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"A gentleman is not merely a person acquainted with certain forms or conventionalities of life, easy and self-possessed in society, able to speak, and act, and move in the world without awkwardness, free from habits which are vulgar and in bad taste. A gentleman is something beyond this. At the base of all his ease and refinement, and tact and power of pleasing, is the same spirit which lies at the root of every Christian virtue. It is the thoughtful desire of doing in every instance to others as he would that others should do unto him. He is constantly thinking, not indeed how he may give pleasure to others for the mere sense of pleasing, but how he can show them respect, how he may avoid hurting their feelings. When he is in society he scrupulously ascertains the position of every one with whom he is brought into contact, that he may give to each his due honor. He studies how he may avoid touching upon any subject which may call up a disagreeable or offensive association. A gentleman never alludes to, ever appears conscious of any personal defect, bodily deformity, inferiority of talent, of rank or reputation, in the persons in whose society he is placed. He never assumes any superiority— never ridicules, never boasts, never makes a display of his own powers, or rank, or advantages; never indulges in habits which may be offensive to others."

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