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UPDATE: October 16, 2020
Direct hit from Hurricanes Laura (Aug 24) AND Delta (Oct 9). Damages unparalleled in previous storms. We are again searching for roofers. This time to replace tarps as we continue (like hundreds of thousands if others) to have our roof repaired.
Please show patience if you have to "remind" me to update or edit memorials. With no internet, and no school since MARCH of LAST year, it's taking a little longer than normal to meet everyone's needs.
Your prayers are welcomed.

Update August 24, 2020. Hurricanes Marco and Laura barrelling our way. Marco dissolves, yet, Laura approaches. Actually painting a bullseye yet again, on our tiny space in the universe. Amid millions if prayers, she jag- legged to the east just enough to spare us a 20ft storm surge and just tear through with horrific winds. We weren't there. Evacuations exist for a reason! While our home sustained minimal damage our property will take years to clear. Power will be restored in three to 4 weeks. Matters not. As soon as repair teams are established we will work as hard for our neighbors and friends as we would ourselves. I feel sure that us how God intends it to be.
I will be a bit behind adding bios and birth and death dates to the memorials I posted in July and August. I hope you will understand.

Update March 13, 2020. The world is in the midst of a Pandemic. Coronavirus-19. Will kill thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Elderly and the infirm are the hardest hit. Most dying in hospitals without benefit of family as we are all sheltered at home. Schools, Gyms, closed. Sports cancelled. A horrific killer with more than 25% affected being asymptomatic. No visitations for the dead. No funerals. No public burials. Most are allowing one family member to be present graveside. Virtually all obits cease to show cemetery location. Many, many thousands of Graves will be "unfound" for years and years.
Pray for the world.

Update July 13, 2019. Okay, Hurricane Barry. Maybe we should relocate.
Update January 2, 2019. Yet another River Flood. Also impacted, an accidental deletion of the email account associated with FAG. Finally got it restored, BUT the edits are behind. If you are going to fuss, please be gentle... I'm catching up as fast as I can. (PS I don't mind being reminded)
Updated April 1, 2018.
Yet another water event is leaving our property in peril.
Flood waters encroaching. Please be patient.

Updated Feb 6, 2018 Back home, repaired, and ready for the next one!
updated August 26, 2017
Hurricane Harvey has destroyed most of the community in which we live. as of 9-3-17 flood waters still rising on Sabine and Neches rivers.

UPDATE: Sept 8, still evacuated.
We covet your prayers and ask for understanding as we try to rebuild what was just destroyed
in March of 2016.
One of the most remarkable people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing I met right here, on FAG. My friend Bud was definitely one-of-a-kind. The kind of mentor anyone would be proud to have. Sadly, he has passed away, but his legacy of friendship and human kindness can never be erased.
Please, drop by and leave one of FAG's best Bud token.

Just a side note to the thanks below. PLEASE, make your edit requests through the edit tab whenever possible.

For you guys who are BLOWING up my account with additions, edits and bio information....... Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. FAG is made greater each and every day due to the tireless efforts of those willing to give of themselves.

Hi, I'm Gina, born 1955 to George and Margaret Maddix Townley. I've always lived on the TX/LA state line at the coast. All my relatives are in Alabama and Georgia as my father saw fit to move to see 'the cowboys" after his service in the Air Force in WWII.
I've been a FAG member over 12 years! If you think there is anything I could help you with or help contribute to your search, all you need to do is ask.
I have been willingly helped at every task, and I am more than willing to re-pay and pay that forward.

The family memorials are created by myself and my husband under my name and are already set up to pass to my designated child when both of us are unwilling or unable to continue. By combining our efforts our children's ancestors will all be managed by the same person.
Please, think ahead! Designate someone to continue or maintain your work!

Transfer guidelines are posted in FAG's FAQ. ALL transfer request should come through the edit tab. Be respectful of creators. REMEMBER to be willing to give MORE than you RECEIVE.
***************INFO & PHOTOS***************
Any information on my pages credited to myself is freely available for ANYONE'S use. Please feel free to incorporate anything that belongs to me into anything you wish. You do NOT have to link my page or credit me. My only request is that you use the information correctly and respectfully. UPDATE 12/2/2012 Because of some ill intentioned people I have decided to make things even easier. Every one of my photos will now have the COPYRIGHT and the RELEASE on the photo itself. You will never be asked to account for it's origin or your permission as it's already there! Hope this helps.

WOOHOO!! We can upload up to 8mg pictures now! What a remarkable site. HOWEVER, I'm NOT going back to repost photos, so from 2014 forward you will get 5m pictures, but, the offer still stands for the old ones, just let me know what you want and I'll be happy to give it to you.

The most simplisticly honest approach to dealing with gravestone images use came to me from a FAG newbie. Shouldn't we all take this sentiment to heart? All I'm asking is that you think about it.

***** "I don't ask a deceased individual's family member if I can photograph their loved one's grave so I don't expect them to ask my permission to use the photo on another website."Sonia Sanchez*****
The idea is to get as much information available to the general public as possible thereby creating more interest in preserving our ancestry. Information posted by me showing source documents is being used under bSection 107, fair use, of the Copyright Act of 1976 generalized for "information, teaching and genealogy". If an ANY TIME you feel as there has been a copyright infringement, contact me for immediate removal, until a decision can be made.
Please feel free to share with me anything you wish, ask anything you like. My opinions are my own and I will honor yours as well.
I respond to all e-mail and all messages (although I'm sometimes slow and don't mind being reminded).


While I respect FAG's mission of grave registration, MY mission is to provide genealogical information for those registrations. The two do not need to be mutually exclusive. I am truly thankful for those who have the time and energy to register multitudes of grave for the rest of us to find.


OH, and ANOTHER thing!!
Please, add anything you like to pages created by me in the photo section that you think needs to be there. I don't care what it is. I don't OWN these memorials, I created them to be shared. Use you own best judgement about what's relative. I am SICK of creators hoopla about "don't add this or that". Really? Add anything. Most say "you are using up a photo space" WELL, if you use up all the photo space on memorials that I MADE, I'll sponsor it so you can add more. If we come to that 20pic wall limit, THEN we will address it. Try not to post anything that would be offensive to family, for if they ask, I will have it removed.. but let's face facts folks, NONE of us is perfect and ALL of this is history.

I hope your ancestral journey proves as entertaining and worthwhile as mine has proved to be.

Gina Townley Swinburn

My favorite quote, paraphrased, from Maya Angelou:
"People will forget what you did, forget what you said, but they will never forget the way you made them feel."

No truer words were ever spoken. My own personal quote is,
"Nothing happens in this life that cannot be fixed, forgiven or forgotten"

Be kind. Be Gentle. Make it a way of life to commit a random act of kindness as often as possible. Smile. Be happy. Life is short. Enjoy it.

*and remember, at the end of the day, it's about what we leave behind*

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