R.M.S. “Alphabetical List of Casualties, A - H” Leinster

R.M.S. “Alphabetical List of Casualties, A - H” Leinster

Death 10 Oct 1918
At Sea
Burial Cabra, County Dublin, Ireland
Plot RMS Leinster wreck site: 5 nautical miles due east of the Kish Bank Lighthouse in Dublin Bay
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This memorial is several things at the same time. It is a grave for some, and is also in effect, a "virtual cemetery", in essence a sub-group of
Grangegorman Military Cemetery
where the majority of the recovered bodies of those who died were buried.
When the project to list all known casualties was commenced, it was possible to keep the entire group together on one memorial.
In May 2017, when the total known casualties exceeded 550, the restraints within the size of a memorial page meant that the group had to be split into three.
This page now caters for the passengers, surnames A to H
For passengers with surnames I to Z, see
R.M.S. Leinster Casualties I - Z
The members of the crew can now be found at
R.M.S. "Crew Casualties" Leinster
There is a fourth list,
RMS Leinster Survivors
those passengers who survived the incident, and who died subsequently.

The Royal Mail Ship "Leinster" was owned by the City of Dublin Steam Packet Company. Built by John Laird of Birkenhead in 1897, it was torpedoed in the Irish Sea, 16 miles east of Dublin, shortly before 10am on the morning of Thursday 10th October 1918, on its outbound journey of 100km [68 miles] from Kingstown [now Dun Laoghaire], Dublin, to Holyhead, Anglesey, North Wales.
The following numbers are those noted some years ago, and are now known to be incorrect.
It had 771 persons on board, which included, 77 crew, 695 passengers, of whom there were, 180 civilians, 22 postal sorters, 493 military personnel. Amongst this latter group were military medical staff of doctors and nurses from many of the commonwealth nations.

The Leinster was sunk by torpedoes fired from a German submarine, UB-123, which was commanded by 27 year old Oberleutnant Robert Ramm. The first missed, but two others hit the vessel. The second hit the Mail Room, and the third hit the Engine Room. The ship sank very quickly
4 days later, on 14 October 1918, the SS Dundalk was sunk with the loss of 20 of the 32 onboard.
On 18 October 1918, during its return to Germany, UB-123 hit a mine in the North Sea and sank with the loss of the entire crew of 2 officers and 33 men. Their bodies were never recovered.
Official lists prepared at the time record that 501 persons died when the Leinster sank, but more recent research suggests that the figure is closer to 578. Contemporary newspaper and shipping company reports indicate that 256 individuals were rescued, not all of whom survived.
Not all of the bodies of those who died were recovered. 268 bodies were eventually recovered. Of those that were, some were not found immediately, and due to the currents in the Irish Sea they came ashore in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Isle of Man, England and Wales. The bodies of 11 soldiers were found over the following weeks in The Isle of Man and on the south west coast of Scotland.

It is now known that there were at least 811 persons on board, of whom there are 568 identified casualties,
37 Crew.
2 Naval Gunners.
3 Management staff passengers.
347 Military personnel.
142 Civilians.
21 Postal Workers.
15 Nurses/VAD's, possibly assisting wounded military personnel.

Military Casualties.
Of the 347 military casualties,
153 bodies were not recovered. 194 bodies were recovered, of whom
170 were buried in Ireland, and 24 were buried in Britain or elsewhere.

Civilian Casualties.
A total of 179 Civilians (Postal Workers, Nurses and ordinary passengers) were onboard.
80 bodies were recovered.

For those whose bodies were recovered and brought to Kingstown and Dublin, only 33 deaths [military and civilian] were formally registered and certificates issued. The authorities appear to have been overwhelmed by the scale of the disaster, and no accurate list of casualties was, or can be, prepared. There are approx. 10 deaths registered in Kingstown and Dublin in the days after the sinking, where the cause of death was given as pneumonia/influenza. These individuals might have been passengers who were rescued, but died some days later in hospital.
The bodies of those whose names are followed by a single asterisk, were buried in the greater Dublin area.
The bodies of those whose names are followed by a double asterisk, were buried elsewhere in Ireland or Britain.
The bodies of those whose names are without without an asterisk, were not recovered.

For those whose bodies were not recovered,
Army casualties are commemorated on
Hollybrook Memorial
Naval casualties are commemorated on
Plymouth Naval Memorial

A. 18 names.
Lieut. William Thomas Henworth Adey * of Wolverhampton
Arthur Adshead **
Private Ernest Gilbert Akehurst * of London
Sergeant James Rothwell Albeson of Manchester
Corporal Harry Aldridge * of London
Lieut. Douglas Gilbert Hayward Aldworth * of Wiltshire
Private John Alexander *
Robert Jocelyn Alexander **
Mrs. Allen of Sligo [possibly Mrs. Ellam, noted below]
Sergeant Gavin Francis Andrew * of Winnipeg, Canada
Marjorie N. Archer **
and her mother
Mrs. Norah (née Desmond) Archer **
Charles Joseph Archer Post Office
Lieut.-Col. Theodore Montgomery Archdale *
Private Edward Harry Argent * of London
Sergeant Robert William Askew
John Jennins Attwool * Post Office.
Private Frederick Auty * of Yorkshire
B. 62 names.
Kathleen Stuart Baines * of Leeds
Private Albert Edward Baker *
Anthony Francis Baker Student Telegraphist, of Waterville
Private Thomas George Ball *
Lieut. Samuel Dugald Barclay *
ELizabeth Emma Barlow *
Private Henry Sherlock Barlow of Cheshire
Private Joseph Thomas Barnes * of Australia
Private Joseph Barraclough * of Yorkshire
Private Edward Barradell * of Leicestershire
Sophia Violet Barrett * V.A.D. Nurse, of Co. Galway
Anna Maud Barry * V.A.D. Nurse, of Co. Limerick
Gunner Michael Barry
Rev. John Robert Bartley ** of Tralee, Co. Kerry
Lieut. Robert John Bassett ** of Cork
Driver Percy Beardon of Devon
Lance-Corporal Charles Edward Beaumont of London
Private Charles Frederick Bennett of London
Private William Bennisson * of Lancashire
Lieut. Harry Bentley of Bolton
Private Thomas Bernard * of Dublin
Private Michael Daniel Biggane ** of Co. Waterford
Lance-Corporal Charles Billings * of Sussex
Private James Birch * of Cheshire
Private Harry Bishop * of Somerset
John Balmer Black ** U.S. Navy, of Pennsylvania
Private Roy Ernest Black of Suffolk
Lance-Corporal Thomas Black *
Beatrice Audrey Blackburne *
and her son
Charles Bertram Blackburne *
and her husband
Lieut.-Colonel Charles Harold Blackburne *
Private Thomas Blackhurst * of Oldham, Lancashire
James Joseph Blake Post Office
Thomas Joseph Bolster Post Office
Private Cyril Maurice Boon * of London
"Boy" Alfred Henry Boucher * of Malahide, Co. Dublin
Lieut. Anchitel Edward Fletcher Boughey * of London & Montreal, Canada
Private James Robert Bowen * of Lancashire
Marion (née Hydes) Bower ** of Liverpool
and her son
Peter Donald Bower of Liverpool
Private Joseph Bowers * of Yorkshire
Pioneer Patrick Boyle of Co. Donegal
Joseph Henry Bradley Post Office
Private William Edward Bradley * of Westmoreland
Lance-Sergeant James Brady
Delia Brannick of Co. Mayo
Sergeant Arthur Brassington * of Sutton, Lincolnshire
Sergeant John Brennan * of Portsmouth
Martha Bridge ** of London
Matthew Brophy Post Office
Private Charles Bryant *
Private Ernest Bugg * of Sheffield
Inspector William John Bunday of Portsmouth
William Alexander Burleigh ** of Florencecourt
Private Leslie R. Burnett
Captain Digby L. Burns * of Glasnevin, Dublin
Private William Robert Burns * of New Brunswick, Canada
Lance-Corporal Harry Varley Burrell of Burnley, Lancashire
Alice nee Herring Butcher ** of Ealing, London
Driver Edwin Butt * of Euston, London
Private J. Byrne * [re-check]
Private Arthur Leslie Byrom ** of Bolton, Lancashire
C. 41 names.
Gunner Thomas Cahill of Dublin
Loris Muriel Natalie [née Crawford] Callingham, of Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire
Eileen Elizabeth Campbell, aged 4, *
and her mother
Eileen Hester Louisa [née Knox-Browne] Campbell * of Co. Tyrone
and father
Lieut.-Commander George Richard Colin Campbell * of Co. Tyrone
Rev. William Ildefonsus Campbell * Catholic Priest, of Dublin
Private James Canavan of Listowel, Co. Kerry
Private George Robert Cannell of Norfolk
Private Cantler
Private Thomas Cardiff ** of Dublin
Sapper Edward Carew *
Miss Josephine Carr 1st WREN to die in WW1, of Cork
Corporal Michael Carroll ** of Stillorgan, Co. Dublin
Private Edwin Johnson Carter * of Australia
Private William Thomas Chaldecott of Salisbury, Wiltshire
Private Henry Thomas Chater
Frederick Chrystal ** of Sligo
Signalman John Christy of St. Helen's, Lancashire
Elizabeth (née O'Connor) Clarke ** of Liverpool & Co. Wexford
George Walker Cochran of Birkenhead
Private George Frederick Cole
Private Arthur Cyril Colegate * of Tunbridge Wells
Private William Henry Richard Colwill
Private Edward Conlon * of Co. Kildare
Private Horace Cook ** of Wimbledon
Margaret Cooke **of Co. Tipperary
Lance-Sergeant Michael Francis Cooke
Private John Corrigan of Rathdowney, Co. Laois
Lance-Corporal James Coughlan of Dublin
Private John Coyne of Co. Clare
Lieut. Sydney George Crawford ** of Stillorgan, Co. Dublin
Corporal Dennis Creedon ** of Millstreet, Co. Cork
Air Mechanic William Crichton *
Private Frank Crompton * of Flakirk, Scotland
Private Joseph Cronin * of Cappamore, Co. Limerick
Private Robert Cross * of London
Ellen (nee Tuohy) Crowe of Liverpool, born in Co. Tipperary.
Private Patrick Francis Crowley, of Ontario, Canada
Private Alexander Cruickshanks of Blackburn, Lancashire
Private John Charles Cummings of Islington, London
Sapper Thomas Hewson Curtis of South Africa
D. 38 names
Charles Frederick Daft, snr of Nottingham
and his son
Charles Frederick Daft, jnr of Nottingham
Peter Paul Daly Post Office
Arthur Jex Davey of the War Office Supplies, of Godalming, Surrey
Delia Davoren ** of Ennis, Co. Clare
and her sister
Norah Davoren **of Ennis, Co. Clare
John Harold Deacon Dawson of West Ham, London and Cumberland
Rose Mary Ann De Pury of London,
governess to the two Blackburne children
Private Albert Sydney Dean * of Cambridge, England
George Delamore of Liverpool
and his father
John Delamore of Liverpool
Sergeant William Demaine *
Elsie Beatrice Yvonne (née Koe) Dene **of Co. Tipperary
John Dewar Post Office
Private William David Dillingham * of Ampthill, Bedfordshire
Margaret Mary Pia (née Cantillon) Dillon V.A.D. Nurse, of Cork
Corporal John Docherty of Dublin
John Dolan Post Office
Private Michael Dolan
Lieut. Christopher Patrick Domegan ** of Dublin, and Co. Meath
Private Samuel Owen Donnelly *
Edward Donohoe * of Manchester
Lance-Corporal Thomas Dooley of London
Private Arthur Patrick Double * of Hull
Private Reginal Kimberley L. Dowdle
Lance-Corporal Augustus Frederick Doyle * of Islandbridge, Dublin
Lieut. Henry Thomas Doyle * of Australia and Wellington, New Zealand
Margaret Eveline Doyle, of Dublin
Thomas Doyle of Dublin
Private Dennis Driscoll of Waterford
Anna Pauline (née Cantillon) Drummey of Cork
Mrs. Anne Dudgeon
Major Charles William Duggan of Edinburgh and England
Private James Duller ** of Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire
Private William Duncan of Scotland
Private Edward R. Dunne * of Dublin
Ella de Burgh Dwyer ** of Terryglass, Co. Tipperary
Private John Dysart * of Coleraine, Co. Derry
E. 17 names.
Sick Berth Attendant Arthur Eade * of Essex
Gunner Patrick Earley **
Private George William Earrey of Surrey
Corporal Samuel James Eddy * of Pontypridd, Wales
Private Thomas Samuel Elkins * of London
Mrs. Elizabeth (née Tilley) Ellam * of London
Private James Elliot of Letterkenny, Co. Donegal
Private George Stringer Ellis of Nottingham
Reuben Ellis * of Cork
and his grandson
Reuben Ellis * of Cork,
Lance-Corporal Francis James Elms ** of Southwark, London
Private Frederick John Emblein * of Shropshire
Thomas Louis Esmonde * of Dublin and Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford
Private Charles John Evans * of Bath
Charles Evans of Dublin
his son
Charles Gregory Evans of Dublin
and his wife
Isabella Wright (née Beamish) Evans of Dublin
F. 22 names.
Teresa M. Fannin V.A.D. Nurse
Private Patrick Faughlin of Trim, Co. Meath
Dr. Thomas Fennessy ** of Waterford and London
Aircraftman William Filgate *of Dublin
Corporal William Finch *
Private James Maurice Finleon * of Ontario, Canada
Private Edward Finnion of Co. Longford
Private David Fisher
Sergeant William Henry Fishwick *
Lieut. John Desmond Fitzgerald of Co. Cork
Private Martin Flaherty * of Ardrahan, Co. Galway
Alice Fleming * of London
Charlotte (née Barrett) Foley * of Dublin
and her husband
Thomas Foley of Dublin
Patrick Forbes Post Office
Company Quartermaster Serjeant Alfred Ford * of Newark, Nottinghamshire
Lieut. Cecil George Ford of London
Sergeant Edmund Valentine Freeman * of Great Yarmouth
Lance-Corporal Peter Freitas * of Australia and New Zealand
Louisa Frend, of Co. Limerick
Virginia Maud (née Carter) Frizzell, *of Holyhead and Teignmouth
Lieut. Joseph Furlong ** U.S. Army Medical Reserve, of St. Louis, Missouri and Co. Wexford
G. 28 names.
Private Angus Galbraith * of Monmouthshire
Corporal John Joseph Patrick Gallivan *
Lena Galvin ** of Tralee, Co. Kerry
and her sister
Norah Galvin ** of Tralee, Co. Kerry
Private Jim Gambles of Sheffield
Private William Reginald Gardiner of Bath
Rifleman Felix Gartland of Co. Armagh
Private James Gibson
Mary Gibson ** of Listowel
Corporal Wheeler James Gilbert of Wiltshire
Private Patrick Gilligan * of Dublin
Corporal Robert Albert Gilmore * of Rathgar, Dublin
Marion (née Mellett) Glynn * of Kent, and formerly of Tuam
Christina Sophia Goodman * of Liverpool
Private Alfred John Gordelier of London
Mrs. Catherine (née Whelan) Gould ** of Limerick
and 5 of her 6 children
Alice Gould
Angela Gould *
May Gould
Michael Gould
Olive Gould
George Graham of Cork
Private Joseph Gratton * of Australia
Lieut. Arthur Frederick Gray
Private Thomas William Greaves ** of Hull
Private Patrick Griffin * of Drogheda
Lieut. Donald Stodart Gwyn M.C. * of Quebec, Canada
Private Frank Ernest Gyde of London
H. 55 names.
Joseph Ellis Henry Hagger ** of London
Private Edmund Thomas Marcel Hailwood *
Private Robert Henry Hall
Lieut. William Stephen Hall * of London
Private Patrick Halligan of Dublin
Lady Alexandra Phyllis Hamilton of London
Private Arthur Hampton *
Lance-Corporal Harold Hanna of Salford, Lancashire
Private Craven Harling of Bradford, Yorkshire
Lieut. Thomas Walter Harrison
Lieut. Basil Haye * of Berkshire
Gunner Edward Hayes * of Manchester
Private John Hayes of Carrick-on-Suir, Co. Tipperary
Edith (née Wood) Healy of Dewsbury, Yorkshire
Elizabeth Healy ** of Tralee, Co. Kerry
John Stanislaus Hearn ** of New Ross
Private William Henry Hedges of London
Lieut. Thomas H. Hedworth
Shoeing Smith Corporal Timothy Heenan of Clareen, Co. Offaly
William Thomas Heller ** of Penzance
Private Robert Henderson *
Private Robert Arthur Hendry of London
Bombadier Abraham Joseph Herman
Lance-Corporal Arthur Hewitt
Private Leonard Hewitt * of Oldham, Manchester
Private James Hickman of Tralee, Co. Kerry
Cadet Francis Edward Higgerty ** of Ottawa, Canada
Private Thomas Higgins * of Omagh, Co. Tyrone
Private Joseph Hill *
Letitia Harriett (née Crawford) Hill of Banagher, Co. Offaly
Private Tom Hiscock *
Sapper Charles John Hitchcock *
Elizabeth Margaret Hobson of Kingstown
Lieut. Nathaniel James Fennell Hobson
Richard Henry "Dodo" Hobson
Nurse Ellen Hogan of Newmarket-on Fergus, Co. Clare
Private John Hogan of Thurles, Co. Tipperary
Quarter Master Joseph Leo Hogan ** of Saratoga, New York
Michael Hogan Post Office
Private James Honan ** of Limerick
Private Alfred Raymond Horner * of London
Lieut. Frank Horton of Wrexham, Wales
Corporal Peter Howard *
Henrietta Alicia Howell of Co. Cork
Ida Wigmore Howell of Co. Cork
Able Seaman James Hughes
Private Owen Hughes of Holyhead, Wales
Sergeant Major Frank Hullay *
Private Albert Edward Hunt *
Major Archibald William Hunter * of Glasgow, Scotland
Private Isaac James Hustwitt *
Private William Herbert Hutchinson ** of Nottingham
Private George Hyett
Clare Hynes of Tulla, Co. Clare,
and her father
James Hynes of Tulla, Co. Clare

For the remainder of the casualties, see
R.M.S. Leinster Casualties I to Z

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