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Sadly, Ragalyi-Hindle has passed away. Please consider visiting their Find A Grave memorial page and leaving some virtual flowers. Their enthusiasm for cemeteries and willingness to help future generations lives on through their contributions to Find A Grave.


Hi, Thank you for visiting the last resting place of my family in and around Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia and other areas as I continue to locate them. All my contributions are biological (blood) family members and extended members who have married into the family. People who married in are hard to track back in time because so little is known or they are unwilling to share their family info. Probably just as well, it's hard enough to keep track of my own people.

Family that I've been researching, on my dad's side: RAGALYI, HIMODY(or HIMODI), BALASSA, BALAZS, FOHEEZ (or FOHECZ). On mom's side: HINDLE, LAIRD, COCHRAN, GWINN.

I became the unofficial family historian in 1967 when my dad (Charles Ragalyi) asked me to start a family tree "just as a hobby." Well, if you're into genealogy you know how addictive that can be, and addicted I became.

The past is always a mystery but it exists as real today as it was "back then." Going back in time is a link to my existance. I'm a firm believer that the flowers of the future are planted from the seeds of our past. One generation opens the road upon which another generation travels.

My five children have produced for me eight grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Two of those grandchildren share in my love of genealogy. We tramp cemeteries, go through county court houses checking for marriage, birth, death, land records, and anything else we can find about our long gone relatives. They have promised that when I pass on they will continue delving into the past and staying current with our family records so that a hundred years from now it will be easier for our descendants to know their past; thereby keeping us alive in their memories because the Past, Present, and Future become One.

If there are family members or friends who have information or stories they would like to share, it would be great to hear from you. The most interesting information about our ancestors is contained in the details of their lives - their occupations, their military service, their thoughts contained in their letters or diaries, their fame or notoriety, and the stories about them which have been passed down through the generations.  These are the things that bring our ancestors to life. 

I don't want to sound selfish but as I stated earlier all my contributions are my family so I will not transfer any of the memorials I've made. Should you have information about any of our family that you would like included I will be more than happy to add that additional information or family links to the appropriate memorial.

Thank you for visiting and enjoy your day.

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