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 Herman Henrich “Henry” Osterhaus

Herman Henrich “Henry” Osterhaus

Death 9 Sep 1886 (aged 75)
Delaware County, Iowa, USA
Burial Petersburg, Delaware County, Iowa, USA
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Herman Henrich "Henry" Osterhaus was the son of Johann Heinrich Osterhaus (1774 – 1822) and Maria Catharina Grote

Henry married Anna K. Buscherhoff (1821-1901). The wedding probably took place in Oldenburg, Niedersachsen, Germany.

Around the age of 57, Henry and many members of his immediate family left Germany to travel to the US. Family lore states that the family traveled across the ocean in the winter. There is some question as to when the family arrived. Both 1867 and 1868 have been given as arrival dates. The winter crossing may have meant they arrived at the end of the year.

Another interesting piece of family lore that relates to the Osterhaus family coming to the US is the story of new shoes. According to the story, prior to leaving Germany, Anna K. Buscherhoff Osterhaus purchased new shoes for her children. She carried the shoes on the steamship but would not allow the children to wear them until they reached American soil. The children made the voyage barefoot. This story was passed down from Anna's daughter, Helena Josephine Osterhaus Shrad (1859-1943), to her daughter, Frances Marie Schrad (1894-1974). Beverly Zegers Glaser, Anna K.'s 2nd great granddaughter remembers hearing the story as a child. She has passed the story on down to another generation.

With regard to the family's life in the US, Henry can be found on the US 1870 Census dated July 12. His is listed as a farmer living in Colony, Delaware County, Iowa. The local post office is in Earlville. Othere members on this census include wife (listed as Caroline and children Frank and Caroline ages 22 and 6 respectively.

Page 8 of the 1880 Agriculture census, dated June 8th and 9th, lists Henry as the owner of a farm in Breaman, Delaware Co., Iowa. The Agricultural census states that he had 124 acres of improved land tilled including fallow and grass in rotation (whether pasture of meadow). In addition he had 56 acres of land as permanent meadows, pastures, orchards, or vineyards. The census states that Henry had no woodland property, nor did he have any unimproved old fields. The farm was valued at $5,000 including the land, buildings, and fencing. Additionally he had $200 of farming implements and machinery and $1,000 of livestock. The census reports that he spent $100 in building and repairing in 1879. He did not spend any money that year on fertilizer. He spent $10 on wages for hired hands (including the costs of boarding the individuals if that was necessary). This was spent on 2 weeks of hired laborers. He had estimated that he had $1000 values worth of farm production including all of the sold, consumed, or product on hand for 1879. He had 3 acres of mown farmland, no acres not mown, 9 acres of hay, no clover seed and no grass seed. He had 6 horses of all ages but no mules.

The second potion of the Agriculture census states that Henry did not have any oxen but he had 8 milk cows and 4 other animals on hand. He also reported in the meat cattle index as having 8 calves dropped, 6 [unreadable], and 1 cow that died or strayed and was unrecovered. He did not send any of the milk from his dairy cows off to be made into cheese but he did use the milk to make 250 lbs of butter made on the farm. He did not have any sheep on hand as of June 1, 1880. In 1879 he had 4 lambs dropped, he purchased 2 sheep/lambs. Of the sheep/lambs he did no sell any living animals but he did have 1 slaughtered and 1 killed by dogs. The lambs did produce 2 fleece and 12 lbs of wool. On June 1 1880 he had 130 pigs on hand. On that date he had 50 barnyard chickens on hand (exclusive of spring hatchings).The type is somewhat illegible here but it also appears that his chickens had produced 109 doz eggs.

The third section of the 1880 Agriculture census stated that Henry did not grow barley or buckwheat. He did grow 45 acres of Indian corn which produced 2650 bushels. He grew 10 acres of oats which produced 612 bushel or crop. He did not grow Rye, growing instead 35 acres of wheat which produced 400 bushels. He did not grow peas, beans, flax, hemp, or broom corn. The census also stated that Henry grew 1 acre of potatoes which produced 100 crops. He also grew 15 apple or fruit bearing trees.

Interestingly, several other individuals in my husbands family tree are also on this same page of the census. These people include Godfried Henkenius and Frank Jochum.

Henry died in 1886. He was buried in St. Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery in Dyersville, Delaware, Iowa.