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Hello there person reading this.
It would be very nice of you if you would leave some flowers for my memorials.

Thank you.

*Now on to the important things*


Public messages: If you ask me something or send me a S.A.C. and there is the possibility that I write something back (like when you ask: What do you think?) It would be really amazing if you have your public messages enabled... or a working email address.


Photos: All grave photos taken and posted by me may not be used by you without my permission. Ask, and I probably grant it, but please do not steal them and re-post them somewhere. When I post my photos here, I still retain the copyright. I give Ancestry the right to use it, not its members.


Linking family members:
I will not link to memorials where the place of burial is unknown or just a guess by the contributor.
Find out where they are buried and then contact me. This is 'Find A Grave' after all.

I usually only transfer within four generations.

Maiden names:
See here:

Naming Conventions:
See the last sentence of the first paragraph, here:
Suffixes, Prefixes, Titles, or honorary do not belong in any Name Field.

A short German-English lesson:
Ehemann - husband
Ehefrau - wife
Gattin - wife
Gattin von - wife of
geb. xxx = geboren - indicates maiden name
geb. in xxx = geboren in xxx - indicates place of birth
Liebling - darling
Mutter - mother
Sohn / Söhnchen - son / baby son
Schwester - Sister
seine - his
Tochter/Töchterlein - daughter/baby daughter
unser/unsre - our
Vater/Papa - Father
Mutter/Mama - Mother

Two words in Czech

Rozena/Rozen - born
Rodina - family

Old St Johns cemetery

Most graves listed have a precise plot number but, afterwards, stands 'grave lost'. In that case, I've got the information about the burial out of one of two books from either 1848 or 1908. Since then, a lot has happened (read the cemetery bio). I think I photographed every available stone I could get my hands on without breaking a law. So if there is no photo now, there probably will not be one ever.


Disclaimer: (because, apparently, I need one)
If I send you a S.A.C. which sounds insulting, assume that it was not my intention. I still have problems with the English language and sometimes just don't come across the way I want. (Also, my sarcasm is strong at times.)
.... and of course, when an Admin deletes a memorial you will no longer see it. xxx

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