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More than 180 million graves in half a million cemeteries make the free Find a Grave mobile app the place to go for burial information. And with thousands of photos added daily, find anyone, anytime, anywhere.
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Your hunt for headstones just got easier. Use the free mobile app to quickly search for cemeteries near you, see photo requests, and upload photos. With your help, people around the world can visit the resting places of their family members and honor their memories.
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With the new mobile app, no one's grave is too far away for a visit. Use the simple search to find relatives, request photos of headstones, or build your own memorials for loved ones with words and images. And with a quick tap, share it all with others.
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Ask someone to photograph a grave site
Make a grave easy to map by marking its location
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Use virtual cemeteries to track family, war heroes, or celebrities