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I am Cheryl (Theroux) Murphy-Whitican and have lived in Ohio since 1987. I'm a displaced Boston native, retired, and an active member of:
- National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR) [Catharine Greene Chapter]
- The New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS)
- American-Canadian Genealogist (now former member)

My Patriot Ancestors:
- Benjamin Bearce NSDAR #A008128
- Joseph Ames NSDAR #A002236
- Jonathan Howard NSDAR #A057064
- Samuel Haskell Jr. NSDAR #A052435
- David Jones NSDAR # A062021
- his son, Samuel Jones NSDAR #A062584
- Alexander Soper II NSDAR #A107078
- James Keith NSDAR 3A064165
- Joshua White NSDAR #A125230
- his son, Joel White NSDAR #A124845

My Mayflower Pilgrim Ancestors:
- James Chilton
- John Alden
- Christopher Martin
- Stephen Hopkins
- Francis Cooke
- John Howland

Research continues on the following surnames in the US, Canada, Ireland and England/Wales: Theroux, Hebert, Brousseau, Picard/Pecor, Loiseau-Cardin, Cournoyer, Parenteau, St.Germaine, Jones, Bears(c)e, Howard, Howland, Keith, Ames, White, Soper, Bates, Leo/Leho, Ahern/Ahearne, Canning, Whitican, Lewis, Reichard, Reid, Cook/Cooke, Wake, Baldwin, Nason, Peck, Nance, Hawkins, Finney/Finnie/Finny/Phinny, Phinney.

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I'm thrilled to have found this website, and enjoy fulfilling photo requests for cemeteries in the Greene County, Ohio area.

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