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Sadly, Gregg Lewis Kuethe Leeser has passed away. Please consider visiting their Find a Grave memorial page and leaving some virtual flowers. Their enthusiasm for cemeteries and willingness to help future generations lives on through their contributions to Find a Grave.


I've been doing genealogical research since the age of 12. (a school project sparked my interest). I have over 80,000 names in my database. I have traveled around the country and much time in Europe for no reason other than to work on my family history.
Subsequently, I take this all very seriously. To those of you who supply the beautiful and artistic photographs of cemeteries or graves themselves, thank you very much! I am a big one for doing research on a grave I run across. I often have information to add that I hope will help ensure that when a person finds a grave it contains as much useful information as possible. For the many of you who dutifully take the information supplied and update or link people, you are phenomenal. I prefer the research aspect. I am trying to restore older cemeteries that are abandoned by going through 19th century newspapers and finding any civil or religious documentation as to a person's place of burial. I am also working on several Jewish and African American cemeteries. The research aspect is fascinating and I find it both challenging and rewarding. Additionally, I am looking at old pics or blowing up artistic photos online that are of inactive cemeteries to make out whatever I can on to try to do an inventory of the monuments and markers. I will usually set one day a week aside working to determine the town of origin for those who were new to America as bridging that gap can often be difficult for someone who is researching their family history. Everyone out there is doing their part and together we are putting together the pieces of a massive puzzle. No one should be doing this for any purpose other than to help others, not to feed one's own ego. There are a few individuals who I know have been refusing to update information or transfer graves. Why, I don't know as you use apparently use this site as practice for a data entry position and list nothing more than a name. Think of adding information as more practice. Myself, I would prefer that someone just add the information I provide. There are others to whom a grave may be very important and being petty and not graciously transferring it is not an option. We all need to remember...'you enter it, you are responsible for it.' What is impressive is the individual who wants to make sure every grave is at least entered, the individual who walks through the mud to take a picture of the grave of a stranger for a stranger, for the person who wants to make sure all of the information is accurate and as useful as one is impressed by the very few on here who seem to think that entering a name only, with no intention of bothering to do anything else other than to hold others hostage with it....uhhhhh...noooo. I'm hearing too many stories from people who feel they have to beg to have a grave transferred by someone who has no obvious interest in it in the first place. There are a lot of VERY VERY nice people on here. I, however, am NOT one of them and I will not tolerate nice people being held hostage by a few bullies. Let's all do whatever we enjoy and do best and let's make sure no one is ever forgotten.

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