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You could say I have had a pretty good life.But many family members who I have lost I want to keep thier memory, I do not want them forgotten. Death is hard for me to accept because it is final, until one day we shall be together again...And what a day that will be...

In 2005 I lost a very important woman in my life my Paternal GrandMother Marjorie Crouch. She is everything I think what a Grandmother should be, very Loving, understanding but strict when it came to Religion. She has a very large family but loved each one of us individually, each one of us thought we was her favorite. One thing I will never forget is her eyes, you could feel the love she has for you in them and you can even see this in photographs. I would always call her Grandmomma because she is the big Mother in our family, she held us together and she held us strong.
In 2006 I lost my Paternal Grandfather Edmond Crouch, he was also a great friend to me and would always make me laugh.Alot of people know my Grandfather because of that. I would call him Pooh-Paw and he would call me David's Daughter, He hardly ever called me by my name but I would ask if he knew it and he did, but he also knew how close I was to my Dad and knew I did not mind-that was a secret between him and I. I love and miss you deeply Pooh-paw and the day we reunite I can see us sitting outside looking across a meadow watching the sunset eating some cookers together.

To see my paternal Grandparents sites please go to *Jane* on my friends list, she also has other family members on thier. David C. is my dad, he also has family members that he put on F.A.G.
Thank-you to all that has visited any one of my family members on F.A.G.

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