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August 23, 2017

Since the recent anniversary of my eldest child's death, I was drawn to finally share a bit on his page. In doing so, during the past couple days, I read several Messages and was mortified to discover some may be a few years old, in which never replied to. For this, my sincere, heartfelt apologies!

I have been quite ill for a few years, now. We are in the middle of a huge change, however, I will attempt to correspond, correct, and transfer every Message as soon as we settle (and, in some cases, it will be necessary to bring out all of my family and geneological books and documentation, as requested for verification). Prayerully and Lord willing, all of this will be thoroughly completed by the end of the year.

Much love and appreciation to each of you for your understanding and patience!! ♡


Hello *you*,

Like many of you, we've suffered great loss:
the loss of our first born son, Timmy, my little sister and mom, and all our grandparents.

Thank you so much for every flower and loving thought. Each one means so much. Every time we read one, we're completely touched by the outpouring of loving kindness.

If you'd like a memorial transferred, please don't hesitate to ask. It's an honor to transfer to a relative who wishes to take ownership.

Warm embraces,
♥ M'Lady & The Gnome
Texas, USA

ღ ღ ღ ღ
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Genealogy Top 10
1. My family coat of arms ties at the back. Is that normal?
2. Here lies an atheist... all dressed up and no place to go.
3. You introduce your children as descendants.
4. My ancestors seem to be hiding in a witness protection program.
5. You can recite your lineage back eight generations but can't remember your nephew's name.
6. I researched my family tree, apparantly I don't exist.
7. What do you mean my birth certificate expired?
8. Remember, undocumented genealogy is mythology.
9. Your idea of a vacation consists of a library, courthouse and a couple of cemeteries.
10. Warning: After thirty days, unclaimed ancestors will be adopted.

My OH-SO-VERY, Deepest Desire!
   I want relatives who were:
♦ Avid corresponders, patriotic and clubby,
♦ Who joined every patrimonial society they could find,
♦ Fought, yet survived every battle and skirmish,
♦ Kept diaries and thoroughly documented trivial events in their family bibles,
♦ Listed all their addresses,
♦ Had paintings made of their houses,
♦ Spent every dime and resource on tintypes and photographs,
♦ Dated every piece of paper they ever touched,
♦ And who repeatedly donated land for family-named cemeteries as they migrated west!
Family sign-ups at dream-on.com.
ღ ღ ღ ღ

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