Thomas Wiggins Sr.

Battersea, London Borough of Wandsworth, Greater London, England
Death unknown
New York, USA
Burial Unknown, Specifically: unknown where buried
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There is a large controversy over the origins of the WIGGINS family. This line of WIGGINS is from Jamaica, Long Island, New York, USA.

Thomas Wiggins, Sr. arrived in the U.S. in about 1635. At this pvoint in time (May 2018), it is unknown where he was born, and who were his parents. Speculation is that Thomas Wiggins was born in Battersea, England, but I have not found any record to verify this as yet. The death date is unknown but according to land records, he died between 1688 and 1698. No grave marker / record has been found. Speculation that he may be buried in the Old Hempstead Cemetery, although not in the Cemetery records. Burial Records of the immediate family members were buried in Prospect Cemetery. Again, there has been no verification record of Thomas, Sr., being buried in Prospect Cemetery. This Cemetery was very neglected over the years, though some restoration of the cemetery is continuing.

According to "New England Marriages Prior to 1700, Page 813", Thomas Wiggins died in 1683. However, I discovered in the Jamaica Town Records an entry describing a transfer of land between Thomas Wiggins, Sr., and his son-in-law, William Creed (who married Thomas' daughter, Sarah). This record shows on pages 287 & 289 of the Jamaica Town Records, and was signed and witnessed on March 1, 1687/88. This was signed by William Creed, and Josiah Wiggins (his mark), by order of his father.
Note: Josiah Wiggins was the son of Thomas Wiggins, Sr.
This record makes it appear that Thomas Wiggins did not die until after 1688.

It is thought that Thomas Wiggins, Sr., may be buried in the Old Hempstead Cemetery, however, there is no verification of this fact available as of February, 2011.

Thomas Wiggins, Sr & Johanna ??? had 6 known children, namely; Thomas, Jr., Josias, Benjamin, Sarah, Gresham, Elizabeth (in order of birth)

Sources for the Wiggins family of Jamaica, Long Island New York, USA are as follows;

1. "New England Marriages prior to 1700, Page 813" indicates that Thomas WIGGINS (B: unknown; d: 1683) Long Island, New York. This is the only record I found that shows the spelling of the surname as WIGGIN. However, please note, Thomas' son Josias has the spelling of WIGGINS.

2. "Two Centuries in the History of the Presbyterian Church, Jamaica, L.I. : the oldest existing church of the Presbyterian name, Page 28". This source indicates the town granted Thomas WIGGINS, among others, a house lot lying upon the north quarter.

3. Tax Lists 1683 & 1708/1709...Extracted from "Two Centuries in the History of the Presbyterian church, Jamaica,Long Island: The oldest Existing Church of the Presbyterian Name, in America. by James M. MacDonald,
D.D., 1862. This Tax List shows the taxpayer name, the amount of land, and the value of the estate. Thomas Wiggins, Sr., does not show on the Tax List of 1683, but two of his sons do, namely; Thomas Wigins, Jr., and Gersham (spelled Gershiim on the Tax List). The 1708/1709 Tax List shows all four sons of Thomas Wiggins, Sr as follows, namely, Thomas, Jr., Benjamin, Gersham, and Josias/Josiah.

4. Jamaica Town Records (various)....Thomas Wiggins, Sr., owned various acreages, as well as smaller house lots. Some acreage was given to sons, Thomas, Jr, (Thomas' oldest son), Benjamin, Gersham, Josiah/Josias and daughters, Elizabeth and Sarah.



PLEASE DO NOT MIX THOMAS WIGGINS OF NEW YORK WITH THE FOLLOWING WIGGINS / WIGGIN FAMILIES...........These lines do not appear to be connected in any way with the New York Wiggins Family.

1. THOMAS WIGGINS (b: abt 1615, d: 1691) of Surry County, Virginia (who emigrated from England to Virginia in 1635 on board the 'George' on August 21, 1635).

2. Capt. THOMAS WIGGIN / WIGGINS (B: ca 1590, d: 1666) of New Hampshire. He was also known as "Governor", as he was an owner of a plantation. Thomas originally came over from England in 1630/31, 1633, and 1635. Thomas and first wife, name unknown, had two children, Thomas, Jr. and Mary. The children's names are verified from ships passenger lists. It is believed that his 1st wife died in England. His second wife was Catherine Whiting. They had one son, Andrew. Thomas WIGGIN was listed as a widower when he married Catherine Whiting. Thomas Wiggin, Jr., married Sarah Barefoote of Reading , Massachusetts, U.S.A.. Some records indicate they were married in Reading, Mass., USA on August 27,1649. This is also recorded in the source: "New England Marriages Prior to 1700, Page 813". Other records indicate that Thomas Jr., and Sarah (or Sarath) were married in New Hampshire.


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