George Humphrey Skolfield

Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, USA
Death 17 Jun 1989 (aged 79)
San Bernardino, San Bernardino County, California, USA
Burial San Bernardino, San Bernardino County, California, USA
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The name In the 'Domesday Book - de Cillesfelle - Sir Esbern de Cillesfelle- to England with William the 'Conqueror'- 1066, becoming de Skolfield - and in 1290- Scofield. Descended from the Skali - Skole clans from Norway...In early times- particularly the Viking period, 850 to 975 A.D. Raiding bands of hardy Northmen sailed their 'dragon ships' across the wintry seas, from the shores of Scandia, they came- lusting for adventure and plunder. Later, after seeing the fair countries and still fairer climes,they began to change and made more forays with the idea of colonization in mind. The Skala or Skali came with one of these large bands, bent on conquest and of making settlements in these new lands. Finally obtaining a foothold, in the land we have now known as Normandy, (land of the Northmen) they settled down and before long intermarried with the native people, later becoming known as the Normans. Here they developed a culture of rather high degree, for those early times. The Skala, where the fore fathers of the Scole - Skole - families,(this from the Heraldry Center in Canterbury, Kent,)The Skali emblem, seen to the right was taken from an old Scandanavian book of records, noted as a passing scene of early times in the Northland. Sir Humphrey de Skolefeld, a descendant of Sir Esbern de Cillesfelle, the family now using the later spelling, in Kent in the year 1155 A.D. He inherited the estates left by his father Sir Hubert De Skolefeld, including the family Manor House or Castle, as they were called in that period and the farms with the serfs or tenants. Later, in the next generation a son of Sir Humphrey, John, won his own Knighthood in service to the King, after which he took the name Scofield
and established his own family line....The family of this Knight, John all had illustrious careers in the service of the King, in one way or another. Sir Cuthbert Scofield, son of John Scofield.. and on through the life of Richard T. Scofield - to a son, who used the spelling of Scolefelde- then to a grandson, a Capt. Skofield, in Lancashire in 1643 - who went back to the original spelling - the old Norse - Skofield. ( from de Cillesfelle - the first ancestor of the Skolfield line - who is listed in the famous Doomsday Book')

George Humphrey6 Skolfield (George5, Humphrey4,
Thomas3, Joseph2, Thomas1) was bom 11 July 1909 in Los Angeles, California; married, first, Gertrude Ella Tillotson, daughter of G.E. Tillotson and Rose Ella Randall, on 1 November 1935 in Kansas.
There were no children of this marriage. He married, second, Mary Elizabeth Hunter, daughter of John Joseph Hunter II and Lelia Porter Keas, on 1 September 1945 in Riverside, California; married, third,
Geraldine Skolfield MacVane, daughter of Benjamin Franklin
Mac Vane and Jeanette May Skolfield on 24 August 1961 in South Portland, Maine. There were no children of this marriage. He married, fourth,
Helen Lawson, daughter of Charles E. Lawson and Lillian H.
Foxworthy, on 1 August 1966 in Avalon, on Santa Catalina Island, California; married, fifth,
Anna Mollie Harris on 29 September 1973 in Topeka, Kansas.
In 1955 he was the supervisor of the refrigerator department of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad.
He is a member of the Society of Mayflower Descendants through Richard Warren, William Mullins, and John Alden.
George Humphrey Skolfield
Gertrude Ella Tillotson was born 1 December 1910 in Springfield, Missouri. She died 29 July 1944 in Los Angeles, California, and was buried in Inglewood Park Cemetery, in that city.
Mary Elizabeth Hunter was bom 8 September 1913 in Holt, Missouri; died 29 June 1959 in Holt,
Missouri, while on a visit to her parents. She was buried in Antioch Cemetery in Holt.

The children of George Humphrey6 Skolfield and Mary Elizabeth Hunter were:

i. Richard Hunter7 Skolfield was born 8 May 1946 in Riverside, California. He married
Diana Sue Burgess, daughter of Allen Marshall Burgess and Jane Margaret Buckhiet.
Their son Brian Alexander Skolfield was born 14 March 1976 in Phoenix, Arizona.

ii. Mary Suzette Skolfield was born 11 October 1947 in Riverside, California.

iii. Sherry Thomas Skolfield was born 20 March 1950 in Riverside, California.