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 Angel Pepin

Photo added by Mary & Kent

Angel Pepin

  • Birth 11 Jul 1973 Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee, USA
  • Death 6 May 1977 Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee, USA
  • Burial Cremated, Other
  • Memorial ID 74130017

When I was a little girl my favorite tv show was Lassie. When I was about 11 or 12 I began obsessing about getting a Collie. I wanted her to look just like Lassie. I drew pictures of collies, watched Lassie Come Home and read the book over and over. I started collecting books and figurines about collies.

Then, in 1973, my mom and I went to a dog show in town and they had Collie puppies for sale. I had never seen a tri-color before and though I had wanted one like Lassie, I knew that this tri-color was for me.

Unfortunately, that pesky aunt that we shared a home with wouldn't let me keep her inside so we got her a cozy doghouse and toys to keep her company when I wasn't playing with her. I still wanted her in the house though.

I always felt sorry for her when it rained. I'd look outside and she'd be laying in her house with just her head peaking out.

One of her favorite toys was an old bouncing ball thing that had a handle on it. I think they called them Bouncy Bounces back then but to Angel it was a fun ball with a handle on it. She'd drag it around and I'd kick it. Off she'd go and snatch it up by the handle. :)

When she was two she ended up with Heartworms. We had never heard of them but we soon found out how serious they could be. She went through a procedure to kill the heartworms. I remember when she came back home she had a strange smell, as if she had been pumped full of poison and perhaps she had been. The vet never told us about heartworm pills so after she came home life was as it always had been.

About a year later she ended up with heartworms again. This time it was beyond anything the vet could do to help her and we had to have her put down.

She was a loving dog who I wish had been with us longer.

Updated Sept 17, 2011. I came across her birth and death dates today as well as her AKC registration. Her father was named Confederate Skywriter and her mom was Karenwood's Rebel Reflection.

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