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My headstone pics are here for all to enjoy. You do not have to ask for permission to use them in your personal files....BUT if they are going in a published book, another website or anything being published to the public please give me the credit for the photo.

I love cemeteries!

Please take into consideration everyone has a different taste in photography. I don't go out to the cemeteries to out do anyone else's photos...I take my camera and walk the rows. IF I think my photo is of better quality (to my liking...not necessarily yours) than the one posted, I will put up a duplicate. I am in no way saying your photo isn't good though.

Some photographers have cut off parts of the stones/monuments....I try my best to get the whole stone.
Some photographers use a lot of contrast....I post my pics in the natural lighting.
Depending on the location of the sun in the sky, an angle is the best possible way to capture the writing...maybe I was there at a different time of day and was able to get the pic in more of a straight on shot.
Some people have contacted me directly & privately to retake a photo of their ancestors markers.
Some photographers put up collages (nice idea) but some want a close up of a particular stone.
Some photographers add text (great idea to show particular locations when submitting a plot photo)...again, a close up is sometimes requested.
Sometimes a reflection of the photographer is present in the posted pic....I do my best to avoid having my reflection present.

With being said, please don't ask me to delete my photos unless they are clearly of substandard quality (blurred, cut off stone, etc) and please don't question my style because I definitely will not question yours.

I thank each of you for your dedication to help preserve our cemeteries and the desire to assist others in far away places see their ancestors resting places. Keep up the great work!
Thank you!

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