Millie & Sam *Travis, Al F., Jr. & Albert &, Anna & Freda*Travis, Minnie *Walker, Margaret*Warren, Blanch B. (Bonner)*Weese, Joseph & Rachel & Walter L*Wells, Sarah & William*Whitmer, Sam*Wilburn, Curtis & Lula*Wiley, Eloise & John*Wilhite, R*Williams, Amos Allen & David & Essie & Etta F*Williams, Harold C & Heze & Jacqueline S*Williams, Lewis & Lucille (Carr) & Peggy L*Wilson, Elick & Lola & Manda & Mary E*Winsell, Elizabeth*Wonnacott, Evelyn & George & Ray*Wood, Elizabeth*____, Paul*____, Ed (ward)*____, Willie* ____, Glen*____, William**Boswell, Keith Allen & Scott E**Meyer, David A**Squires, Peggy Sue**Swinney, Harold WThe 2012 photo inventory revealed that several headstones were unidentifiable. Here is list of 4 such headstones that were not found.Walker, Mag______, JaneSims, ElizabethSpringer, AsaIdentified in 1960 by Emil BertelsCreed, LaneDeMoss, ChasIslag, A. W.Sims, Linda (unconfirmed. LS on stone, could be Leonard Sims)

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