Evelyn Rose <I>McGuire</I> Chimes

Evelyn Rose McGuire Chimes

Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, USA
Death 2003 (aged 93–94)
Fullerton, Orange County, California, USA
Burial Fullerton, Orange County, California, USA
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Mom reminded me of Lord Byron's poem, "She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that 's best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes:
Thus mellow'd to that tender light..."

Born at home in the springtime...she continued, throughout her life, to bring springtime joy to all she met.

Life always has it's challenges, and her first challenge was a serious bout with pneumonia at four months. She survived...no small feat as many infants did not in the early years of the 20th century.

She grew up as a bright little Irish lass with smilin' eyes. Love that picture of her with the big bow and even bigger smile riding that pony! Little brother Jimmy looks downright apprehensive, older sister Marie looks tentative, but Mom is just beaming. She did indeed know how to enjoy life and had a special talent in sharing that with others.

Evelyn was a sweet girl who played with dolls, and was terrified when her brother chased her around their Ohio yard with a wiggling worm. She tried to "save" that same brother, Jimmy, when he managed to shinny up a porch rail to the roof and attempted to "fly" at age 5. Evelyn, worried about her younger sibling, ran to catch him...which she did, although she badly broke her arm. She would show me that she thought her arm still was a bit crooked many decades later. (I always thought it looked just fine).

As a teen, she felt her Mother favored her older sister, Marie. She told me she spent her high school years feeling depressed. One of the highlights of those years was that her Dad would take her to the movies. Maybe that started her love of glamour. She once said that going to the movies, her faith in God, and a love of reading were what got her through her teen years. With a family of six children, privacy was important to Evelyn - and she moved to what was called "the sun room" ( basically a screened porch) to have a place of her own. Remember, this was Cleveland, Ohio and things got quite frosty in the Winter months, not to mention the cold, wet Falls and brisk Springs. She told me she would pile on the blankets and sleep with a hot brick at the foot of the bed. I'm sure that heating bricks in the stove, wrapping them in a towel and carrying them to her sun room of a bedroom gave Mom good upper body strength. Although she wasn't an "outdoor girl" she could beat me in arm wrestling even when I was a teen!

Memories of Mom and Melodyland Theater! The theater in the "round"! Across from Disneyland. When Dad would go to the ballgame, usually with a neighbor, Mom would take me to Melodyland. She loved getting dressed up to go. I saw Nat King Cole, Juliet Prowse, and Dennis Day (in Brigadoon). When scenes changed, the theater would darken and stagehands would literally race up and down the aisles with props in hand. I remember talking my Mom (what a trouper she was) into taking me when the Dave Clark Five played Melodyland. I thought Dave Clark was quite attractive - but the hysterical screaming girls in the audience were a bit much. Later I heard Melodyland became a church.


In Loving Memory of Our Dancing Lady

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