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I've always been an avid history buff and an "old soul" at heart. I credit my grandparents for stoking my interest in the lives of those who came before. I carry with me the stories they told about my ancestors. They also taught me about the importance of honoring those lives. I remember going with them to visit the grave sites of family members. My grandparents wanted to make sure that these family members would not be forgotten. I learned the locations of their memorials and how to honor them with prayers or the planting of flowers. The sense of connection I have to those who came before me is so strong because of these experiences.
I don't just see cemeteries as places where the dead are laid to rest but also as "keepers of lives lived."
Originally, I started this page as a memorial to the people who directly or indirectly touched my life or the lives of other family members. That is still a primary goal. However, being part of Find a Grave has made me see the importance of preserving and honoring as many past lives as possible. As a society in general, we are growing more and more disconnected from what makes We are so busy we tend to forget that those who came before us were vital to the person we have become.I find it rewarding
that my contributions to Find a Grave can help others connect with those from their past. I also have a special interest in Irish Immigrants and their families. Also, many grave sites are being lost to time, the elements or just plain neglect and it is important to record them before they are permanently lost. That is why I have begun to add others that share no personal connection to myself or my family. As a photo volunteer, when time permits, I will be happy to help you. Please send as much information as possible so that the search has a better chance of success.

In a family Bible written over one hundred years ago an ancestor wrote "pray for me when I am dead." Yes Maggie, I will continue to pray for you and all those souls who came before, it is the best way I can think of to honor their memory.

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