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 Johannes “John” DeLong

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Johannes “John” DeLong

  • Birth 1738 New York, USA
  • Death 15 Feb 1835 Trumbull County, Ohio, USA
  • Burial Lake Milton, Mahoning County, Ohio, USA
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DeLONG, John
1738 to 15 Feb 1835 at 97y
Burial – 20 Feb 1838 in Eckis Cemetery, Row 4, Block 1, Grave No. 10, Milton Twp., Mahoning Co. OH
Note: Revolutionary War and French War, Militia, 4th Class Pvt. 6th Battalion 1st Co., Northampton Co. PA
(I took these dates from the DAR, where John has been a proven Rev.War Veteran.) Certificate No.NSDAR 522222-Charlotte Lantz Langston Kovalenko Abbott. A Certificate from the U.S. Pension Dept. Claims #S43498. Sower Smithfield, Northampton, Co., PA. Private Capt. Alexander Patterson Co & Col.Thomas Craig's Third 3rd PA, Discharged on 15 Feb 1781.

He was christened on 19 Sept 1742 in Fishkill, Dutchess Co., New York.

Married Rachel Mary Pugh.

DeLONG, Rachel nee PUGH
b. 22 May 1748 in Smithfield, Bucks Co. PA
d. unknown

1-Eleanor DeLong 23 May 1765-21 May 1823, m. Isaac Winans.
2-John DeLong Jr. 15 Oct 1869.
3-Isaac DeLong 4 May 1771, m. Hannah Crawford (12 Children)
4-Aaron DeLong 1772.
5-Margaret DeLong 1776.
6-Catherine DeLong 4 April 1781-1857, m. Jacob Winans.
7- Hannah DeLong 1787-1845, m. John Sutherland (8 children).
8-Jesse 1788-16 Dec 1854, 1st-m. Mary "Polly" Winans, 2nd-m. Rachel Frankfurther.

Following notes of 50+ year DeLong researcher the late John D. Baldwin III.

JOHN (1-7-3-1) was baptized Fishkill, Dutchess Co., NY, Sep 19, 1742 at the Dutch Reformed church as Johannes, sponsors were his uncle Arie (1-7-1) and his aunt Catherine (1-7-9). Johannes and his father Frans are likely the John and Francis found later in what is now Monroe Co., PA. For discussion, see Frans (1-7-3) under 1756.

1750-5 - John was taken to Penna. as a youngster. Hillsman's Old Dansbury says Frans arrived in the area now known as the Delaware Water Gap in 1750-55 and indeed Frans served there Jan 1756 during the last of the French and Indian Wars.

1755 - John's gravestone says he was "a Soldier of the French and Revolutionary War (sic)". He probably saw action as a teenager when the Indians went on the warpath in Dec. killing scores of settlers and burning over 40 houses and mills. This last French and Indian War left the country north of Blue Mountain almost deserted except for a handful of sturdy settlers. The Dansbury settlement ceased to exist (rebuilt as Stroudsburg). John's father appears on the militia roll the next month, Jan 1756 (Journal of Pioneer America Soc. IV:1 Jan 1972).

1763-4 - married Rachel Pugh (Pew) baptised Smithfield (Twp.), now Monroe Co.(once part of Bucks Co.), Dutch Reformed Church May 22, 1748, daughter of Hugh Pugh (Pew) and wife Helena Brink. Rachel's maiden name first came to my attention in 1990 when I fortuitously was sent abstracts of a turn-of-the-century write-up by descendant Irena Soule born 1857, which her granddaughter Ruth Button sent to Mary Katherine DeLong in 1983. In it, Irena wrote "Great-grandfather John DeLong died age 94 was in the Revolutionary War" and "great-grandmother Rachel Pew". Elsewhere in her document, the Winans family connection and Milton, Trumbull Co., OH (where John died) are confirmed. Age 94 at death correlates with the man baptised in 1742 as above, and Rachel Pugh baptised 1748 correlates with John's wife Rachel, 73 in 1820 so born 1747.

Henry Baldwin's manuscript tombstone inscriptions of Mahoning Co., OH, a monument of error, shows Mary Delong, wife of John, died 1833. This is a misunderstanding of the stone of John's daughter-in-law Mary "Polly" (Winans) DeLong who died that year.

It has also been suggested that he was the Jean DeLong who with wife Regina had children baptised in the Hamilton Twp., now Monroe Co., Lutheran and Reformed Church, but that was another man, probably the son of Abraham DeLong of what is now Lehigh Co., PA.

1769 - A John DeLong participated in a contested land settlement this year in the Wyoming Valley of Penna. I have no idea whether this would have been subject John of Lower Smithfield or the German John (called Jean above) who was of Hamilton Twp., both in today's Monroe Co. but then part of Northampton. (This was prob. the German John; he settled in today's Northumberland Co). From The Susquehanna Papers: Charles Stewart to John Penn regarding influx into Wyoming County of 1(7)46 New Englanders and others who had come via Lancaster trying to get Lancaster support for Connecticut's (land) claims. On the list of names is John DeLong, the date May 12, 1769. This group had tried to settle near what is now Pittstown, presently in the NE corner of Luzerne County on the East side of the Susquehanna River near the Lackawanna County line, but then still in Northampton County.

Warrants for Arrests: To the Sheriff of Northampton County from the County Court: "that you enter and take ... [numerous persons including] John DeLong... late of your county, yeomen, if they be found in your bailiwick, and them safely keep so you have their bodies before our justices of the county court ... Easton March 2Oth next". (The King versus Benjamin Shoemaker et al, Process for a forcible entry and detainer Sur Indict Returned 20 March 1770 - please was issued 23 consecutive times, being received each Quarterly Court through Sept. 1775).

Presentment of Levi Vernon and others by the Northampton County Grand Jury "The Grand Inquest... County of Northampton.. do present that... John DeLong, late of your county... on 2d day of May 1770 at Wyoming in the county aforesaid with force and arms etc. riotously, routously, tumultuously and unlawfully themselves did assemble and gather together (to disturb the peace... .(broke into the dwelling house of Amos Ogden)..

1774 - John DeLong (subject? The German for whom see 1769?) included on a "List of Yankee Prisoners -- 1774" in the Miscellaneous Section of Egles Notes 2:619.

1776 - He enlisted Dec. 1, 1776 in the Penna. Line. In his Rev. War pension application of 1818, he stated he was born in NY, that he entered service in 1776 [the exact Dec. 1 will be explained below] for three years under Capt. Alexander Paterson [Company GI in the 12th Penna. Regt. under col. Cook at Lower Smithfield (now Monroe Co), served until discharged by Col. Harmer at Philadelphia Feb. 15, 1781 (National Archives, Pension File S43498).

In a subsequent declaration of 1820, he swore as to service, was a private, enlisted Dec. 1, 1777 [year is wrong; see later] for three years in Capt. Alex Patterson's Co, 12th Pa. Regt, Col. Cook, in General Conway's Brigade of the Penna. Line, served two years in said regiment then what was left of the regiment was attached to the 3d Penna. Regt. of the same Line under Col. Thomas Craig where he served until Feb. 1781 when a revolt took place [actually Jan 1, 1781] on account of wanting clothing and because those who enlisted for three years could not get their discharges; it was agreed that if they would march to Phila. their grievances would be redressed. This was done and he was discharged by Col. Harmer Feb. 18, 1781. He was in the battles of Brandywine, Germantown and Monmouth, also in several skirmishes when lying near British lines at Brunswick, Amboy and Bonamtown; also on a scouting party when they surprised and took a "piquet" guard near the fort at Bonamtown.

Note that in his 1818 petition he said he enlisted in 1776 while in 1820 he stated Dec. 1, 1777. The date of Dec. 1, 1776 would be correct as most of the actions in which he participated occurred prior to Dec. 1777. Further he stated he was in the 12th regiment for two years when it was absorbed by the 3rd regiment. The latter event was July 1778, 19 months following Dec. 1, 1776.

Also note he stated the revolt by the 3rd was Feb. 1781. It occurred Jan. 1 of that year.

The following chronology of his whereabouts Dec. 1, 1776 through Feb. 18, 1781 is drawn from "The Penna._Line - Regimental Organization and Operations 1776-1783" (John B.B. Trussell Jr. 1977).

1776 - Oct. 25: Organization of the 12th Regiment, mostly from Northumberland Co. though many from Northampton

Dec. 1: He entered service at Lower Smithfield, then Northampton, Col. Patterson was of nearby Easton.

Dec. 18: The men left Sunbury, traveling by boat on the Susquehanna on its way to join Gen. Washington in NJ. (Reference does not indicate whether those from Northampton had gone to Northumberland, or joined the majority in Jersey). Reference indicates the regiment did not have an identifiable uniform, apparently mostly wore a variety of civilian clothing.

1777 - Jan. 3: Elements of the 12th served at the Battle of Princeton (not on subject's list of engagements in pension application).

This regiment of frontiersmen used extensively as a patrol force.

Apr. 12 or 13: The regiment fought at Bound Brook NJ (not included by subject in his list).

Apr 15: Co G attacked a British outpost near Bonhamtown, killing or capturing twenty four enemy. Subject refers to their taking a picket guard.

Apr. 25: Reference does not mention the 12th as participating at Amboy NJ but subject indicates he was there.

May 10 at Piscataway NJ, May 17 at Metuchin and June 26 at Short Hills NJ: The 12th participated at these but subject does not list them. Piscataway and Short Hills were sizeable engagements.

June 22: Reference does not show 12th's participation at New Brunswick but subject indicates he was there.

August: Most of the 12th marched South with Washington's army.

Sept 11: he fought with the 12th at the Battle of Brandywine in Northern Delaware - Southeast Pa. The unit took part in the intensive combat around the Birmingham Meeting House. (The unit was spared participation in the Paoli Massacre Sept 20.

Oct 4: he fought with the 12th at the Battle of Germantown.

Dec 6-10: though present at Whitemarsh, the regiment was in the second line and did not participate in the limited actions there.

1778 - Regiment spent the 1777-8 winter with Washington at Valley Forge.

March 4: Col. Cooke was cashiered, for what offense has not been established

June 2: Lt. Col. Neigal Gray was cashiered for having taken money from his troops while at Valley Forge to supplement their rations, and then defrauding them both of the extra food and the money they had paid.

June 28: John fought with the 12th at the Battle of Monmouth.

July 1: what was left of the 12th was absorbed by the 3d regiment under Col. Craig. Reference challenges the statement that the remnant of the regiment was "nearly destroyed" at Monmouth, feeling the 12th had already virtually ceased to exist.

1779 - the 3rd wintered in camp at Middlebrook, NJ, spent the summer patrolling the NJ-NY border area with some members taking part in Anthony Wayne's July 16 assault on Stony Point NJ. As of Oct. 15, it was based at West Point, NY and by winter was at Morristown, NJ.

1780 - A detachment was at Paramus, NJ in April and the regiment as a whole was involved in the attack on the Bergen Hts. Blockhouse July 21, serving to block relief forces crossing the Hudson. Marched to Hartford, Ct. Sept 21, back at Tappan, NY Sept 25, being rushed that date to West Point to guard against a British thrust following Benedict Arnold's treachery. By Dec. it was in Morristown, NJ where its men took part in the mutiny that began Jan. 1, 1781 (see John's pension statement).

1781 - he was discharged Feb. 18.

17__ - Matthew's "History of Wayne, Pike and Monroe Cos." says John DeLong and wife were good Methodists; I do not know if a date is indicated -- this might refer to John Jr. or John III.

1782 - Appears in the Account Book of Aaron Depuy who had been storekeeper of Smithfield (now Shawnee) from 1743. By 1788 he had made 37 pr. shoes, pumps & moccasins at avg 3sh, also many entries for repairs.

1785 - taxed in Lower Smithfield on 100 acres, 2 horses, 2 cows.

1786 - taxed there on 50 acres, 2 horses, 2 cows, also on 4 acres in Smithfield.

1787 - had 300 acres surveyed Aug. 11.

1788 - taxed Lower Smithfield on 50 acres, 2 horses, 1 cow.

1790 - Census of Lower Smithfield 2/2/3 - the children were Aaron, Jesse, Catherine and probably Hannah (though there is the problem of an unidentified Margaret); the second male over 14 is unidentified.

1790 - Appears again in Aaron Depuy's Account Book.

1791 - A DeLong's Creek existed in what is now Lackawanna Co., Pa. [Walton & Brumbaugh: "Stories of Penna", 1887]. Could it be named for the John DeLong who participated in the Wyoming Valley incursion discussed above under 1769?

1792 - He was likely the John DeLong of Stroudsburg, a woodman, who was among those employed to cut a road into the wilderness this year. The land, a large holding by Henry Drinker called Drinker's Beech because of the timber stand, comprised 25,000 acres in present Wayne, Pike and Luzerne Cos. ["Hist. of the Lackawanna Valley", which does not explain the discrepancy that Luzerne today is not contiguous to the others]. The road passed Lake Henry, now in SW Wayne Co [Hollister p. 284].

Could he have been the John DeLong who with Peter, Simon and William DeLong each had 400 acres warranted in Luzerne Co., Aug. 13,1792? At that time, Luzerne also embraced present Bradford, Susquehanna, Wyoming and Lackawanna Counties. I cannot tell where this land was; perhaps John of Stroudsburg made the claim while working on the road. Can the others be brothers otherwise unknown to us?

1793 - 400 acres surveyed March 7.

1797 - appears a third time in Aaron DePuy's Account nook. This book survives I believe in the Monroe County Historical Society. For photos, see under DeLong in J. Baldwin's personal ancestry.

1798 - He also appears in Capt. Philip Schrawder's Docket Book as John Sr. Dec. 20 and was likely the John of Feb. 9 and Apr. 23 though that could be John Jr.

1799 - again in Schrawder's Docket. This too is held at M.C.H.S.

1800 - census of Lower Smithfield 00201/01001. The boys are Jesse and Aaron, the girl probably Hannah (though again, what about Margaret?)

1804 - Schrawder's Docket May 2.

1806 - Schrawder's Docket as John Sr. Aug. 9, as John Feb. 3.

1806 - On Sept. 27, John and Rachel sold 124 acres to James Barton Jr. no doubt in preparation for the move to Ohio.

1807 - Daughter Eleanor (DeLong) Winans with her husband's clan arrived in Trumbull Co., Ohio June 21. No doubt her parents were among the party.

1810 - The census for Trumbull Co., Ohio is not extant.

1818 - John made declaration for pension May 9 in Trumbull County. He was of Milton, Trumbull Co., said he was born in NY, recounted his service as given above under 1777, first paragraph. Declaration signed Youngstown before George Tod, president of Court of Common Pleas, 3d circuit court.

1820 - In this further declaration, he recounted his service record as under 1777 above, second paragraph. He was 75 [which is low], infirm, not able to work, worked a little at coopering, at turning wood and at making and repairing shoes. Wife was 73 (which is accurate). He gave a schedule of property and debts including being indebted to estate of Jacob Stroud, to estate of Reuben Blanchard, to Walter Smith, turner, and to Robert Price. Price swore as to John being a poor man.

1820 - Census of Milton 100001/31001. The children were no doubt some of son Aaron's, whose first wife was likely deceased and who did not remarry until 1823.

1830 - Census of Milton 21000010001/0010100001. He was correctly 80-89, Rachel incorrectly 70-79; she was 82-83. The other adult couple was son Aaron and his much younger second wife Peggy. The girl was probably Aaron's daughter by first marriage; the boys would be Aaron and Peggy's sons Jesse and Aaron, and perhaps another.

1835 - John died Feb. 15, buried Eckis Cemetery, Milton, Trumbull now Mahoning County. His stone reads "Died Feb. 16, 1835, age 95, a soldier of the Friench and Revolutionary War" (sic; Wars was probably intended). This well-preserved marker may have been erected long after his death, there are two, possibly even three errors. First he died February 15 as confirmed by Probate Docket (see below) and by his obit. in the March 5 issue of the Western Reserve Chronicle. His age was most likely 94 as stated by great-granddaughter and which correlates with baptism (the age given in pension file made him still younger). Third, the indication of French and Indian war service is not otherwise documented but is feasible, see above under 1758, also under Frans (1-7-3) for 1758.

1835 - Trumbull Probate Docket 8:42 June Term: This day it was Satisfactorily proved to the Court in open session by the oaths of Jesse DeLong and Robert Johnson that John DeLong, late of Milton, Trumbull County, was at the time of his death a pensioner of the United States under the Act of March 18, 1818. That the said John Delong died on the 15th day of Feb. 1835 leaving Rachel Delong his widow. The court ordered that a Journal entry be made of said facts and also a copy thereof under the seal of said court to enable the widow to obtain whatever pension may have been due from the United States to the said John DeLong at the time of his death.

The word of the act of March 18, 1818 had traveled fast; John's first declaration for pension was May 9 and he was a long way from Washington.

How long Rachel survived is not known. We are fortunate to know of her from three records, the 1806 land sale, the 1835 probate Docket, and the statement recorded by great-granddaughter Irena Soule. Rachel's name appears nowhere in John's pension file.

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