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http://idnc.library.illinois.edu/cgi-bin/illinois?a=d&d=NYC19130215.2.90&e=-------en-20--1--txt-txIN-------#br /br /As you can see, this is just an index of those buried in Actors' Fund plot in Prospect Hill at Evergreens Cemetery up to 1913, and it only gives the name and death date (in some cases it appears to be the interment date). Obviously it would be better to have more than just a name and death date for these individuals. When I entered the names from this list that did not already have a memorial, it was approximately 500 folks, and I worked on researching the names (stage names vs. records in their real names can be a bit tricky and time consuming to chase down). If you would like any of the remaining memorials I am currently managing, please send me a Suggest A Correction and I will gladly transfer them to you.

Unable to locate memorials for the following victims of the Big Thompson Flood of July 31, 1976:
Emery Jefferson CARTER, age 64, Belleville, IL
Etta Marie CARTER, age 56, Belleville, IL
Vulah Constance GREENLEE, age 84, Big Thompson Canyon, CO
Clarence Hazzard, age 73, Austin, TX
Edward L. F. Kronenberger, age 52, Littleton, CO
Esther Nadine Kronenberger, age 51, Littleton, CO
Kim Marie Kronenberger, age 22, Littleton, CO
Mildred Avis Lafferty, age 58, Big Thompson Canyon, CO
Pat Matt Lafferty, age 62, Big Thompson Canyon, CO
Barbara Dawn Leyden, age 29, McLean, VA
Priscilla Pasibe Manongdo, age 28, Quezon City, Phillippines
Lois Alta McCargo, age 63, Big Thompson Canyon, CO
Nona Jean Palmer, age 19, Denver, CO
Carol Louise Rhoad, age 23, Grantville, PA
Catherine Mary Schlater, age 23, Denver, CO
Clarence B. Waters, age 63, Riveria, AZ
Mary Sue Waters, age 62, Riveria, AZ
Cheryl Kay Zeiler Watson, age 21, Loveland, CO
Beulah Virginia Weiss, age 60, National City, CA

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