Flora <I>Call</I> Disney

Flora Call Disney

Steuben, Huron County, Ohio, USA
Death 26 Nov 1938 (aged 70)
North Hollywood, Los Angeles County, California, USA
Burial Glendale, Los Angeles County, California, USA
Plot Great Mausoleum in the Sanctuary of Truth, Crypt 5493
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FLORA CALL DISNEY was the wife of Elias Charles Disney. She is the mother of Walt Disney, (Walter Elias Disney). Her other children were Herbert Arthur Disney. Raymond Arnold Disney. Roy Oliver Disney. Ruth Flora Disney.

Elias Charles Disney and his wife Flora Call Disney are entombed within the Great Mausoleum in the Sanctuary of Truth in Forest Lawn Memorial-Park in Glendale, California.

Walt Disney and his family are remembered in a beautiful private garden in another location in this same Forest Lawn Memorial-Park in Glendale, California. Other family is in Forest Lawn Memorial-Park in Glendale and the Hollywood Hills.

Flora was born in Steuben, Ohio, the daughter of Henrietta (née Gross) (1837–1910) and Charles Call (1823–1890), who were neighbors of Kepple Elias Disney and Mary Disney, parents of Elias Charles Disney, her husband. She was of German and English descent. 

She was a devoted and loving wife to Elias Charles and she raised their children affirming the strict Christian values she and Elias wanted to instill in each one of their children.

The many moves Elias often needed to make were accepted by Flora because she believed each move was intended to make their family closer and hopefully more financially sound, and she wanted their children to experience other regions of the country. Flora fortunately was a very calm presence to Elias and each one of their children.

It was Flora who seemed to temper the strict and rigid disposition of Elias and she calmed him when he did seem less tolerable when he was fraught with disciplinary actions with their children. To be certain, Elias loved his family and he was likely under pressure due to financial problems! Flora really enjoyed reading stories daily and even often playing games with their children.

In Marceline, Missouri, when the Disney Family owned a small farm, Flora always made certain the children had good meals, warm clothes in the colder months, and that they spent time outside playing and learning about the various farm animals on their farm. Walt was first exposed to all sorts of farm animals that most likely ingrained in his heart his deep love for animals as he would later portray in so many of his beloved animated and true-life films! In later years Walt would often reminiscence about the good times on the farm in Marceline and about the many animals he loved and that his parents wanted him to respect and to enjoy and to love!

It was in Marceline when Elias bought Flora her first sewing machine. She was quite a seamstress and she made most of the clothes for the children. She liked red and blue threads and used a lot of these colors on her new leg-powered sewing machine!

When the Disney's lived in Kansas City, Missouri, Flora always made sure each child had a good sack lunch for school and when Walt and Roy delivered newspapers for Elias early each morning and again after school, Flora saw to it that the boys were dressed properly with extra layers of clothes in the cold bitter winters and that they had good food to eat.

Flora always did her best to see that the children knew that their birthdays were special even though it was seldom an experience for Flora to be able to have enough eggs to bake cakes. She would spread "extra butter" on a fresh slice of home baked bread and make this a special gift for each one of their birthdays.

She and Elias were quite happy when the family moved to Kansas City. She encouraged each of their children to be excited about each new day and to dream about the future. Flora felt things were more stable for her family in Kansas City as they were all working!

Sons Raymond Arnold Disney and Roy Oliver Disney were bank tellers at the First National Bank in downtown Kansas City, Missouri at the same time Walt opened his first animation studio he called Laugh-O-gram Studio located at 31st and Forest Avenue. This original building remains today, albeit in disrepair, and hopefully will be fully restored! A most concerted effort is in place to renew this building!

Raymond Arnold Disney's son who is Charles Elias Disney was named after his grandfather Elias Charles Disney. Elias only saw Charles Elias for a short time before he passed away on his grandsons first birthday on September 13, 1941.

After several years in Kansas City, Flora and Elias moved to Oregon to be with their son Herbert Arthur Disney and his family, and then they moved to California at the insistence of Walt and Roy.

After the success of their milestone feature animated film "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" in 1938, Walt and Roy presented their parents with a new home in North Hollywood, near the Disney studios in Burbank, California. Less than a month after moving in, Flora complained to Walt and Roy of problems with the gas furnace in her new home. Studio repairmen were sent to the house twice, but the problem was obviously not adequately fixed. Flora wrote a letter to her daughter Ruth describing their wonderful new home, the beautiful California weather, and how very happy she and Elias were to be close to Walt and Roy, but again complaining of the fumes from the furnace.

Flora passed from this life on Saturday, November 26, 1938 (two days after Thanksgiving) as the result of asphyxiation caused by the fumes. On Thanksgiving day Flora and Elias had enjoyed a lovely dinner with Walt and Lillian and Roy and Edna in Walt's home. The loss of his Mother plagued Walt Disney with much deep grief for the rest of his life. Walt felt personally responsible for the furnace not being repaired properly. It was Roy Oliver Disney who comforted and reassured both Walt and Elias and the rest of the family that "the tragic and very sad loss of Flora was no one's fault!"

Walt and his siblings thought about their beloved Mother for the rest of their lives! Flora was a woman of strong Christian character and her family was everything to her. And she was everything to them!

"May Flora Call Disney Rest In Peace." Amen.

(Biography by grandsons Roy E. Disney, Daniel H. Disney and Charles Elias Disney)

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