Capt Richard McRae


Capt Richard McRae

Cumberland County, Virginia, USA
31 May 1854 (aged 67)
Virginia, USA
Petersburg, Petersburg City, Virginia, USA Add to Map
Ward A (old ground), Sq. 314
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Behold the generous patriot band
Brave guardians of their native land
By no ignoble view inspired
By love of country only fired
March forth to combat side by side
No mercenary thought excite
Freedom and for home they fight
Virginia flower her ornament and pride.

In Memory of
Capt. Richard M'Rae

Late Commandant of the Petersburg Canada Volunteers in the War with Great Britain in the year 1812, a corps who under the impulse of holy patriotism in the hour of their Country's need leaped from their downy beds foregoing domestic comfort, and ease, instantly organized and took up the line of march for the Canada frontier where under the supreme Command of Gen. Harrison they met the disciplined armies of their country's enemy and the 5th day of May 1813, after a bloody conflict defeated them giving place to a hitherto distracted district and won for their home to the exalted and mperishable appellation of the Cockade City of the Union.
Petersburg Volunteers who embarked in the service of their country in the War with Great Britain on the 21st Oct. 1812, and consecrated their valor at the Battle of Fort Meigs on the 5th May 1813.

Captain Richard M'Rae


William Tisdale 1st
Henry Gary 2nd Ensign d
Shirley Tisdale p


James Stevens 1st d
Robert B. Cook 2nd p
Samuel Stevens 3d w
John Henderson 4th p a


N.B. Spotswood 1st p
John Perry 2d d
Joseph Scott 3d w
Thomas G. Scott 4th w
Joseph C. Noble 5th
G.T. Clough 6th k


Daniel Eshon w
James Jackson w


Andrew Andrews d
Richard Adams
John Bignall
Edward Branch, Jr.
Richard H. Branch
Thomas B. Bigger p a
Robert Blick
George Burge
William Burton
Daniel Brooks
Richard Booker, p a
Geo. Booker k
Joseph R. Bentley
John W. Bentley
Edmund Brown w
Thomas Clarke
Reuben Clements
Moses Clements
James G. Chalmers p
Edward Cheniworth d
James Cabiness
Edward H. Cogbill
Samuel Cooper w
James Cureton d
William R. Chives w
George Chaddock
William R. Chives w
George Chaddock
Lanen Deeton
Wm. B. De(gorc)raffenriedt
George P. Digges
Grieve Drummond w
Alfred O. Eggleston p a
James Farrar p
John Frank
Edmunds Gee d
James Gary
Frederick Gary
George Grundy
George W. Grymes
LeRoy Graves
Edmund M. Giles p a
William Harrison
Nathaniel Harrison
Jacob Humbert
John C. Hill
James Jeffers
William Lacey d
Herbert C. Lofton w
Benjamin Lawson
Alfred Lorain
William Lanier d
William R. Leigh w
David Mann
Nicholas Massenberg k
Anthony Mullen
Benjamin Middleton
Roger Mallory
Joseph Mason w
Edward Mumford p a
Samuel Miles d
James Page
John Patter p a
Benjamin Pegram
Thomas W. Perry
James Peterson
Richard Pool
John Rawlings
Geo. Richards
Wm. P. Rawlings d
Evans Rawlings
Geo. P. Raybourne d
John Shore k
John Shelton
Richard Sharp
John Spratt
Robert Stevens
Ezra Stith w
Thomas Scott w
John H. Saunders
Daniel Worsham
Thomas Worsham
Chas. Wynne
Nathaniel H. Wills w
John F. Wiley w
Samuel Williams k
John F. Williams
David Williams
James Williams

w-wounded at Fort Meigs
k-killed at Fort Meigs
p a – promoted in the army

General Orders – Headquarters – Detroit 17th Oct. 1813
The term of service for which the Petersburg Volunteers were engaged having expired they are permitted to commence their March to Virginia, as soon as they can be transported to the south side of the lake.
In granting a discharge to this patriotic and gallant corps, the General feels at a loss for words adequate to convey his sense of their exalted merits, almost exclusively composed of individuals who had been nursed in the lap of ease, they have for twelve months, borne the hardships and privations of military life. In the midst of an inhospitable wilderness, with a cheerfulness and alacrity which has never been surpassed. Their conduct in the field has been excelled by no other corps; and whilst in camp, they have set an example of subordination and respect for military authority to the whole army.
The General requests Captain M'Rae his Subalterns Non Commissioned Officers and Privates to accept his warmest thanks – and bids them an affectionate farewell.

By Command – Robert Butler
Acting Assistant Adjutant General

Erected by citizens of Petersburg
Anno Domini

Capt. Richard M'Rae
Born May 15, 1787
Died May 31, 1854