Andries Laurens Van Buskirk

New York County (Manhattan), New York, USA
Death 8 Apr 1733 (aged 73–74)
New Jersey, USA
Burial New Dorp, Richmond County (Staten Island), New York, USA
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They were originally buried at Constable's Hook, Bayonne, NJ, but J.D. Rockefeller bought the property and moved some of the graves to the Moravian Cemetery in Staten Island, NY.

He was born in New Amsterdam, NY, which is now Manhattan, New York.

New Netherlands Vital Records, 1600's Fam. Tree Maker CD#11
p. 1493
Family surname: Van Boskirk, Buskirk. Patronymic name: Andrieszen
Immigrant: Laurens Andrieszen Van Boskirk
Ethnic origin: Danish no birthdate
Native town: Holstein. Approximate arrival: 1655
Settled New Amsterdam, Bergen, NJ
Married 12-12-1658 NYDC (New York Dutch Church) Jannetje Jans, wid. of Christian Barentszen (VanHoorn) a turner by trade
Children's patron: Laurensen
1. Andries, bp 3-3-1659 NYDC d ca 1683 Bergen Co., NJ m Jannetje d/o Joost VanderLinde
2. Pieter, bp. 1-1-1666 Bergen, d 7-29-1738 m 1690 Irintje (first letter hard to read) d/o Hans Harmense, lived in Constable Hook, Bergen Co., NJ - children: Jannetje, Laurens, Willemtje, Johannes (Hans), Andries,
Jacobus, Anna, Rachel, Antje, & Abraham
3. Thomas, b 1668 d 1745 m 1st Margrietje, d/o Jan Bricker m 2nd 5-16-1720 Volkje, d/o Michael Calyer, lived Bergen Co., NJ, children: Johannes, Abraham, Pieter, Laurens, Andries, Isaac, Michael, Fitje, Geertru, Margrietje, Johanna, Thomas
4. Laurens, b ca 1687 d May 1724 Bergen Co., m 1691 Hendrickje d/o Joust VanderLinde lived in Bergen Co., NJ children: Fitje, Joost, Andries, Jan, Jacobus, Jannetje, Benjamin, Laurens, Abraham References: (I don't know what these initials stand for)
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Mentioned in his parents co-will:
Item: The Testators stipulate that each of the sons shall be allowed to obtain a lot of land at Hackinsack wide about seventy rods and to have the neighbors establish the value of such a lot which amount will be deducted from their share of the estate upon the deathof the survivor.

Item: The Testatrix appoints as her sole and legal heirs Baerent and Cornelis and Johannis Cristiaens whom she has legally begotten by Cristiaen Baerents, and also Andries and Lourens and Pieter and Thomas Louwersz whom she has begotten by Lourens Andriesse, to divide equally among themselves half the estate which she leaves ather death.

Item: The Testator appoints as his sole and legal heirs Andries and Lourens and Pieter and Thomas Louwersz whom he has legally begotten by Jannetje Jans to divide among themselves equally the other half of the estate.

Item: The Testators stipulate that the survivor shall have the right to lease the farm at Minchaquee to any one of the Sons (of age, WJH) if they so desire until the younger sons become of age andshall manage the farm themselves. But if such an arrangement is madeit shall be entered on the margin or the cover of the testament and anaccounting added to it.

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