Elisha Walling

Elisha Walling

Death 1783 (aged 74–75)
Burial Unknown
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Elisha Walling was born on 26 July, 1708 in Cohansey, Salem co, NJ. and apparently spent his childhood in this area. In an addendum to his will dated 22 Oct. 1724 Thomas Walling II, authorized his wife Sarah to bind out their son Elisha (then age 16) to a trade until he reached age 21.
According to family legend, Elisha ran away to Bucks Co, Pa to avoid being bound out and there, joined up with the William Blevins family who (along with Cox, Roberts and other families) were in route from New England to Maryland. Somewhere in route, it is believed that Elisha married William Blevins daughter, Mary Blevins. it is quite likely they moved to Prince George's County, MD along with Elisha's brothers James and William to live on land purchased by their father, Thomas Walling II some years before. (written in the memorial of Thomas II, also)
In 1733 Walling's appeared on a list of tithables in the Monocosie Hundred in Prince George's Co, Md. In 1745 Elisha walling appeared in Lunenburg Co. from Smith Rivers where he made his home at a place called "Roundabout", located about two miles east of the present town of Martinsville, Va. and east of Blue Ridge. In 1747 , he entered 400 acres on the north fork of Buttram Town creek. In 1748, he was appointed constable of Western Lunenburg Co. from Smith River to the Wart Mountains (territory later to become Henry and Patrick Counties) and entered and had surveyed 400 acres of land on the Sandy River (6 July 1748). In a court meeting held for Lunenburg Co. in June 1748, Elisha was appointed surveyor of part of a new road from the Staunton River to the Mayo Settlement, leading from Bannister to the Smith River. From 1751 to 1757, this land was in Halifax Co., and beginning in 1767, was in Pittsylvania Co. On 17 July 1767, a list of tithables taken by Peter Copeland, Gentleman, for Lunenburg co., shows Elisha Wallen, Sr. and his sons Joseph and James Wallen and Capt. Williams Blevins.
Elisha and Mary had the following children;
1. Elisha Walling, Jr. b. 1732 It is written Elisha Wallen in the book "The Longhunter"
b. 1732 in Prince George Co., Md.
2.Joseph Allen Walling b. 1734 in Prince George Co. MD
3. Mary Walling b. 1740-1834 married John R. Weddle
4. James W. Walling b. 27 July 1746 in Lunenburg Co., Va. **My direct ancestor"


Source; Michael K. Hendrix

According to information found in the book "Elisha Wallen, The Longhunter"
This Elisha Walling was of dark skin, black hair and black eyes. One of the stoutest men in Virginia, New River, Surry County.

The story is that his name Elisha came from his mother's side of the family. His mother was Sarah Elwell, whose mother, Sarah Bassett had a brother named Elisha.

I read where he was buried in New River, Scurry Co., Va.

Includes Notes for Elisha Walling (Walden):
from Edward Ryce notes, FTW file:

the history of the Walden family is traced from John Walden, son of Lord John Walden of Ravensworth Castle, England, who settled in Leyton, Essex County Virginia in 1715; moved later to his home, Walden Towers, in Caroline County, site of which is about nine miles from Bowling Green.

In 1745, Elisha Walden patented 400 acres on Cherrystone Creek. In 1746, Elisha Walden patented lands on the Irwin and Smith Rivers, where he made his home at a place called "Roundabout."

In 1746, some families from Maryland, including James and Daniel Blevins, well known hunters, made their homes on Smith River. A survey was made from the Walden's to the Blevins' for a wagon road. The Blevins' place was called "Blevins on Leatherwood."

Elisha Walden married Mary Blevins, daughter of a neighbor, Will Blevins.

In 1748, Elisha Walden was appointed constable of Western Lunenburg County, from Smith River to Wart Mountain. In 1749, he was surveyor for new roads.

Elisha Walden was a very large man: weighing over 200 pounds. He had dark skin, black hair, black eyes. He also was one of the strongest men in Virginia; he whipped the Great Champion at Cattanooga's Whites Store. His wife, Mary Blevins was fair skin, blue eyes, common size, one of the neatest women in the world. The Blevins were wealthy. Their daughter, Margery Walden, married Isaac Rice. She had dark skin, black eyes, tolerably tall."

In 1767 Elisha was elected Captain of a Company of Miltaria for Pittsylvanie Co, Va. under Major Theophilas Lay.
Elisha Walden was a member of Lee's Legion, Continental troops, during the Revolutionary War. Lee's Legion was organized in Virginia and was instrumental in driving British General Nathaniel Green southward to Charleston, where he surrendered.

A legal firm from Baltimore was employed by the descendents of Lord Walden in Virginia to recover their share of the English estate. However, the castle had been taken over by the Crown and the suit failed.

...from "
The History of Pittsylvania County" by Maude Carter Clement. 1929 J. P. Bell Company, Inc. Another sketch is also in "Tennessee Cousins" by Worth S. Ray.

. ...Heywood's "History of Tennessee" contains references to Elisha Walden. Likewise so does Redd's "Reminiscences," in which was one of the first indications that the surname was properly WALLING instead of Walden. Perhaps the most complete account of Elisha is contained in Maude Carter Clement's "History of Pittsylvania County," but, here again, Mrs. Clement uses the surname of WALDEN. In searching through the "History of Rhode Island and Providence Plantation" I came upon the record of the immigrant, Thomas Walling, with the notation that a segment of this family had gone to "Cohansey, Salem County, West New Jersey."

...neither Mrs. Ida Walling, nor Mrs. Clement could help me close the gap between 1724, when at the age of 16 Elisha was left fatherless, and 1745, when he first appears in the southern Virginia records.

His father, in a codicil to his will, dated Oct 1724, "authorize my wife to binde out my son, Elisha Walling, to a trade as she shall see meet till he hath attained the age of twenty-one after my death and that my said wife shall not be controlled for doeing by any person or persons whatsoever." Whether Elisha was ever bound out to a trade or not is undetermined. I can find no record in New Jersey either of apprenticeship or guardianship for him.

Neither can I find a public record of his marriage, nor a record of the birth of his children. The original Thomas, being a follower of Roger Williams, embraced the Baptist faith. Indeed, some of the New Jersey records of the Walling family are found in the Baptist church records there.

It would be sometime between 1724 and 1745 in which Elisha married Mary Blevins. I can only guess but it is my opinion that Elisha went to Maryland.

Mrs. Clement writes that Elisha Walden patented 400 acres of land in what was to become Pittsylvania County, Virginia in 1745. The first record I can find is in the Old Surveys, Book #1, Pittsylvania County...p69--William Walling--22A on Pigg River--24 April 1753

The only other Walling record in Pittsylvania County is contained in the Vestry Book, recorded 28 Nov 1771: John Cox, John Blevins, Thomas Walling and John Talbot is appointed possession of all the patented lands from Randolph up River to Buttran Town and to the Ridge. There are numerous Blevins claims.

In 1767, Elisha appears in the list of Tithables in Pittsylvania County:
Robert Chandler's List: ELisha Walling and negro, Jones -- in all 2 tithes
John Blevins, son of Daniel-- one tithe.

List of 17 July 1767:
Capt. William Blevins, David and Peter - 3
James Wallen - 1
Jospeh Wallen - 1
Elisha Wallen, SR - 1

Following this date there are numerous entries to the WALLING name.
There seems to be little doubt but that the Elisha Walden, of the history book accounts, and Elisha Walling, of our family records, are one and the same individual. (??)

A county military organization was set up for Pittsylvania County in 1767. Among those listed is "Captain Elisha Walden." The War Services Administration has a Revolutionary War Record for one Elisha Walden, who served in Lee's Legion between 1777 and 1779. If we accept July 1708 as Elisha's birthdate, the it would seem that this war record refers to his son, Elisha Jr.

The last account of Elisha Walden in Virginia is contained in a Washington County, Virginia account of his return on 25 March 1785 to his old home near Callands when "the old pioneer and hunter, Captain Elisha Walden of Holstein River, Tennessee, returned for a visit" and was tendered a tremendous reception.

Children of Elisha Walling (Walden) and Mary Blevins are:

Betsy Walling, b. Abt. 1727, d. date unknown.
Sarah Walling, b. Abt. 1728, d. date unknown.
Joseph Walling, b. Abt. 1729, d. date unknown. (if this is Joseph Allen it should be b. 1734 d. 1792)
Thomas Walling, b. Abt. 1731, d. date unknown.
Elisha Walling, Jr., b. Abt. 1734, d. date unknown, Henry County, Virginia. (confused on this part. if this is Elisha the Longhunter, which it should be he was born in 1732, died 1814 in Washington Co, Mo.)
+Margery Walden (Walling), b. Abt. 1738, New River, Surrey, Virginia, d. date unknown.
John Walling, b. July 27, 1750, Henry County, Virginia, d. March 17, 1785, Pittsylvania Co. VA. (probably unlikely John was born 1750, when all the other children born 20's and 30's.)

Son, James W. is missing.

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