Joshua Lapham III

Joshua Lapham III

Dartmouth, Bristol County, Massachusetts, USA
Death 12 Nov 1799 (aged 78)
Adams, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, USA
Burial Adams, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, USA
Plot Quaker Meetinghouse Grounds
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Joshua Lapham was born 09 Mar 1721/22 in Dartmouth, Bristol, MA, to John Lapham and Mary Russell Lapham. Joshua married Hannah Sherman on 03 Feb 1746/47 in Smithfield, Providence, RI.

Joshua Lapham and his wife, Hannah Sherman Lapham lived in East Adams, MA from 1770 until the end of their lives. According to the memorial placed at the location of their farm, both are buried at the Quaker Meetinghouse in the town of Adams.

Children of Joshua Lapham and Hannah Sherman:

* Hannah Lapham, b. 11 Nov 1773, East Hoosuck, Berkshire, MA, d. 27 Sep 1841, Adams, Berkshire, MA.
* Lydia Lapham, b. 28 May 1751, Smithfield, Providence, RI, d. 03 Mar 1832, Danby, VT.
* David Lapham, b. 28 Dec 1753, Smithfield, Providence, RI, d. 28 Jan 1830, Adams, Berkshire, MA.
* Asa Lapham, b. 19 Feb 1764, Smithfield, Providence, RI, d. 08 May 1822, NY.
* Nathan Lapham, b. 13 Nov 1761, Smithfield, Providence, RI, d. 28 Sep 1846, Danby, VT.
* Abraham Lapham, b. 15 Jul 1755, Smithfield, RI, d. 23 Jul 1836, Collins, NY.
* Ruth Lapham, b. 12 Aug 1748, Dartmouth, Bristol, MA, d. 03 Jan 1833, Spencer, Worcester, MA.
* Daniel Lapham, b. 04 Oct 1749, Dartmouth, Bristol, MA, d. 1785.
* Phebe Lapham, b. 18 Jan 1759, Danby, Rutland, VT, d. 1819.
* Nehemiah Lapham, b. 03 Nov 1766, Smithfield, Providence, RI, d. date unknown.
* Orpha Lapham, b. 07 Jul 1755, Dartmouth, Bristol, MA, d. 31 Oct 1804, Westerlo, Albany, NY.

Below are excerpts taken from the town of Adams Massachusetts website.

"Historic Marker, East Road north of East Hoosac Street Intersection: This monument marks the site of Joshua Lapham's home. Mr. Lapham was a devout member and one of the first organizers of the Society of Friends in Adams. All his sons moved west but his daughter Hannah married Humphrey Anthony (grandparents of Susan B. Anthony). The Anthony couple occupied the Lapham homestead for many years and it was this house that Susan Anthony visited when she came to Adams. She affectionately called it 'The Hive'.

An interesting anecdote about the house that stood here and Susan's Uncle Joshua was recounted in a 1901 "Berkshire Hills Historical Monthly". "It is related that many years ago, (1841), Joshua Anthony, fitted up a bar in his house on the East Road from Adams to North Adams. The little "inn" was to be opened Sunday afternoon and many were invited to the dedication of the inn and bar. It was a bright sunshiny day and while Joshua stood in his front door awaiting the arrival of his guests a sudden shower came up and in it he was instantly killed by lightning." The only part of this that can be confirmed through other sources is that it was lightning that killed him and that he was standing on his doorstep. Since he was the uncle of Susan B. Anthony, who was also a temperance advocate, the extra details about opening a barroom on Sunday could have been invented to embarrass her. (.6mi)

Quaker Meeting House, Friend Street: This building is Adams' most important and best preserved piece of early American architecture. It was built in 1782 by the East Hoosuck Meeting of the Society of Friends. Its dignified simplicity is a statement about those pioneer people who helped to settle East Hoosuck/Adams.

The N. Adams Quaker Meeting was formed in 1781 and originally constituted by David Anthony, Isaac Kiley, Isaac Upton Joshua Lapham, George Lapham and Adams Hartness. At its peak, the congregation consisted of 40 families. The open areas in front of the Meeting House are the unmarked graves of the dead Friends. To the southeast of the Meeting House is a plaque set in a natural stone memorializing the Quakers who "laying aside their religious scruples, took up arms in the war for independence in defense of their homes and liberties."

Benjamin Lapham House, 91 Friend Street: Benjamin was the brother of Joshua Lapham who lived across the valley. Together they owned most of the land between their two houses. Benjamin Lapham came here from Dartmouth and bought this property in 1771. Like his brother Joshua was a devout member of the Society of Friends. The Descendants of the Society of Friends have erected a marker at this site also, (Joshua's home)."

Joshua died on 12 Nov 1799 in Adams, Berkshire, MA.

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