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Joost “George” Schamp

New York, USA
Death Jun 1760 (aged 83–84)
Readington, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, USA
Burial Readington, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, USA
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HUNTERDON HISTORICAL NEWSLETTER, Spring 1975, Published by Hunterdon County Historical Society, Vol. 11, No. 2
Early Settlers of Hunterdon County The Schomp Family
[With this issue, the Newsletter begins a series on the first families of Hunterdon County. Each article will be devoted to a particular family, giving biographical details on the founding father, and a genealogy of the first three generations to settle in Hunterdon County. The Schamp/Schomp family of Readington Township is covered in this issue, and it is expected that the Hummer family will be the feature of the Fall issue. Correspondence regarding the families covered is solicited. All material accumulated on the various families, while in preparation of the article, and in subsequent correspondence and research, will be placed on file in the Society's Library, under the heading of the respective family name. - Editor ]

It was said that at one time if a person were to walk through the Pleasant Run section of Readington Township, every other resident he met would be a Schomp. The Patriarch of this early Hunterdon County family had eight children. In turn, they bore their parents twenty-five grandchildren. From these, over fifty great-grandchildren came to be. As most of the off-spring remained in the Pleasant Run district; therefore, it can well be imagined how, at one time, every other person met would have been a Schomp!

The first Schomp to settle in Hunterdon County was Joost, whose Dutch name was a derivative of George, a name widely used by the family for many generations. Up until about 1825, the surname was always spelled in the original Dutch-Schamp-but the long sounding "a" in the pronunciation later resulted in the spelling Schomp, as the name is invariably used today.

Joost Schamp was the second child, and only son, of the seven children of Pieter Schamp and his wife, Jannetje Dircks. Pieter and Jannetje were residents of Bushwick, Long Island, New York, (now a part of Brooklyn), when Joost was born in 1676. Because there was no church in the village at the time, Joost's parents brought him to the Reformed Dutch Church of New York City, where he was baptized on August 23, 1676.

Joost's youth was spent on his father's Bushwick farm. While still in his teens, his father died, and, as the only son, he took over the family farm. By November 6, 1701, Joost was recorded as a Free¬ holder of Bushwick, and thus paid "one heavy piece of eight" toward the fencing of common lands. In 1706 "Joost Camp" was described as the owner of a fourty acre farm in the Bushwick assessments of that year.

About 1703, Joost Schamp married Margrietje Lock, the daughter of Claes Hendrickszen Lock, and his wife, Kniertje Hendricks. Margrietje was born in 1682, and was baptized in the Dutch Church of New York City on December 20th of that year. Joost and Margrietje were the parents of four boys and four girls, most of whom were born in Bushwick.

On October 12, 1713, "Jost Schamp" and his sisters sold the family farm to their sister, Elizabeth, and her husband, "Barent Coal". The farm was described as "... a Certain Messuage or Tenements house & a parcell of Land Scituate lying and being in New Bushwick ... Containing by Estimation forty Acres..." With the farm sold , Joost and Margrietje moved from Long Island to Somerset County, New Jersey, in the present area of Franklin Township, along the Raritan River, where several of Joost's cousins had already settled. In this move, the only male bearing the surname Schamp in his generation, carried the name from New York to New Jersey, where it has perpetuated for over 250 years.

The first known record of Joost's being in New Jersey is in 1715, when, in "A List of the Militia Regiment Under the Command of Coll Tho: Ffarmar" in the "Seventh Company", (mainly Franklin Township), there is listed "George Scamp Ser[geant]."

From about 1717 to 1728, Joost maintained a farm in Franklin Township, Somerset County. On May 13, 17 28, he purchased 500 acres in what was then Am well Township, Hunterdon County, and is now the Pleasant Run area of Readington Township. The land, purchased of "Daniel Coxe of Trenton", was described as ". . . lying betwixt the North & South Branches of Raritan River: . ."On this land Joost established a sizeable farm, which was often referred to as a plantation.

As in New York, the Schamps were members of the Reformed Dutch Church in New Jersey. An early notation of Joost and Margrietje in New Jersey is found in the records of the church of New Brunswick: the second child to be baptized in the church, on August 13, 1 717, was "Kristiena", the daughter of "Jooris Schamp" and his wife, "Grietie". In the baptismal records of "de kerkup de Milston", now the Harlingen Reformed Church in Somerset County, "Joost Schamp" and "Margrietje Lok " are recorded as witnesses to their first grandchild baptized in 1733.

While a member of one of the Reformed Churches "throughout the entire Raritan District ", Joost became involved in a controversy which broke out between members of the church, and their minister, Theodorus Jacobus Frelinghuysen. The Dominie, they said, "did not teach correct doctrine", and in June, 1725, a formal complaint was sent to the Church authorities in New York City. In the list of signatures to the complaint against Frelinghuysen, there was "Joost Schamp." While residents of Readington Township, the Schamps attended the Readington Church. In the baptismal records of this church, Joost and Margrietje are recorded as witnesses to grandchildren baptized in 1740, 1752 and 1757.

Joost had little to do with the civil activities of his county and state. In July, 1734, "Geo. Scomp" was among the "fourty eight Good and Lawful Men" of Hunterdon County selected for the August Term Grand Jury. In a "Pole of the Freeholders of the County of Hunterdon for Representatives to serve in the General Assembly of the Province of New Jersey taken on October 9, 1738, "George Scamp" voted for Daniel Coxe. In a list of Freeholders in "Reading Township", in 1741, there appears "Justis Schamp".

Joost was an agriculturalest throughout his life, beginning with his father's 40 acre farm, and ending with his 500 acre "plantation" in Readington Town¬ ship. An idea of his prominence as a farmer is seen by the inventory of his estate made a few days after his death. Among the large number of farming apparatus, there were wagons, plows, an "Iron tooth harrow", pitchforks, a "Neck Yoke", a "Sythe & Cradle", sheep shears, and "2 wooden Shovels". Also listed were a vast variety of livestock, consisting of 22 sheep, 10 pigs, 13 horses, 12 cows and one bull. Cultivated products consisted of wheat, rye, "Indian Corn", and buckwheat. Added to this, Joost's farm also had "5 hives with bees", and a "Cider Mill". Joost also owned five Negro slaves, who worked on his plantation.

Both Joost and Margrietje lived to comparatively great ages, outliving three children and several grand¬ children. They lived to see all of their twenty-five grandchildren, of whom four of the boys were named in honor of Joost, and five of the girls for their grandmother, Margrietje.

Joost was the first to pass away, at the age of 84, in the first week of June, 1760. On may 28, 1760, just days before his death, Joost, described as "... weak of Body but of Sound mind and memory..." made his last Will and Testament. Executed at his plantation in "the Township of Reading in the County of Hunterdon", Joost very carefully divided his vast land holdings among his surviving children and grandchildren.

Joost's widow spent her remaining years on the homestead plantation which had been willed to her son, Hendrick. Margrietje Schamp lived to be 89, passing away on December 11, 1771. In the inventory of the "Goods and Chattles of Margaret Schamp Widdow late of Readingtown" there was included a "Feather Bed & beding", a warming pan, and a "large Arm Chair".

Margrietje Schamp's tombstone is in the old cemetery at Pleasant Run, Readington Township.

Joost and Margrietje Schamp were buried in a family burial plot situated not far from their plantation. No stone survives to mark Joost's grave, however, Margrietje's tombstone still stands. Her initials "MS" are surmounted by the smaller letters "JS", standing for those of her husband. The "D 11 +1771" indicates her death as December 11, 1771.

The children of Joost and Margrietje (Lock) Schamp:

l. JOOST SCHAMP, born about 1704, in Bushwick, Long Is• land, New York; died circa July, 1752, in Readington Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey; married, circa 17 37-38, Kniertje Monfoort, the daughter of Pieter and Margrietje (Haf) Monfoort.

The children of Joost and Kniertje (Monfoort) Schamp:

i. Margrietje Schamp, baptized January 21, 1739; died August 16, 1773; married, circa 1761, Richard McDonald.
ii. Fernmetje Schamp, baptized December 25, 1740; died July 27, 1816; married, circa 1765, Serevas Vlerebome.
iii. Saertje Schamp, baptized March 20, 1743; married, circa 1760, Jan Emmans.
iv. Kniertje Schamp, born November 21, 1744; died January 2, 1823; married, circa April, 1767, John Pittenger.
v. Annatje Schamp, born January 1, 1746; died September 27, 1821; married, circa 1764, Andries Van Sicklen.
vi. Joost Schamp, baptized March 19, 1749.
vii. Pieter Schamp, baptized April 7, 1751; died October 12, 1812; married, circa 1776, Margaret Huffman.

2. PIETER SCHAMP, born about 1706, in Bushwick; died circa May, 1760, in Readington Township; married, circa April, 1744, Margrietje Krom. No known children.

3. NICOLAES SCHAMP, born about 1708, in Buitwick; died circa October, 1752, in Somerset County, New Jersey; married, circa 1745, Antje Aten, the daughter of Adriaen and Jacobje (Middagh) Aten.

The children of Nicolaes and Antje (Aten) Schamp:

i. Antje Schamp, baptized April 22, 1746.
ii. Adriaen Schamp, baptized December 26, 1749; died circa March, 1780; married, lust, circa 1769, Rebecca (surname unknown);second, circa 1774,Catleytie Waldron.
ill. Joost Schamp, baptized November 10, 1751; died Sept- ember 17, 1844; married, circa 1778, Maria Smock.

4. KNIERTJE SCHAMP, born about 1710, in Bushwick; died after May 4, 1728, in Hunterdon County.

5. JANNETJE SCHAMP, born about 1712, in Bushwick; died circa 1751•54, in Hunterdon County; married, circa 1731-32, Dirck Marlatt, the son of Abraham and Elizabeth Marlatt.

The children of Dirck and Jannetje (Schamp) Marlatt:

i. Abraham Marlatt, baptized Apri112, 1733.
ii. Margrietje Marlatt, born circa 1735.
iv. Jannetje Marlatt, baptized March 18, 1739. v. Joost Marlatt, baptized June 6, 1741.
vi. Dirck Marlatt, baptized January I, 1744. vii. Gideon Marlatt, born circa 1745.

6. HENDRICK SCHAMP, born about 1715, probably in Somerset County; died circa December, 1813, in Readington Town¬ ship; married, circa May, 1750, Margrietje Cock, the daughter of David and Mariette (van Leuven) Cock.

The children of Hendrick and Margrietje (Cock) Schamp:

i. Joost Schamp, baptized March 8, 1752; died after 1790; married, circa February, 1775, Mary Emmons.
ii. David Schamp, baptized September 8, 1754;died April 3, 1839; married, in the Fall of 1772, Lenah Huffman.
iii. Mary Schamp, born circa 1756; married, May 23, 1773, William Van Sickle.
iv. Margaret Schamp, born circa 1758; married, circa 1780, Peter Shorts.

7. CHRISTINA SCHAMP, born in Somerset County, and baptized August 13, 1717;died circa 1805, in Readington Town¬ ship; married, circa 1752, Jacobus Cock, the son of David and Marietje (van Leuven) Cock.

The children of Jacobus and Christina (Schamp) Cock:

i. Mary Cock, born circa 1753.
ii. Margaret Cock, baptized August 10, 1755.
iii. Christina Cock, baptized December 26, 1757.

8. ANNATJE SCHAMP, born about 1719, in Somerset County; died after December 3, 1770, probably in Readington Town¬ ship; married, circa 1755, Jeromus Van Vliet, the son of Garret and Judith (Van Nest) Van Vliet.

The child of Jeromus and Annatje (Schamp) Van Vliet:

i. Margret Van Vliet, baptized January 9, 1757.

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