Jessica Anders

Jessica Anders

Death 16 Oct 2004 (aged 12)
Burial Burial Details Unknown, Specifically: Cemetery Burial, Gummersbach-Strombach
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I remember Jessica well, she sang in one mixed childrens choir with my own son, and their successful presentations contained amongst others a musical called 'Ein Engel' - an angel. Could it all have been because Jessica, this very beautiful little girl, looked like an angel in her white dress, with the golden halo.

Jessica loved to dance and to sing, her favourite colour was orange, and somehow, this seemed to be a reflection of the sun that little girl spread, she touched so many lives, and it is impossible to forget that smile, her liveliness, her presence.

I shall never forget the day when my best friend called me, telling me that Jessica had died. She had simply died in her sleep, without any warning, her heart had stopped beating, leaving her parents and elder brother mourning and grieving, unable to understand.

The burial itself was a remarkable day. Since the parents wanted Jessica to feel at ease, her coffin was painted in her favourite colour, a bright orange. And never before nor again have I seen so many people attending a funeral.

It was remarkable, a proof of how loved that little girl was, and very very sad, thinking of the family.

And this has never changed, the family does marvellously, but there is a gap impossible to fill. And this space will always be Jessica's.

My heart goes out to her family and her friends, and I asked my son whether it would be ok to make that page for that exceptional little girl. He said that from all he remembered during their many choir meetings, rehersals before the various musicals, Jessica would deserve it more than any other girl he could think of.

So I pray for that special angel, and her family left behind. May Jessica enjoy the place she is in now and smile down at hers.

She herself had written into her diary words that sound like a prophecy now, and the parents decided to have those words put on Jessica's headstone: Wenn ich nicht mehr bei Euch bin, sollt Ihr wissen, dass ich in Euren Herzen bin ! = Once I am no longer with you, you should know that I am in your hearts !

A heartfelt thank you to Milou for kindly sponsoring Jessica's memorial.

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