Remmet Jansen “Rem” Van der Beek

  • Birth 1619 Jever, Friesländer Landkreis, Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen), Germany
  • Death 1681 Flatbush, Kings County (Brooklyn), New York, USA
  • Burial Flatbush, Kings County (Brooklyn), New York, USA
  • Memorial ID 77244758

The descendents of this family later took the name of Remsen or son of Rem and dropped the name of Van der Beek and its various spellings.

At one time it was thought that he did not arrive till 1642 but now it appears he was in New Amsterdam by 1638. This is taken form an e-mail from Jerry Vandiver 8 April 2004
NYHM Vol. 1-4, translated by Van Laer,
which concerned the various Hendrick Jansen's in the

On page 11 of Vol. 1 (I believe) is the statement of
Remmer Jansen van Jeveren (Vanderbeek) as follows:

"Before me, Cornelis van Tienhoven, secretatry of New
Netherland, appeared Remmer Jansen (Vanderbeek) from Jewerden, and
by true Christian words, instead and with promise of
an oath if necessary, declared that on the 28th of
April ao. 1638 Hendrick Jansen, tailor, abused Anthony
Jansen from Zalee (at whose request he, the deponent,
gives evidence) as a Turk, a rascal and horned beast.
All of which he, the deponent, declares to be true.
This done at Fort Amsterdam, this 29th of April Ao.

From: "Dorothy Koenig"
Sent: Friday, April 09, 2004 12:13 PM

The 1642 date is taken from his marriage intention. What's "new" is the fact that he was in New Netherland at least 4 years before he got married. Dorothy

This is an interesting case of How we know what we know and
also When did we know it.

The item that Jerry mentioned -- from the relatively recently (within the last 30 years) published Register of the Provincial Secretary -- is also in the much older 1865 Calendar of Dutch Mss. by O'Callaghan as a short abstract. However, the 29 April 1638 item has been
mis-read by O'Callaghan as:
"Reinier Jansen from Ievoerd ..." instead of Remmer Jansen from Jewerden.

I doubt if very many would make the leap of faith that this Reinier was really Remmer.

David Riker in his Directory of New Netherland has that Rem Janszen (VanderBeek) arrived in 1638. He does not show the Reg. of the Prov. Sec. as a source. So, where did he get 1638? One of the sources heshows is Settlers of Rensselaerswyck p. 41. This indeed says that Rem
was at New Amsterdam "as early as 1638".

Now where did that come from? First, Settlers ... was published by A.J.F. van Laer in 1908. This is the same A.J.F. van Laer who had
done a typescript of the Reg. of the Prov. Sec. sometime before 1911.This was not widely available.

So, I bet that van Laer used the info from _his_ reading of the Register in his Settlers of Rensselaerswyck.

So, 1638 has been known; but now the proof of it is somewhat more available.

Howard Swain

New York Historical Manuscript Dutch, Vol. I Register
of the Provincial Secretary, 1638-1642

Document 6, page 11
"Declaration of Remmer Jansen that Hendrick Jansen
called Anthony Jansen a Turk, etc.

Before me, Cornelius van Tienhoven, secretary of New
Netherlands, appeared Remmer Jansen from Jewerden,(1)
and by true Christian words, instead and with promise
of an oath if necessary, declared that on the 28th of
April Ao, 1638 Hendrick Jansen, tailor, abused Anthony
Jansen from Zalee (at whose request he, the deponent,
gives evidence) as a Turk,(2) a rascal and horned
beast. All of which he, the deponent, declares to be
true. Thus done at Fort Amsterdam, this 29th of April
Ao, 1638.

1 - Jever, in Oldenburg, Germany.
2 - See note to preceding document. The evidence was
given in a suit for slander which apparently was
closely connected with the killing of Anthony Jansen's
dog by Jan Cornelissen from Rotterdam, for whom
Hendrick Jansen became surety. See N.Y. Col. MSS.,

[My note - Hendrick Jansen, tailor, is Hendrick Jansen
Suyder in the NA RDC Records.]

New York Historical Manuscript Dutch, Vol. II Register
of the Provincial Secretary, 1642-1647

Document 48b, page 110
"Lesse from Rem Jansen to Jan Lock and Jan Picces of a
plantation on Long Island.

This day, the 8th of April 1643, [in the presence] of
Isaack Allerton, Remm[ert Jansen acknowledges] that he
has lessed to Jan Lock and [Jan Picces], who also
acknowledge that they have rented, his plantation
situated on Long Island, for three consecutive years,
for which they are to pay to the leesor at the end of
the three years one hundred and eighty guilders. The
lessor shall deliver with the plantation three old and
three young goats with one sow, on [condition of
receiving] half the increase, but the risk of death
shall be borne by the lessor, who shall also deliver
four schepels of wheat. Should the lessees during the
term of the lease improve the land considerably,
either by building, fencing, clapboarding or otherwise, the lessor shall pay therefore according to appraisal by impartial men at the expiration of the lease. In testimony whereof this is signed by parties. Done on the date above written.
Rem Yansen
This is the X mark of Jan Lockh
This is the X mark of Jan Picces
Isaac Allerton, witness
Acknowledged before me, Cornlis van Tienh., Secretary"

Document 63a, pages 142-143
"Lease from Abraham Rycken to William Hutchinson of
his Long Island farm near Remmert Jansen.

Before me, Cornelis van Tienhoven, secretary of New
Netherland, appeared Abraham Ryken, of the first part,
and Willem Hutskensson,(1) of the second part, who
declared that they had agreed in manner and terms
hereinafter written, to wit:
Abraham Ryken rents his lands to the above mentioned
Willem Hutskensson, who acknowledges that he has hired
the same, situated on Long Island near Remmert
Jansen's land, which lease shall commence next
Amsterdam fair, (2) . Done the 2d of July Ao, 1643, in
Fort Amsterdam, New Netherland .

1 - William Hutchinson
2 - September 22, 1643."

Document 70a, page 155
"Contract of Jan Karstensen to serve Remmert Jansen as
a blacksmith.

[I, Jan Karstensen], acknowledge that I have
voluntarily and deliberately hired and bound myself as
a blacksmith to Remmert Jansen for the term of eight
months, beginning on this date and ending the
sixteenth of April 1644; for which he shall receive
twelve guilders per month, promising to conduct
himself faithfully and diligently in his work as a
blacksmith. Done the 16th of August 1643.
This is the X mark of Jan Karstensen
Rem Yansen
Acknowledged before me, Cornelis van Tienh.,

Document 96b, page 196
"Declaration of Remmert Jansen and Rouloff Jansen Haes
as to a debt claimed by Benedict Hendricks from
Hillegont Joris.

Declaration of Remmert Ja[n]sen, aged 25 years, and
Rouloff Jansen, aged 21 years, who at the request of
the fiscal declare that on the day before Benedic[t]
Hendricx went out with his troop they heard said
Benedict Hendricx say that Hillegont Joris owed him
over eighty guilders. All of which they declare to be
true. Done the 28th of January 1644, in Fort
Amsterdam, New Netherland. Which the deponents have
confirmed by oath before the fiscal.
Rem Yansen
Rolof Jansen Haes
Acknowledged before me, Cornelis van Tienhoven,

Document 149a, page 333
"Declaration of Remmert Jansen respecting the wounding
of a man by Jan the Cooper.

Remmert Jansen, smith, aged about 30 years, testifies
at the request of the fiscal that about between twelve
and one o'clock of the night between the 17th and the
18th of September he heard moaning outside his door,
Oh! My, Oh! My, without knowing who it was, and
remained in his bed. Declares that he knows no more.
All of which he is prepared to confirm by oath. Done
in Fort Amsterdam in New Netherland, the 19th of
September 1646.
Rem Yansen"

New York Historical Manuscript Dutch, Vol. III
Register of the Provincial Secretary, 1648-1660

Document 93, page 298-300
"Lease from Remmert Jansen to Barent Jansen Bal of a
farm on Long Island.

On this day, the 31st of August 1651, before me, Jacob
Kip, clerk appointed here, appeared Remmert Jansen of
the first part and Barent Jansen Bal and Hendrick
Dircksen jointly of the second part, who in the
presence of the hereinafter mentioned witneses
declared with each other about the lease of a certain
farm on the conditions hereinafter stated, to wit:
Rem Jansen leases to Barent Janzs Bal and Hendrick
Dircksen in company, who also acknowledge that they
have hired, a certain farm standing and situated on
the south side of the farm of Hans Hansen, named in
the Indian tongue Rinnegackonck, for the period of
four years, commencing the first of September of this
year and ending the first of September 1655; on which
farm the lesor has had already built, or shall still
build, a house and hayrick and with which he shall
deliver two horses, being a mare and a gelding, each
five years old; two milch cows and a heifer of two
years, and two sows, which the lessor will send down
from Fort Orange. For the rent of each milch cow the
lessees shall pay yearly sixteen pounds of butter and
for each horse yearly fifteen schepels of hard grain,
whether rye, wheat or barley. The lessees acknowledge
that they have received the said animals on condition
that each party shall receive half the increase and
that the risk shall be in common, and in case it
should happen that any of the aforesaid animals came
to die, the original number shall be made complete
again from the increase at the end of the term of the
lease, when the same shall be divided and distributed.
Furthermore, the lessor now delivers with the farm a
plow with its appurtenances and he has delivered the
land now to the lessees tightly fenced with poses and
rails, which land the lessees promise at the
expiration of the lease to deliver again tightly
fenced as they now receive it, and they shall divide
the land into two parts adjoining each other and if it
should suit their convenience the lessees shall be at
liberty to put two or three tobacco planters on the
land according to their pleasure. For all of which
the lessees jointly and each of them separately
promise and bind themselves to pay yearly as rent, in
addition to what is above mentioned, the sum of one
hundred and fifty Carolus guilders, to be paid in the
produce of the land at the market price here, or in
such payment as they can obtain there for. Receiving
the land now unseeded, the lessees shall deliver the
same again, together with the said house and
everything else, at the expiration of the term of the
lease in the same condition as now received. The
parties promise to hold this their agreement firm,
binding and irrevocable and to observe and carry out
the same, all under binding obligation according to
law. In testimony whereof these presents are signed
by the parties and the witnesses on the date above
written, at Manhatans in New Netherland.
Rem Yanszen van Yever(1)
This is the X mark of Barent Jansen Bal, made by
This is the X mark of Hendrick Dircksen, made by
Witnesses Oloff Stevensen
Gerrit Jansen
Acknowledged before me, Jacob Kip, Clerk

1 - Jever, in Oldenburg, Germany"

Document 130c, page 392-393
"Lease from Harmen Douwesen and Pietertje Jans to
David Ferera of a house on Pearl street, New

. a certain house belonging to the lessors, standing
and situated on Paerel street, adjoining Rem Jansen
and Jacob Eversen, for the term of one year ."

New York Historical Manuscript Dutch, Vol. IV Council
Minutes, 1638-1649

Document 14, page 18-20
"On the 15th of August 1[6]38 .

[p. 20] . Declaration of Remmer Jansen that he heard
Adam Roelants say that he had enough of the country
and the council. Whereupon Jan Cant said, "Do you
mean the director also?" Thereupon Adam kept still."

Document 38, page 44
"On Thursday, being the 7th of April anno 1639

Remmer Jansen from Jeverden, aged 20 years, says that
an Indian woman came to the guardhouse and that Hans
Steen desired her to lie down on the bunk beside him,
which took place; also that Hans Steen ordered the
soldiers to put out the fire, which soldiers put out
the fire, and that the aforesaid Indian woman left the
guardhouse in the morning."

Document 245, page 296-7
"On the 4th of January .

[p. 297] . Jochim Kirstede, plaintiff, vs. Rem Jansen,
defendant, for payment of fl. 20 which defendant is
alleged to have promised to pay for Jan Haes.
Defendant answers that he promised to pay when the
work would be completed by Jan Haes. Ordered that
defendant shall pay when the work is done."

[My note - the page did not indicate the year. I did
not notice, so did not get it - my apologies.]

Jerry Vandiver
Sunday May 16, 2004 from a e-mail to the Dutch-Colonies Mail list
Rem (Remmer) Jansz
From Jewerden (Jeveren, or Jever, in Oldenburg), smith; was at New Amsterdam as early as 1638, and in 1643 owned land on Long Island. Early in May 1650, he obtained from the authorities of Rensselaerswyck a lease of a garden adjoining the churchyard, and is referred to as being an Inwoonder int Fort Orangien (inhabitant of Fort Orange).
from this web page:

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