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09 JUL 2006 [Singers Glen, VA]
I'm just starting out on this site. I hope to be able to fulfill some photo request for Rockingham Co. VA and to start a virtual cemetery for my family. My brother, sister & I have taken over the family history project that my mother, Agatha Bradburn, started in 1940 and continued until her death in 2004. It is a little overwhelming! We are researching the ancestors and collateral lines of my grandparents, Malcolm Gordon Lilly & Lucy Garriett Leake and Thomas Conn Bradburn & Omega Viola Hinegardner. Mom's goal was to record the information for others to use, so you are welcome to copy photos, text and sources that I have added.

I would also like to invite you to view the memorial that I created for my first husband, David Wampler. He was a very special person. I encourage everyone to enter those that were special in their lives too. I have come to realize that we all are only two generations, three if we are lucky, away from being forgotten. This site will help extend our memories in the minds of others for many years to come.

The purpose of this site is to add names that have know burial sites (hence the name, Find A Grave) but I have added one that is "unknown". It is my great- grandfather, GARRETT SCOTT LEAKE. He died on April 04, 1897, just months before my grandmother was born. His wife was unable to attend the funeral as she was "with child "and all my grandmother knew that he was taken away for burial on a train. This is our "great family mystery" as we do not know the circumstances of his death or where his final resting place is. He was working for the railroad in Low Moor VA at the time of his death. Some believe he may have been buried with his first wife, Drucilla Bowles and their son Todd. Their burial site is also unknown to me at this time. It has also been suggested that he may have been buried in Goochland County VA, near Cedar Point, where Drucilla was born or in Albermarle County, his birth place. He also has some immediate family members buried in Blue Sulfur Springs, West Virginia. One family member, now deceased, relayed a fragmented conservation about receiving a phone call that his remains were to be moved due to highway construction. I'm hoping that someone may be able to help me fill in the pieces to this puzzle.

02 NOV 2006
At this point, I've added three additional virtual cemeteries; two for my husbands family (Earhart & Wiseman) and the last for friends of the family that have passed on. If you find a name in any of these that you would like additional information on, feel free to contact me. It is likely that I will have additional data and/or photos.

The remainder of the names that I have entered are unknown to me, but certainly friends, relatives and loved ones of others. I have entered them in hopes of helping someone else that may be looking for their final resting place. If you would like to take over one of these memorials just let me know.

27 DEC 2007
I have been working on updating the members memorial page on the online money tracking site and I have created a virtual cemetery here for them as well.

02 JAN 2013
I have removed my name from the photo volunteers list, as it is simply too time consuming. I will continue to check back for photo request if I plan on visiting a cemetery and I will do what I can to assist.

I have also hit a dilemma on entering obituaries of those not known to me. I am frequently receiving requests to edit or add additional information to the memorials. As a genealogist, I can not, in good faith, post something that I can not document. If I can not verify the information provided I will be transfer the memorial to you. This gives anyone with questions a person to contact. It's not a problem to transfer one of these memorial, so please don't hesitate to ask!

18 AUG 2019 [Singers Glen, VA]
I have been away from the site for a while and I have had some recent issues with my email account. I am concerned that I may have missed some transfer request too. Please feel free to contact me again.

I would also encourage anyone that is interested in researching their family tree to have a DNA test done. I was amazed with the results of mine! Also, please consider supporting this site by sponsoring a memorial of a loved one.

Post Script: A few days have passed since my previous entry and I have had the opportunity to look over and reflect upon the memorials that I have added. Again, I am happy to transfer any memorial that I have entered and have no direct connection with. I am earnestly working on going over each one and updated what I can verify. Technology has changed a lot since I started here and the site has grown tremendously. Originally my goal is just to enter obits that were in our local paper but my focus has changed and there are others doing that on a daily bases. From this point on, I will be entering only friends and family. My goal is to be able to provide more than just a name and a date for each. As I said back in 06' when I started on Find A Grave, it is important that the memories of those that came before us live on.

15 MAY 2021 [Singers Glen, VA]
At this point, I am no longer adding memorials and I am working towards transferring many of those that I had originally created to others that have additional information or corrections. I will retain those of close family but my computer is too outdated to allow the browser to run this website, so all entries have to be made on a small mobile phone screen, which is extremely time consuming. My efforts are now being directed towards recording the multitude of documents and photos that have been placed in my care from family members. I have enjoyed the Find A Grave family and wish all of you the best in your research.

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