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Born 12-15-1950 in Titus County, Texas to Robert Lowell and Dorothy Pauline Lunsford Sellers Leake.
Paternal Surnames: Leake, Simmons, Dillard, Bryant, Jones, Grizzle, Chandler, Humphries, Tignor, also Burkham, surname of my father's first wife.
Maternal Surnames: Lunsford, Bassett, Hefner, Coffman, Landrum, Smith, Bass, Collier, Challis, Wimbish also Sellers, surname of my mother's first husband.
I'm also researching my husband's families:
Amason, Whittington, Robertson, Conaway, Mitchell, Condry, Amerson, Grigsby and extended families.
If anyone would like transfer of any memorials with the intention of enhancing them, making links to other family members and adding info, etc. and are closer related than I, I am most happy to transfer. Just ask. I'm not into number collecting at all. If there's one I don't want to transfer, I'll let you know the reason why.
I also try to make corrections etc. as quickly as possible when you send them to me via the edit feature at the top of the memorial.

Courtesy of Tim and Grace #46907821 ..a GREAT idea!
If you are afraid of making transfers (I guess in the old days people would delete the transferred memorial) there is an alternative to the long and tedious process of having the other contributor "spoon feed" the information to you. Do a "temporary transfer". This is done the same as a normal transfer, but with the understanding that once the updates and links are made, it gets transferred BACK to the creator. This involves TRUST. It is best to do just one memorial at a time. If it doesn't get transferred back... NO MORE SOUP FOR YOU! "Fool me once, shame on you... fool me twice, shame on me!" Please, give it a try. There are so many "inactive" volunteers these days, the rest of us need to be able to work together and not bicker. When you click on [Transfer Management] the instructions state: "This action is PERMANENT and can not be undone." This is misleading. The PERMANENT implies that it will be lost to you FOREVER. That is true only if it NEVER gets transferred back to your control. The other aspect of TEAMWORK TRANSFER is that the person who contributes the research can add their name in the bio or notes with an embedded link. Contributors who say they will add information that you send to them don't always credit their source. They don't want others taking credit for the photos they post, but they don't think twice about taking credit for other people's research. Just pass it off as their own.

I have been working on families in Maine in the early 1800s, about the time that Maine became a state separate from Massachusetts. Many of these people seem to have gotten "lost in the shuffle", so I am trying to find where they are buried and link the families together.

I also have a "permission slip" from the Public Affairs office at Togus to take photos of the gravestones of the Disabled Volunteer Soldiers from the Eastern Branch of U.S. National Home that are buried in Togus National Cemetery.

Some people won't link to "unknown burial locations". A lot of old gravestones are "lost" in old cemeteries that have been neglected over the years. "Roots" helped to renew interest in cemeteries back in the 1970s. Old "lost" cemeteries are still being discovered as old family homesteads are being sold in this depressed economy. The families who lived there may have known about the old cemetery, but nobody else did.
Many of those old timers passed away long ago. We often know when and where they lived and died, but just don't know where their gravestone is. It is irresponsible to just stick them in any old cemetery in the town that they died in. It is a sure bet that SOMEBODY will request a gravestone photo and then someone else will go off on a "wild goose chase" looking for the gravestone.
When "unknown burial location" is used, there is always a risk of "duplication" if the gravestone is ever found in the real world.

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