Emma Elizabeth <I>Linman</I> Forsythe

Emma Elizabeth Linman Forsythe

Utica, Oneida County, New York, USA
Death 27 Oct 1927 (aged 75)
Brainerd, Crow Wing County, Minnesota, USA
Burial Brainerd, Crow Wing County, Minnesota, USA
Plot Block 8, Lot 15, Center
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Arrived in Brainerd in 1876.

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      A large surprise party gave Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Forsythe of the Northern Pacific House, East Brainerd a call on Tuesday evening and enjoyed a very pleasant evening. (Brainerd Tribune, 09 October 1880, p. 4, c. 1)

      The following officers were elected by the newly organized order of the Eastern Star Monday evening: Matron, [Mrs.] Geo. Forsyth; Patron, [Mrs.] C. L. Spaulding; Assistant Matron, Mrs. C. B. Sleeper; Treasurer, Mrs. T. C. Bivins; Secretary, Mrs. Justin Smith; Conductoress, Mrs. Ed Hazen; Assistant Conductoress, Mrs. James Goodman; Assistant Patrons, Mesdames D. McDonald, W. H. Bondy, A. J. Halstead, J. S. Garner; Mrs. D. W. Travis, warden; C. E. McMullen, Sentinel. (Brainerd Dispatch, 11 May 1888, p. 4, c. 4)

      A restaurant will be opened in the building formerly occupied by Johnson & Bain at the corner of Front and Seventh Streets, Mrs. Geo. Forsyth being in St. Paul this week buying the furniture and outfit. (Brainerd Dispatch, 26 February 1892, p. 4, c. 4)


      The Silver Wedding of Mr. and Mrs.
       Geo. Forsyth is Largely Attended.

      The silver wedding of Mr. and Mrs. George Forsyth, which occurred at their home in East Brainerd on Friday last was one of the most largely attended occasions in the city this season and highly enjoyed by all. Their spacious house was handsomely decorated with choice potted plants and cut flowers and lighted with wax tapers throughout, the effect being grand. The guests were waited upon by girls handsomely attired and everything went merry as a marriage bell. The tables groaned with their load of good things which had been prepared for the guests. There were over 250 people present and many regrets were received from parties in different cities. The following is a list of the presents tendered them with the names of the givers:
One dozen solid silver teaspoons, handsomely engraved in case from a part of the Eastern Star:
      Mesdames Jennie Bivins, B. A. Ferris, E. C. Tennis, Geo. H. Davis, J. M. McDonald, R. Caughie, R. M. DeLambert, A. Pegg, J. S. Gardner, A. Bardsley, W. H. Bondy, C. Smith; Miss Emma Pegg, Amy Lowey, Lillie Wilson.
      Silver card receiver with engraving of Masonic Temple of Chicago, Mr. B. M. McCartney and wife.
      Silver soup ladle, Mr. A. E. Losey and wife.
      Pair of silver gold lined salt cellars and spoons:
      Mesdames Geo. H. Ames,, D. D. Smith, E. E. Smith, H. J. Spencer, A. F. Ferris.
      Set of silver knives and forks Mr. W. H. Meekins and wife.
      Silver engraved souvenir, Miss Emma Forsyth, Buffalo, N. Y.
      Silver gold lined card tray, Mr. T. J. Sharkey and wife.
      Pictures, Miss Ella McFadden and Minnie Swartz.
      Very handsome silver and gold bon bon dish and spoon, Mrs. Mary Canan and Marie.
      Silver and gold jewel case, Miss Lillie Paine.
      Bottle of Roman frangipani perfume, Mr. C. D. Johnson and wife.
      Silver and cut glass berry dish: Mesdames L. P. White, J. C. Small, Chas. Metcalf, C. H. Grewcox, A. P. Farrar.
      Silver violet case handsomely engraved, Mrs. Grandelmyer and Miss Lotta.
      Elegant silver card case with gilt edged playing cards, Miss M. Kennedy.
      Decorated silver jardiniere, Mrs. Angus Murray and Miss Minnie Bixby.
      Elegant silver gold lined lobster dish, J. J. Howe and wife.
      Beautiful gold and silver olive spoon and fork in case, R. R. Wise and wife.
      Souvenir orange spoon, L. P. White Jr. and wife.
      Handsome bon bon basket silver and gold lined: Mrs. Merritt, Misses McColl, Clark, Grace Clark, Minnie Merritt.
      Elegant berry spoon, A. J. Forsyth and wife.
      Magnificent piano and banquet lamp with silver tray elegantly engraved: M. McFadden and wife, N. McFadden and wife, C. E. Thompson and wife, B. F. Walters, J. E. Goodman and wife, N. H. Ingersoll and wife, F. W. Wieland and wife, J. N. Nevers and wife, I. T. Dean and wife, B. S. Mallory and wife, Geo. W. Holland, H. Spalding and wife, S. W. Searles and wife, A. McCulloch and wife, William Dunham and wife, J. R. Westfall, G. A. Keene and wife, L. J. Cale and wife, F. B. Johnson and wife, C. E. Cole and wife, C. Hagberg and wife, Wm. Bredfield and wife, J. Wright and wife, Drs. A. F. Groves, J. L. Camp, G. S. McPherson, J. T. Frater and wife, H. Theviot and wife, O. C. Foster and wife, C. M. Patek and wife, H. I. Cohen and wife, L. E. Lum, W. E. Seelye and wife, M. K. Swartz and wife.
      Oxydized silver tooth pick holder, Mrs. Angus Murray and Minnie Bixby.
      Handsome cushion, J. K. Bell and wife.
      Massive silver gold lined nut bowl, D. E. Slipp and wife, F. J. Slipp, J. W. Slipp and Miss Belle Dolan.
      Sliver pepper and salt bottles, R. K. Whitely and wife.
      Souvenir spoon, Mrs. S. F. Jones, Brooklyn, N. Y.
      Silver fruit dish: Messrs. W. A. M. Johnstone, F. A. Farrar, Werner Hemstead, J. M. Elder, Geo. N. Day, G. D. LaBar, J. R. Smith, C. D. Johnson, J. A. McColl.
      Silver and gold sugar spoon, William Dresskell and wife.
      Elaborate card tray, J. H. Gibson and wife and Miss Hattie.
      Souvenir oxydized silver pen holder with gold pen, Mrs. F. G. Sundberg.
      Pretty head rest, Mrs. E. M. Westfall.
      Silver butter knife prettily engraved and sugar spoon, W. S. McClenahan.
      Oxydized silver and gold sugar shell, Mrs. Sarah Sleeper.
      Silver decorated jardinere, H. J. Flint and wife and Miss Virgie.
      Silver ink well and tray, Mrs. Spalding and Miss Maria.
      Cream spoon gold lined, J. H. Temald, St. Paul.
      Silver pen and pencil tray, Miss Lizzie and Mary Minogue.
      Silver souvenir spoon gold finished, E. K. Cheadle and wife.
      Silver table tray and vase, William Paine and wife.
      Oxydized silver card case, H. L. Skinner.
      Berry spoon silver, gold lined in case, C. N. Parker and wife, J. H. Parker and wife.
      Oxydized silver jewel case, J. F. Bartlett and wife.
      Ink well silver tray with names engraved: Frank Bartlett, J. J. Stearns, S. A. Brain, H. C. Williams, Edward Durgan.
      Silver and gold lined bon bon holder, P. Rasch and wife, J. Rasch, A. Rheinthal [sic] and wife.
      Souvenir calling card case, gold lined silver pencil and memoranda, D. D. Walson, St. Paul.
      Decorated silver, gold lined soup dish, L. McPherson and wife.
      Decorated toilet bottle, Mrs. H. Theviot.
      Souvenir napkin [ring and] spoon, Carl Douglas and wife.
      Decorated silver pen wiper, A. L. Hoffman and wife and R. J. Hartley.
      Massive oxydized silver pansy blossom card receiver, D. M. Clark and wife.
      Silver gold lined sugar shell and butter knife in case, P. Mauer and wife.
      Silver gold lined soup ladle in case, Frank Bell and wife.
      Pretty souvenir spoon, Mrs. N. D. Root, St. Paul.
      Silver handled velvet brush, Miss Jennie Paine.
      Silver card holder with gold decorated cards, Miss Nellie Nelson.
      Silver individual pepper, salt and napkin ring, D. Snell and wife.
      Handsome fish fork in case, J. K. Pierce and wife and Miss Katie.
      Set of silver knives and forks, D. McDonald and wife, Verndale.
      Elegant silver and gold lined cake basket: Misses J. Welch, E. Murphy, A. Murphy, A. Meekins, K. Meekins, M. Atherton, Mrs. M. Cullen.
      Silver gold lined bon bon dish and spoon, J. L. Smith, Minneapolis.
      Oxydized silver card holder, Mr. S. R. Adair.
      Massive rustic chair, Wm. Shontell and wife.
      Very elegant oxydized silver banquet lamp, Mesdames A. J. Forsyth, Badeaux, Shaffer, Sutton, Titus, Nelson, Crawford, Breheny, Stanley, A. J. Arnold, Callahan, Phillips.
      Solid silver punch bowl, inscribed: "Presented to Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Forsyth by their friends of the N. P. R. R. shops, Brainerd, Minn., Nov. 18th, 1892." A. Bardsley, W. Percy, B. M. DeLambert, J. C. Small, James McMurtry, John Willis, John Lowey, H. Edwards, Thos. Halladay, W. Williamson, Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Mckay, W. H. Bondy, F. E. Low, Geo. Austin, H. Holdcamp, J. Scharfen, D. H. Childs, A. Cook, James Willis, W. E. Entriken, J. Strickler, John Douglas, Herman Titze, B. Rosenburg, J. G. O. Lind, J. M. Knevitt, John Hanna, David Cohen. (Brainerd Dispatch, 25 November 1892, p. 4, c's. 4 & 5)

      In speaking of the Board of Lady Managers of the world's fair the Globe has the following to say of Mrs. George Forsyth [sic], of this city:
      Although living in California during the past winter, when most active world's fair matters were exciting people generally, Mrs. George Forsyth [sic] did not forget her interest in state matters, and her cordial happy manner to visitors while presiding at the state building in July will long linger agreeably in the minds of those who met her. From her district came the collections for the stained glass window, the special beauty spot of the reception rooms, and for which much ambition was needed in order to obtain the necessary funds to carry out the charming idea of hardy Minnehaha in the gorgeous colors of stained glass under Tiffany's finishing touches. It is hoped Mrs. Forsyth [sic] will be seen at the state building Oct. 13 to assist with the day's festivities. Her home is in the pretty city of Brainerd, where she is largely interested in real estate matters, and is a woman of wealth. (Brainerd Dispatch, 20 October 1893, p. 4, c. 4)

      Mrs. Geo. Forstyth and Mrs. M. K. Swartz entertained their lady friends at progressive euchre yesterday afternoon at Mrs. Forsyth's in East Brainerd. The rooms were handsomely trimmed with cut flowers and potted plants. In the evening a large company of young people were entertained. It was a very pleasant social event. (Brainerd Dispatch, 12 November 1897, p. 8, c. 1)

      The social event of the season occurred last evening at which time Mrs. Geo. Forsyth tendered a reception at the Arlington hotel in honor of Mrs. C. F. Kindred and her son and daughter, Arthur and Miss Lalla Kindred, of Philadelphia, Pa., who are visiting Mrs. C. J. Merritt and family. The spacious parlors and dining room of the hotel were crowded with guests, over 300 being present. Dresskell's city band was stationed on the veranda and discoursed sweet music during the entire evening. Refreshments were served and dancing was indulged in, the guests departing at midnight. (Brainerd Dispatch, 28 July 1899, p. 8, c. 2)

                   GUTTED BY FIRE

BRAINERD, Dec. 18.—Fire last night completely gutted the First Avenue hotel at East Brainerd, entailing a loss on the building and furniture of $6,000. Mrs. George Forsythe owned the building which was valued at $4,000 and carried no insurance. George Rappel, who conducted the hotel, had $1,000 insurance. The fire is thought to have started from and air-tight stove in one of the halls upstairs. (Minneapolis Tribune, 18 December 1903, p. 1)

          DEATH CLAIMS N. E.
                      BRAINERD FOUNDER

        Mrs. Emma E. Forsythe 76 Years
               Old Passed Away Today
                       at Residence


     Took Great Interest in Advancement
              of Northeast: Came Here
                           in 1876

      Mrs. Emma E. Forsythe, Brainerd's grand lady, noted for her life of charity and goodness and high ideals, for her work for the betterment of Brainerd, and her interest in the advancement of Northeast Brainerd, passed away this morning at her residence 321 Third avenue N. E. at the age of 76 years after a prolonged illness.
      Possibly no other individual has accomplished as much as did Mrs. Forsythe in putting Northeast Brainerd on the map. Her heart remained there and she always worked for its advancement and improvement.
      In 1878 she platted Farrar and Forsythe addition to the city of Brainerd which constituted the major part of Northeast Brainerd.
      As an example of her interest in Northeast Brainerd she planted maple tree seedlings on Ash avenue 40 years ago brought to Brainerd by the late Judge Holland.
      Before automobiles came into existence she maintained a high class private livery of thoroughbred horses for her use and that of her family.
      She was idolized by the many she has befriended and her entire life has been devoted to the thought and comfort of others. Her charitable deeds are known throughout the entire Northwest.
      One of the first members of the Episcopal church of Brainerd she has been active in church affairs since the days when the original Mission church was in existence in the city.
      Her life as a club woman has been outstanding. Besides being a member of the Women's Relief Corps and other fraternal organizations she was one of the organizers of the Chapter of the Eastern Star in Brainerd and was Worthy Matron.
      Mrs. Forsythe was a representative of the Sixth Congressional District at the Word's Fair in 1893 at Chicago and was named on the board of lady managers.
      Her husband, George Forsythe was the first foreman in the machine shops of the Northern Pacific railway in Brainerd. He passed away here on February 19, 1912.
      Joseph Midgley, Brainerd, was taken by her into the Forsythe household at the age of six years and reared.
      Mrs. Forsythe was born December 16, 1851 in Utica, New York and was married to George Forsythe on November 18, 1867 at Rome, New York. They came to Brainerd in September 1876, and resided here until their deaths.
      Surviving is one son, George L. Forsythe and a brother-in-law, A. J. Forsythe, both of Brainerd.
      The funeral will be conducted from the residence, Saturday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock under the auspices of the Eastern Star, Rev. R. J. Long officiating. Interment will be at Evergreen cemetery. (Brainerd Dispatch, 27 October 1927, p. 7, c. 1) [Contributed by John Van Essen]

Date of Death: 27 OCT 1927
County of Death: CROW WING
CERTID# 1927-MN-003069

April 1973. A landmark is disappearing from Brainerd with the dismantling of one of the old residences, the Forsythe house at the corner of 3rd Ave. NE and D Street. It was the scene of many social occasions, and the home of "Mrs. Northeast," Emma Forsythe. (This Was Brainerd, Brainerd Dispatch, 27 April 2013)

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