Hazel Iva Weatherby

Hazel Iva Weatherby

Amble, Montcalm County, Michigan, USA
Death 18 May 1927 (aged 20)
Bath, Clinton County, Michigan, USA
Burial Amble, Montcalm County, Michigan, USA
Plot South section; 75ft. north of southernmost drive, 50 ft. west of the N/S drive.
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Bath School Disaster Victim

Hazel was the daughter of Frank and Clara Weatherby. She graduated from Lakeview High School in 1924, and attended college in Mt. Pleasant. Upon graduation in 1926, she accepted a position to teach third and fourth grades at Bath Consolidated School. She loved to visit her parents and would always say, "It matters little, mother, where I am, or what the tasks my fingers find to do; new friends, new scenes, new thoughts though I may know; my heart turns, always, mother mine, to you." Hazel also adored her children and was adored by them. When her body was found in the wreckage of the school bombing, she was holding two children, as if trying to protect them. Hazel was one of 45 people killed when the school was bombed by a disgruntled employee. It remains as the worst attack upon a school in the history of the United States.

Bath School Disaster Memorial Cemetery

A tribute written by memorial sponsor, Douglas R. Haney, July 21, 2014:


Martyred she was when at the beast's hands delight,
She cuddled her babies tightly providing comfort from hell,
When the fallen cement and wood beams gave way,
The thunder of death suffered the penalty she'd pay,
When they found her beneath all the debris from hell's wrath,
She held tight in her arms two small Angels of Bath,
With a heavy last sigh; and, close of her eyes,
Her heart burdened in sadness; her soul lifting away,
The world realized reverently that she'd met her demise,
For less than a year she had taught with great pride,
The love in her voice gave her students to rise,
Her every smile and word was enlisted with grace,
And her Angles of Bath daily gave her great praise,
She was young, and so graceful to the eye's beauty bright,
The staff that she worked with loved her, first sight,
When the dark clouds of a demon rained down on her soul,
She cast not a tear; nor gave curse to her toll,
An Angel of Heaven she awoke with humbled grace,
Gathered her Angels of Bath and gave them fair praise,
Quickly she gathered and guided each lost little child,
And finding her way through the darkness of night,
She lead her small Angels of Bath toward the bright light,
With courage unmatched on earth or beyond,
The Martyred Teacher of Bath began to respond,
She knew where to find safety, she knew all too well,
For years she had practiced separation of heaven from hell,
Through the beautiful bright light the small Angels of Bath flew,
With a flight unmatched by any earthly gauged speed,
To their wondering eyes soon appeared a praised glory indeed,
For waiting their arrival were lost friends and relatives too,
Who witnessed the tragedy their Angels had suffered through,
Jesus, St. Peter, and Moses himself, all welcomed their arrival,
And held out their arms,
And each Angel of Bath felt genuine love; no sensation of alarm,
Last to accept greetings; As each loving Angel of Bath was whisked away,
Was Martyred Teacher of Bath, Miss Iva Weatherby (Gift from God), so valiantly Blessed this day.

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