Theresa Marie “Terry” <I>Knorr</I> Walker

Theresa Marie “Terry” Knorr Walker

San Francisco, San Francisco County, California, USA
Death 8 Dec 2011 (aged 41)
Saint Joseph, Buchanan County, Missouri, USA
Burial Unknown
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About Me (The true story of Terry Knorr)
By Theresa Walker (Terry Knorr) on Wednesday, April 13, 2011 at 3:49am

I would like to start by saying hello; this is, in a way, purging my demons. I'm hoping that by writing this down, I can, not only help myself, but can be help to others. I am the only surviving daughter of Theresa Jimmie Cross and Robert Wallace Knorr, and am the youngest of six children. My life has been much less than ideal, but I have always tried to have a good heart. The abuse that my sisters and I were subjected to by my mother and brothers no living soul should have to endure,(but the truth is)people in this world are subjected to abuse at the hands of the ones that are supposed to love them everyday. The trouble with these abusers is that they make you feel like you are the one that is in the wrong when it is they that have committed a wrong act. If we don't speak out we can stop the violence against our fellow brothers and sisters, young and old alike.

When I was young I don't really remember having an abnormal family home life. The cruelty that was exacted on myself and my sisters, was (as I thought) the normal way to discipline your unruly child. I also knew that we tried extra hard to be very obedient, but to no avail no matter how hard we tried we escaped nothing. I remember the third grade when my mother went to the parent teacher conferences at my school, when I came home that day i was beaten and thrown in the deep freezer, while my brother Howard and my mother sat on top of the freezer to make sure that I could not get out I screamed to be let out of the freezing cold, I was terrified, it was my time to die. I was eight years old. And there are many other times that I can and will go through in this just so you can see and hopefully understand what life was like for my sisters and me.

My sister Suesan was the second fatal victim of my mother.
Suesan Marline Knorr, the eldest of Robert and Theresa's children together, was born on September 27 1966, she was my sister. Suesan was extremely intelligent pulling in straight A's the entire time she was in school this left her board most of the time. Being as smart as she was school was not a challenge for her, so she searched for new ways to occupy her time. She became quite a thief; this was only good if it benefited my mother. My sister would skip school and take the bus across town to the mall and shoplift at the department stores in the mall. If she got caught she would get beaten, and if she didn't she had better of gotten something for my mother, otherwise she would get into trouble, which meant a beating. When i say beating i mean that my mother had a 1 by 4board that she had written "the board of education" scrawled across it. She then would enlist the help of my brothers to hold us down while she would beat us mercilessly. Some times the beatings would only last for about five minutes and other times beatings with the "the board" would last for as long as thirty minutes, however long they lasted for they were always very painful.

Now don't get me wrong our mother wasn't always bad she had a few good moments during my younger childhood but as we got older she got worse. I can remember one time when we were little my mother getting drunk (as she often did when we were little) and deciding that she wanted to pluck her eyebrows. When she work up the next morning and sobered up, she realized that all her eyebrows and eyelashes were gone. She then summoned all three of us girls to her bed room were my brother Howard and her were waiting for us, she started with my sister Suesan and then to me then Sheila, burning our backs with cigarettes until one of us would admit to plucking them out, after what seemed like forever she decided that we were not going to spill the beans, and it had to be Suesan because she hated my mom for being so pretty.

My mother was a stunning woman, or at least I thought so. I never understood why my mother was so frightened of her own daughters, but that fright ultimately leads to the gruesome deaths of my sisters (and almost me). I don't remember too many good things about my mother between all of the beatings, but I do remember this one time she took her diamond ring to pawn to get me new clothes and shoes from the Wards catalog for my new school (Orangevale Elementary). All the other kids were mad because I got to go to a new school and with clothes that no one had worn before.

That was the sixth grade I to this day have memories of my Grandpa Cross(my mothers father) and I sitting on the front porch of my mothers house and playing with sparklers on the forth of July. That was when my mother could take him out of the nursing home, but by the sixth grade I had not seen him for quite a few years. My school teacher Mr. Harry Blile was a funny looking and natured man and loved music, so of course it was part of our curriculum at school. He asked us kids to write an essay of a place we wanted to go on a field trip for choir, I wrote that I wanted to go to the nursing home to sing for my grandpa. It was said that it touched my teachers heart so much that I won the contest, we sang for the old folks at the home. It turns out to be one of the fondest memories of my childhood I have.

The older my sister got she began to get a little more rebellious towards my mother and her ways of discipline, it was Suesan in fact that was the only one of us children that realized that what my mother was doing wasn't normal discipline. She had started to tell people that she wanted out of the home and on several occasions had in fact ran away with them. I remember one time when Suesan was young and she had ran away from home she had come back with a car load of people to get some of her cloths and things and at that time my oldest brother was home and got into a fight with one of the guys that was driving and they got scared and left her there. It took a lot of time but my mother started letting my sister go back to school and from there she ran away to the children's receiving home, she told the authorities that my mother was abusing her children at which point they took my sister away from the home and began to do home visits and taking my mother to court for alleged abuse, there lied the problem with us kids not knowing that what she was doing to us was abuse.

When they would ask us questions we would say that our mother did not abuse us. We as kids that have been through this for so long had gotten used to it, and thought it was the way that everyone got into trouble. After all the court stuff and acting on my mother's part, my sister was put back into the home; I remember the bus ride home very well. My mother was very angry at my sister for telling on her and told her that if she thought that she was abused before she would show her what abuse really was. After that day things around our house got really bad.
Note: She was the third daughter of criminal Theresa Knorr who killed two of her daughters and is serving life in prison. She passed away on Dec 08 2011, RIP Terry Knorr. Sister of Sheila Gay Sanders.

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