Caroline Lykes “Cookie” <I>Webb</I> Romero

Caroline Lykes “Cookie” Webb Romero

Hazleton, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, USA
Death 25 Sep 2003 (aged 61)
Reston, Fairfax County, Virginia, USA
Burial Fairfax County, Virginia, USA
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Draft in preparation as of June 2012. Suggestions and additional facts or stories welcome. Note to my family: I uploaded extensive information to and under Robert Philippe Webb

This Memorial to Caroline Lykes has been written by her eldest son and beloved child Robert Philip.

SS 214-40-6695

Buried at Fairfax Memorial Park, Fairfax, Virginia. Adams Green Funeral Home in Herndon, VA handled her burial.

Catholic Paroches Caroline attended in her lifetime were: St Leo's, Fairfax, VA; St Mary's, Fairfax, VA; St Mary's, Old Towne, Alexandria, VA; St James, Falls Church, VA; St Ambrose, Annandale, VA; St Luke's Annandale, VA; St Catherine of Sienna, Great Falls, VA. Her Burial was at St Andrew, the Apostle in Clifton, Virginia because she was fond of Priest, Father Fasano who was Italian and gave High Catholic Mass in Latin. I believe he was Jesuit educated or Jesuit ? I remember chit chat over Opus Dei. It was a full Latin Mass with Eucharist and incense which is as my Mother would have wanted. My Mother was a very olde fashioned Lady. Fasano said her Death Mass and it was short and simple with a large attendance of family friends. There was a young female soloist who beautifully sang "Ave Maria" and my baby brother, Allen Xavier Romero, her spoiled youngest was the only speaker giving her eulogy. It was silent afterwards and Allen's delivery powerful and touching. It was an open casket viewing and Caroline was well prepared at the Mortuary and looked good as if alive. She was on display in her jewels of diamonds and sapphires as I recall but they were removed prior to burial. Her hands were clasped together and she looked as if at eternal peace in GOD's arms. She was clothed in a black ruffled dress with pink and red cabbage roses. She was very English in nature and loved chintz and the dress chosen was appropriate for its black mourning colour and English Victorian design. Mom was very religious from her trilas in life and had received over the years some spiritual gifts including the gift of the sense of aroma which some Catholics have experienced with apparitions, etc. Mother frequently smelled the roses said to be a spiritual mystery given women who prayed the rosary, help from Jesus's Mother. Lourdes, France is just an example. I can say that in fact I have been with her on occasions and in prayer the scent of roses surrounded her with no physical explanation. She believed in spiritual gifts, miracles, apparitions, bi-location of Saints and St Francis of Assisi 's alleged ability to float in air. She believed in ascension and Christian mysteries most discount as nonsense.

She had endured much in this life and was a faithful Christian devoted to her children and The Lord. She prayed The Lord's Prayer daily and brought all of us up in Christ.

As a member of the Macon/Washington Family Caroline Lykes had very distinguished pedigree to 18th c. Colonial Virginia and 16th c. and 17th c. England. This part of North Carolina just below the present Virginia line was at that time all part of Virginia before North Carolina was formed. The Webbs settled the region and in fact numerous Royals were there in the New World serving the Crown's interest in Europe. Caroline was the 2nd Cousin 7 generations removed from Martha Washington, George Washington's wife. Additionally according to family tradition passed down by word of mouth and genealogy research Oliver Cromwell was the 9th great grandfather of Caroline Lykes. This was through Maria Crowell Allen who used the spelling Crowell over Cromwell which may have been an old transcription error. That lineage as follows: Oliver Cromwell 1599 - 1658; Richard Lord Protector of England Cromwell; Edward Cromwell, Sr.; Edward Cromwell, Jr; Edward Cromwell, III, John Benjamin Cromwell; Dorothea Miriam Crowell; Miriam Bradford Alston, Mariah Crowell Allen, Charles Allen W3ebb, Sr; Charles Allen Webb, Jr. Caroline's father. Miriam Bradford Alston's lineage connects to Martha Washington as the Alstons and Macons married. I remember my Great Grandfather Webb discussing this and it is widely circulated in the Webb family. I also note that Oliver Cromwell resembled Emperor of Russia Peter the Great, Caroline resembled Catherine the Great Empress of Russia and in fact was visited by Intelligence Offcials and told she was a Russian Romanov.

Caroline Lykes Webb was a short brunette less than approx. 5'4" tall I am estimating from memory. She had dyed her hair blonde all her life starting as a girl and also added curls as she had naturally straight hair. Her Mother had insisted upon this so Caroline would look more German.

Caroline Lykes Webb was her maiden name. She was married after her own Grandmother Mary Caroline Lykes of Lykesland, South Carolina. My Mother had two marriages. First to my Father, Robert Philip Tierney, Sr. and secondly to my Step Father, Gonzalo Romero who adopted me as a boy. Caroline ended relations with Robert my Dad in Summer of 1968. Caroline initially married in Rocky Mt., NC on October 1961 to Robert Tierney.

Gonzalo Romero is also known as Gonzalo Romero - Lopez. Lopez was his Mother's maiden name. Romero was from Bogota, Colombia, South America and a General Surgeon graduating from Georgetowne University and practicing in Northern Virginia. Gonzalo strongly resembles Cuban born Desi Arnaz and Tampa's Lucky Luciano.He was Naturalized in Fairfax County, Virginia and then in Washington, DC as I recall in the late 1970s or early 1980s making his Oath there.

He had been involved in The Colombia Merchant Marines and with Seamen. At first he was in New Orleans, Lousiana Port in The Gulf of Mexico which of course connects Colombia. He also was for a time in Newport News, Virginia and was regularly at Military Base there for shipping in the Virginia Naval Station in Norfolk, Virginia.

Mom married December 9, 1972 to Gonzalo in Washington, DC. Caroline worked 5 years as a Medical Secretary. Caroline met Gonzalo at Fairfax Hospital as a Medical Secretery she had 5 yrs experience. Gonzalo bought Camlelot house they lived in one year before the wedding as Mom was pregnant with Alexander, 4th son.

My natural Father, her first husband was studying to be an Architect and from University of Virginia and his Memorial is linked here. At this writing Romero is alive however a grave site for Romero was purchased at Fairfax Memorial Park adjacent to Caroline and as he is 80 yrs. old all anticipate his burial there as well.

My Mother raised 5 sons. 3 sons in the first marriage and 2 sons in the second marriage. I am the oldest from the first marriage and the only natural child of my Parents.

Marriage 1

1) Robert Philip Tierney Romero Webb; 2) Charles Webb Tierney Romero * adopted by Romero; 3) John Matthew Tierney Romero *adopted by both Tierney and Romero subject to DNA testing. I have had several surnames because of my Mother's divorce and the Courts. I was born Tierney. Virginia Courts changed my name against my free will as a youth violating my person and so I subsequently took my Mother's maiden name. My Father had diabetes and so Charles is my half brother and bears no resemblance to my Father as he would otherwise been at risk for Diabetes as well which in fact I inherited. He is also a son of Caroline. As far as I know, John was adopted twice, first as an infant by Tierney and then again as a youth by Romero. John is my Cousin and like me and my Mother and Charles, a Lykes.

Marriage 2

4) Alexander Gonzalo Romero; 5) Allen Xavier Romero. Neither bears any resemblance to Romero and as my Family is involved in the German /American Eugenics Movement while they were raised as my Brothers to the best of my knowledge and belief they are not really so. Maybe Allen is a half bro. ? I do remember both brought home as infants and knew them all my life as brothers and loved them as such but they were never told which was my Mother's wish. It is merely my own interest in genealogical truths that I divulge what I know here now that she has passed to Heaven. I feel it is my social responsibility to do so.

Caroline went to Fairfax High School in Fairfax, Virginia one year and then on to Frankfurt American High School in Frankfurt, Germany for three years graduating in 1959. She was very active there socially as her yearbook portrays. She was a cheerleader there and even as an adult could recite it and jump at 60 years old as if carrying a pom pom. She loved young good looking men and it was amazing what she could perform and how responsive she was to men. Caroline was a highly social personality. She went to Lady Cliff Catholic Girls School College in New York across the Hudson from West Point where she was Lynda Bird Johnson Robb's roommate and then transferred to Mary Washington College in Virginia but did not complete this. I believe she was in a sorority but don't remember for sure which maybe Kappa Delta ? She was hot for Soldiers and her parents agreed on Lady Cliffe for opposite reasons. The Webbs wanted the Catholic Nuns to protect her virginity and she wanted to date the West Point Cadets.

Caroline was the eldest daughter of US Colonel Charles Allen Webb, Jr. who was a Macon and kin to Martha Washington who was also a Macon through her great grandfather, Gideon Macon. That was the common ancestor. The Webbs were involved in Intelligence, Defense and Governmental matters in Washington, DC. Caroline was a military daughter and trained in a military style by her own parents.

Caroline was a highly sexed young lady and dropped out of College againt her parents will for her and then eloped with my Father, Robert Philip Tierney, Sr. an architecture student at University of Virginia. They were married in a civil ceremony by a Justice of the Peace in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. This forever upset her parents and they never let go of her first marriage issues chastising Caroline at all opportunities. This really upset her.

Caroline also revealed to me that her Parents the Webbs told her that she was "adopted". This may or may not have been true or a half truth and she found it extremely upsetting and painful. The Family is involved in and a Victim of the German /American eugenics movement and an inter-generational Intelligence Plot. Only legitimate untamperred with DNA testing would ever tell the whole truth of our complex Family. While she did not really get along with her Mother, she was very attached to her Dad even though he was at times cruel.

When she told me about this she nearly had a nervous breakdown in front of me. I never in my life saw my Mother so upset as she was with her Parents over this. Dealing with her divorce and bad marriages she could cope with from a practical standpoint as she was tough with them but her Parents really pushed her into troubled waters psychologically. Her Mother was not a safe refuge for Caroline as they did not really like one another. As for her Father, she was very attached, too attached to him, and his betrayal my Mom could not cope with. I felt so sorry for her when she told me and there was nothing I could do. I never ever saw my Mom so upset as this and it has stuck with me. She would block it out and try to get by instead living in fantasies and play and just not deal with it. Little clues did seep out like this sometimes.

Her Father was US Military and could be very heartless and cruel as all would admit. As children, Caroline told me that when they did not eat their meals because they were young girls and had small stomachs her Father would hit the back of their hands with the silver making their hands red. This is one of dozens of examples. They were basically trained like an animal trainer would train a pet. Caroline was made to walk with a book on her head for posture and made to recite various things to her Father. Caroline was taught how to curtsey at home for the Royals. One example was his cracking an egg over the head of Caroline's sister Catherine and letting it run down her face as a girl. They talked about the abuse all their lives. The household was filled with psychological assaults all learned in the US Military and the girls were hazed and suffered lifelong damages even though they were helpless children held hostage in the home. It was more of the "Curse" of the Government in our lives and its permanent lifelong damaging effects of this Global Menace.

Caroline was a charming person but really she was also an abused and damaged one by others who claimed they loved her. She sought emotional comfort in food and struggled with her weight but she did I congratulate her succeed in keeping it well managed and really conquered the problem. It was very important to her to try and recover from poor parenting and two failed marrital relationships. It would not be fair to say it was all bad because that also would be untrue. There were both good and bad aspects. I will note though that her parents abusing her set the tone for the rest of her life. She never fully recovered from what was done to her and that was her own personal internal battle few saw. That is very sad for me because Mother was a very gentle, fragile and kind soul.

She divorced Robert my Father in 1968 as the Plaintiff in Fairfax County, Virginia and then married Gonzalo Romero from Bogota, Colombia, a Physician and General Surgeon. Gonzalo Romero was the Petitioner in my adoption in 1974 in Fairfax County, Virginia. While the second two children are listed in The Adoption Petition as the "natural children" of Tierney I do not believe this to be factual. My Father had Diabetes and there were health, family, financial and other complications. My family had been interested in the German / American Eugenics Movement which was also in America. My Father, Robert was in University of Virginia Architecture School but also dropped out and did not complete his education. My Mother had studied home economics. Her main interest was children and home life and she was very feminine and motherly.

Caroline was born in Hazleton, Pennsylvania and died in Reston, Virginia. She was born in Hazelton because it was adjacent to her Mom's hometown of McAdoo, Pennsylvania. Caroline's Father Col. Webb was in the Military and away in Europe so the story goes and thus Caroline's Mom went to her Mom's town to have the baby. Was Caroline really born there ? That remains a mystery.

She was primarily a Mother, played Classical Piano beautifully and was fluent in English, German and Spanish. She had been educated in Germany and spoke German as a second native language. She had a black Steinway grand piano and used it frequently playing Mozart and classical piano. She really loved her own grandmother Mary caroline for whom she was named and modelled herself after mary

Caroline, was a Soccer Coach with Annandale, Virginia Soccer League for Children, Cub Scout Assistant Den Mother, Catholic Church Paroch Advisory Board, Parent – Teachers Association.

She had worked as a Medical Secretary after her divorce which is how and why she met and married a Physician. She could spell very well. It was funny like at a spelling bee and as such could spell complex medical words and decided to do this. She could also type many words a minute so she was a natural for this field. She was very personable and warm, generous to a fault and extremely kind. She was olde fashioned and very lady like and proper but with a mischevious and sometimes rebellious streak. She had attended a Lady's "Finishing School" in London, England and had very good manners. I remember her learning in London to always hold her glass when drinking with her pinky finger raised to show her class as a sign. This came from the Windsors and what she learned in London. She had also started a hat collection there and then picked this up later at the end of her life. She always said about one's class as follows. Class she said "was something one sucked from his/her Mother's tit". She was also both rebellious and playful and knew this was all learned behaviour and would like to break the norms for fun. She was really very simple at heart but did enjoy dressing up and playing "the game" for fun. She was also very talkative and oriented mostly towards her children. She could be great fun and was playful. It was all to many of us an inside joke and great fun to be a family member of ours.

She enjoyed art and antiques and was a devout Catholic although she did have a rebellious period but returned to the Church went to Latin Rite High Mass and wore a black veil to pray her most intimate prayers. It was very serious for her. I think she regretted her life but not her children whom she adored. She definitely regretted her marriages. Her hobbies were sewing early on and then collecting antique lace as well as reading. As kids Mom would very lovingly make her own clothes and ours too because she could make wonderful things that were otherwise very expensive. She bought things too. Mom had expensive taste. She read daily and especially about art and antiques if it were not the Bible. She really liked learning and this was an attribute of her Grandfather "Buck" Webb who she really loved dearly. She loved both her Grandparents and they were in fact very warm people. She modelled herself after her Grandmother Mary Caroline. Mary Caroline had loved gardening and had in her yard, camilia, roses, climbing roses, lilac, irises, english box, crocuses, daffodils, tulips, dogwood and wedding lace, etc. Mom took after this and her favorite fragrance lilacs. As a boy I would pick my Mom lilacs and it made her very happy to bring them home. Mom enjoyed a beautiful garden and on her Mother's side, her Mom's sister Florence also had a beautiful garden which influenced mom. She loved flowers in the home. As such she collected botannical watercolors and prints and porcelains with botannicals her favorite royal copenhagen "flora danica". With this she added her parent's silver pattern which was Georg Jensen "acorn" which was because they were nuts.

She especially admired Robert E. Lee and bought the home of Robert E. Lee, IV at 8459 Brook Road, McLean Virginia where she lived some 20 years. There was a genuine ghost in the house who would play with the electricity. This is true and documented by all household members having witnessed it. I first witnessed it immediately after we bought the house as I lived in it alone for awhile as the other house was for sale. I think it was the Ghost of a murder victim but not certain. That was what I discerned and I think it pertained to the Lees or a death ? The Ghost lived in the closet adjacent to the fireplace chase in the rear bedroom and would rattle the walls and turn on the closet lights. It was frequent. It was not a prank or tale and in fact the Ghost was there the entire time we lived in the house and we became used to it. We had the electricity checked out and nothing was wrong.

She really enjoyed decorating and her home there and in fact it was very nice. The Lees had decorated it all in canary yellow and Americana however my Mother loved French decorating and had a taste for the feminine so that was her taste. In fact the French / Amercian theme was a common one because of America's colonial ties to France and Martha Washington was French. There she gave lavish catered parties filled with oppulence. Money was plentiful with Romero and Caroline spent it wildly on parties, clothes, trips, cars, art and antiques, gourmet food, caviar, wine and fine dining. This was a period of extravagance for Caroline. Mother was very proud of her heritage and especially about being a Lykes, the highly distinguished and wealthy Southern Colonial American Family.

My Mother had divorced her first husband, Robert Philip Tierney, Sr. in 1968 and I was adopted in 1974 in Fairfax County, Virginia by her second husband, Gonzalo Romero. He had married my Mother in the 1970s at Georgetown University Copley Crypt Chapel in Washington, DC. Romero was a General Surgeon graduating from Georgetowne University in Washington, DC and from Bogota, Colombia, South America. He was in private practice at numerous hospitals in Northern Virginia.

Mom lived in Germany twice with her parents. The first time was from about 1948 to 1952 and the second time was from about 1956 to 1959. They lived in United States Military housing and also off Base at No. 2 Lohrer Strase, Sachsenhausen, Frankfurt am Main, Germany. There Mom attended Frankfurt American High School very active and graduating in 1959. Her Father, Col. Charles Allen Webb, Jr. was in The US Army. I believe that they may also have lived on Base at Staten Island, New York briefly subject to verification.

They also lived in a rented apartment in Arlington, Virginia but I do not know the address. This was near Gifford's ice cream store and a short term temporary address. As girls they went to this olde fashioned ice cream store and this was a fond memory especially the swiss chocolate ice cream and in truth it was the best ice cream I ever tasted by far. It is gone now. They then lived at Country Club Hills in Fairfax County, Virginia across from Army Navy Country Club before they moved to Barkley Drive. This was the family club for some 50 years. The Webbs were very big into golf. My Mother though I will say was the least athletic apart from man watching. I believe that this is when they had returned from living in Frankfurt am Main, Germany as Charles Allen Webb, Jr. was a Colonel in the US Army stationed in Europe. This Country Club Hills property was purchased and they lived there starting in December 17, 1954. This was located at 207 Brookwood Dr., Fairfax, Virginia. Lot 29 Section 1 bought from Stafford Builders. The street numbers have been re-assigned though and it is no longer numbered 207. The new number is: 3423 Brookwood. She then moved with her parents to their home at 3509 Barkley Drive, Fairfax, VA. This was from February 16, 1960. This was Lot 51, Section 3 in "Mantua" Subdivision. After her marriage to Robert Philip Tierney, Sr, she lived at 4225 St Jerome Dr., Annandale, VA. They rented this House from Grandma Tierney who owned it. Before moving there Mom lived with Robert in Charlottesville, VA in a trailer immediately after she eloped with him and he was in College living off campus. They then lived when I was first born briefly in 1964 at Tuckahoe Apartments in Arlington, Virginia. This is in the 5600 Block of Lee Higway. It is possible that there are other brief stay addresses ? They also lived a while at Belle Haven Apartments in Alexandria, VA about the time when I was in pre-school.

At the same time they also had a beautiful Family Farm Robert her husband had purchased. This was in Linden, VA in Fauquier Co. It was an 84 acre Farm on The Appalachian Trail at 3051 Tuckers Lane, Linden, Virginia. There from August 4, 1965 to July 1, 1968. Property in Fauquier County Virginia, County Records held in City of Warrenton, Virginia. It was a beautiful picturesque angus cattle farm but with no modern conveniences. No water but rather a well a distance away from the main house and no electricity either. There was a barn and animals. Robert was an Architect and he had planned to fix it up. They were in their early twenties and romantics.

When she and Robert had marrital problems and She left him, She moved immediately and for a short time to 6221 Wilson Blvd., Apt 1., Falls Church, VA. This was a temporary measure when she had little money and was not on good terms with her parents either all over this first marriage and children. Her situation improved sligtly but not much and she moved to a rented apartment in Foxcroft Colony Apartments at Fairfax Circle, Virginia. The address was 9451, Apt 102 and it was a rear basement garden patio unit.

Her first home with Gonzalo was at 3446 Launcelot Way, Annandale, Virginia from 1971 - 1982. This was in "Camelot" named after the King Arthur legend of Merlin the Magician. Even though it was a modest middle class home we always had a live in maid and money was abundant as her husband's medical business grew and thus we then moved to a finer home as the neighbors were not accepting of Caroline's spending 10 times the norm in that neighborhood which caused jealousy. It was then she decided we should live in McLean. Really my Mother wanted to fit in and a "normal" life but it was never really and possible for us. We had unusual circumstances.
Her second home with Gonzalo was at 8459 Brook Rd, McLean, Virginia. This was the former home of Robert E. Lee, IV and she lived there from 1980 - 1999. It was a beautiful southern colonial million dollar plus mansion with columns, a swimming pool, expensive english box gardens maintained by a gardens maintenance staff and beautifully decorated inside. Mother had bought and sold antiques as a sideline for fun and as such these were always rotated through the house and so the decor was always changing. Mostly she bought auctions but also at shops. She liked the good deal. She loved Italian, French and sometimes German painted provincial furniture and glass furniture from Venice, Italy. Her dream Lover would have been an Italian and she loved lake Como, Italy. She also loved fabrics and soft things and her favorites were Fortuny fabrics which she used. She dreamed of Lake Como in Italy and I think that would have been her first choice to live if she could do so. Her favorite musician was Julio Iglesias and she was very taken by Italian Opera and male vocalists all her life. She was mostly european in outlook but did like big modern American Baths and Kitchens and believed in shaving her armpits. She was a very romantic and passionate person emotionally available to cry. She cried a lot. She also laughed a lot. She lived in the end for her children which gave her meaning.
Her third home with Gonzalo was at 12150 Tryton Way in Reston where my Mother died in 2003. They had moved there when the children left the home and to get ready for a retirement simpler life. It was also immediately adjacent to a gymnasium and met her goal of getting in shape. She had marital problems and would have had them anyway but this was only worsened by her weight. There were many unspoken issues. She was not abnormally obese or anything like that but had the normal aging female weight problem and tried to accomodate her husband whom she had alleged had an affair. Her accomplishing this helped but the real problem was her husband and this was unsolveable for complex reasons.

Caroline died suddenly and unexpectedly of an alleged heart attack in her French Louis XV Style gilt bed below her gilt French "ciel de lis" draped in Prussian blue silk and backed in rose and held with tie backs she collected and sold for fun. She was found mysteriously dead in her bed.

She was surrounded amongst her collecting treasures of French antiques, accessories and lace. She loved France and everything French, cooking, Lovers, the romance of Paris and french decoration and design. She had collected lace and liked collecting small French accessories. The only clue to her death left was a water glass placed not by her bedside table as usual but rather on a corner round table draped in silk. This and my intuition as well as knowledge of our family situation immediately tipped me off that something was awry. She was very happy at 63 years old and deeply loved her grandaughter Ava who had been born. Alexandra came afterwards and too would have been loved by her equally as much. My Mother loved children and spoiled Ava with expensive lace, linen and embroidered custom baby clothes from the finest stores. For her the children were dolls to spoil. Even myself as a Boy she dressed me in the finest velvet clothes she could buy or make. She had no daughters she always wanted and so really spoiled Ava before her tragic death. She had miscarried one child she believed to be a daughter so the story goes and had planned to name her Hillary. I do not know the whole story even though I am the oldest and they were involved in eugenics and hypnotism. This was not my Mother's desire and upset her but we were born into the Washington Family and US Intelligence which is wildly corrupt. I also supposedly had a twin brother living in France but he died. There are likely other childern as well.

If there was one thing more my Mother loved it was spending money and she was one of the leading Consumers in Washington, DC. She had been written about in The Washington Post Magazine over her conspicuous consumption in an article "By Love Posessed" distributed all throughout Washington so was widely known for this. She was meant to be rich and probably a Monarch as she was maternal and extravagant. For Caroline spending $25,000 a month was usual. She was very generous and gave money away in the Church basket and a big tipper. When she would go into Washington, DC she would give the poor blacks she encountered doing her antiques business generous tips. She also gave money to her children. She would love to go in her purse and take out hundreds and give them to me and smile. She liked money but only to give it or spend it and otherwise was not really interested till later in life and she was frugal for her old age which never came as she died. Really she loved beauty in both people and aesthetics and avoided the ugly and uncomfortable turning to prayer instead of dealing with it herself. It was not that she was materialistic in values so much as she loved beauty in the world and had trouble with realities of life which she preferred to dismiss. I have learned dealing with both are necessary to get results in this life she brought me into.

I will remember my Mother both fondly and tragically as her life was a mixture of both joy and deep sorrow for an exceptionally sincere, genuine and misunderstood person.

Caroline strongly resembled Olga Romanov who was Czar Nicholas, II of Russia's eldest daughter. Caroline had brown hair but had dyed it blonde her entire life to "look more German" and please her Mother. At several times as child we were visited by Government Officials and told my Mother was a Romanov descending from the Czars. Caroline also resembled Marilyn Monroe who was John F Kennedy's Lover and may have been a "Sexual Spy" a fact relevant to solving the Case.


IMPORTANT NOTE for further research as Family genealogy is uncovered.

While I have linked my Mother, Caroline Lykes Webb shown here to Constance Bernetta Baronosky Webb who raised my mother as her daughter, I think that Constance is likely not her biological mother. My theory is that Stella Mae Lykes Smith may be the biological mother of my mother, Caroline Lykes Webb. It is possible that my mother was a Lykes twise in this way through Mary Caroline Lykes, her father's mother and also through her own mother, perhaps Stella Mae Lykes Smith. These were different branches in the Lykes Family. Mary Caroline was from Jesse Lykes and Stella Mae probably from 7 Lykes Bros in Tampa. This is a theory at this time and Stella looked very much like my Mother.

I am linking that here.

Note the inverted Pentagram and Freemasonry symbols on Stella's grave which are a very big CLUE into the Family situation and eugenics I allege.

Stella Mae Lykes Smith Memorial
Birth: May 29, 1908
Nolan County
Texas, USA
Death: Feb. 23, 1974
Lancaster County
Nebraska, USA

Family links:
Roy Madison Smith (1900 - 1968)*

Kenneth Dean Smith (1933 - 1933)*

*Point here for explanation

City of Lubbock Cemetery
Lubbock County
Texas, USA
Plot: Block 32

Find A Grave Memorial# 8067475

FURTHERMORE, My theory further expanded here is that Stella Mae Lykes Smith was not the biological daughter of William Garland Lykes and Stella Luella Brown but rather the biological daughter of one of the 7 Lykes Brothers who are buried at Lykes Cemetery in Brooksville, Florida and a Tampa Lykes. I believe that via the German / American Eugenics Movement that Caroline was in truth a Tampa Lykes from the Seven Lykes Brothers and as she was part of the Macon / Washington First family of The United States, a victim of a massive intelligence Plot targeting our family. We were raised in Jesse Lykes family and yet this was probably because of eugenics. Caroline's Father was Kin to Martha Washington and a Key Player in Washington Defense systems he himself a Multi-Millionaire from US Defense dealing and the US Treasury. Webb was involved in secret dealings with George H W Bush and The CIA. Regretfully and tragically my Family was a Victim of US Government negligence and crime The Government and its co-conspirators had sought to unlawfully cover up.

The extended Family was involved in the German World War I and II Era eugenics movement which was mixed up in US. Russian, German and British Intelligence. Lykes was involved in shipping and leased its vast fleet to The US Government. Lykes was at the time the wealthiest family in America but no longer so and now merely Billionaires with most family members bored with the pursuit of accumulating money and now involved in other more meaningful pursuits. My Mother's wish was that her children be successful and she most assuredly liked the finer things in life but in the end she was more interested in a normal life and Jesus Christ. She had a born again spiritual awakening and began to find most everything apart from GOD utterly meaningless and empty.

As The Lykes DNA has not been tested by me at this time, I can only offer theoretical insight subject to further investigation by me here now. One thought was that Caroline may descend from Thompson Lykes. Lipscomb Lykes though was a Lykes of the Lykes Seven and was unmarried and without any official issue of children. Lipscomb was thought by some to possibly have been given the spiritual gift of homosexuality by GOD which is why he elected not to procreate. It may be that being involved in German eugenics science perfecting cattle breeds and also with science perfecting orange crops for juice at The "7L" Lykes Ranch that Thompson may be correct. As a girl Caroline was a regular visitor in Tampa having met with me Joseph Taliaferro Lykes. I myself met him too. He was compassionate for Caroline and did help her some but Caroline's parents did not approve however Caroline most certainly wanted and approved of the assistance and family relationship in Tampa. This is before DNA testing was popularized. Lipscomb was not the only Lykes to elect not to marry. I will say that in my own instance I myself am bi-sexual which I freely admit having enjoyed the earthly pleasures of both genders. This may be partially genetic and my own view is that it is a combination of factors enabling one to abstain from heterosexuality and all its ensnaring problems. For me the freedom from "original sin" is one of GOD's greatest gifts he has bestowed upon his chosen children. Freedom from endless mindless procreating and the suffering of human existence is his alone to grant. Some Lykes blessed with riches came to see life differently than most as being born into riches offers a different world view. My Mother knew both wealth and poverty as there were family problems and money was misused as a tool of control.

Caroline my Mother looks very much like several of the Seven Lykes Brothers especially Thompson Lykes and nothing like the Mother who raised her. Furthermore, while this subject was a well guarded family secret I did overhear much as a Boy. I was then hypnotized to forget this but thankfully I had been able to contact authorities so that the kidnappings of me and others and hypnotisms of me would stop. The whole situation pertained to eugenics and the Lykes Family fortune and various Plots to rob me of my birth right and identity out of greed by others. Born into a family like Lykes was a double edged sword few could grasp.

I theorize how it might have happened that Caroline Lykes Webb, one generation younger, would possibly actually be Stella Mae Lykes Smith's daughter . One need keep in mind the following relationships. Stella Mae Lykes Smith was b. 1908. She was the same generation as and a cousin of Charles Parkhill Lykes b. 1917. Green Cameron Duncan was Charles Parkhill Lykes's brother in law. This Lykes branch was also interested in genealogy and in fact Genevieve Parkill Lykes wrote a Lykes family genealogy book called "Gift of Heritage". Green Cameron Duncan strongly resembled Meyer Lansky, Joseph Stacci and Ray Bolger. Green Cameron Duncan was the son in law of James McKay Lykes who was one of the Seven Lykes Bros. with dealings in both Texas and Florida. Texas was where Stella Mae was located. Green Cameron Duncan in my view may have been involved and no doubt marrying into Lykes attracted to the money there and Lykes duped by his charm. These dealings were particularly of note with the cattle and beef industry controlled at time by dubious forces. These dubious forces were actually protected by the Government which kept the whole mechanism in function. As Stella Mae Lykes Smith was a contemporary of Green Cameron Duncan, it is my theory that Green and/or his "Associates" possibly via Miami, Florida may have obtained the infant Caroline Lykes Webb in this eugenics plot. It is no coincidence that Green resembled the Russian born Meyer Lansky, that there were international shipping and national security issues with Russia as well as concerns about the protein source for the general population. All these factors meant that Lykes was exposed to governments, defense and as such also to the dark and unlawful elements within them. Shipping and defense were integral. Also with James McKay Lykes' Father's possible Italian roots those Italian connections and influences were powerful with Florida like Italy seen as a valuable and fertile appendage to the main land. In fact Howell Tyson Lykes strongly resembled Robert, Duke of Parma. Italy. Again this all pertains to eugenics. It is my theory that Stella Mae fell victim to it as an infant and was removed from Tampa, Florida and likewise Caroline Lykes Webb too fell victim as an infant and was removed to the Washington, DC area. There she too fell victim along with her children to the continuing eugenics conspiracy.

With so much anti-gay hate crime in the world I can see why this issue of homosexuality may have been kept a family secret and hush hush by Lipscomb Lykes. My Mother and I discussed this matter openly and she was most assuredly totally heterosexual herself preferring the company of men in general. My own gift may come from my Dad or Mom's parent's side. On both sides of the Family there is bi-sexuality. I believe it is a combination of factors genetic and otherwise. Certianly my hope is to free people from their ignorance about human sexuality and eugenics and come to find the truth of my Lykes genealogy and otherwise. I also want to leave a record of the complex situation for those generations to come. I myself embrace Kinsey's theories of human sexuality and consider freedom from heterosexuality a miracle from above.

Stella Mae's siblings for future research were: Roy, Linnie (married last-name McLeod), Mamie (married last-name George), Carrie (married Catching), Jimmy, Willie, Mollie (married Burns), Lora (married Dalmont) and Ada Ola (never married).

Various people have assisted me in the past formulating my valuable legal case research and I particularly thank the gracious Nancy Lykes Bucy of The University of California, San Francisco who was the grandaughter of Stella Mae. She has a photograph of Stella Mae she gave me in the past but unfortunately I no longer have this picture of Stella to upload here and it was a great personal loss to me one causing me duress and grievances. I do believe that Lykes Family genealogist, Susan Lykes Mueller in Tampa, FL also has a photo but have been out of touch with Susan while she was gracious and helpful in years gone by. There may be others who will help uncover the mystery of Lykes and so I do post here and ask that some how some way the missing photo of Stella Mae is miraculously returend to us again by someone. It had been maliciously taken in an Unconstitutional illegal search and seizure intended to obstruct my pursuit of justice for me and my Family and I hope to have my grievances addressed in the legal system as afforded all Amercians under Law. Unfortunately there is still much discrimimation and obstruction of justice by corrupt persons within the Law who act out their personal agenda. Thank you.

Stella has a memorial on I am asking a favour for anyone who has a picture of Stella Mae Lykes Smith to please upload it for me and all of us. One day with the collective efforts of those on GOD's side we may uncover the mystery of The Lykes Family.

My intention is to offer this THEORY and eugenics information here for all concerned to research and get to the bottom of as likely Caroline's correct genealogy is to Tampa Lykes Bros as I was told and believe to be true at this time.

She most resembled Actress Vera Ralston. Vera Ralston (born Vìra Helena Hrubá; July 12, 1919 – February 9, 2003) was a Czech figure skater and actress. She later became a naturalized American citizen. She worked as an actress during the 1940s and 1950s.

Mother was Prussian/German and Russian royalty. She resembles Saxe Princesses in Germany and Catherine Great of Russia also Princess Feodora and especially Princess Karoline Mathilde of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg. This is probably her lineage also. I think that Stella may Lykes Smith must be the link between two Mom and Karoline Mathilda ?

Thank you.

Robert Philip Webb (Lykes) and (Macon / Washington)

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