Thomas Kirk

Thomas Kirk Veteran

Virginia, USA
3 Dec 1846 (aged 67–68)
Licking County, Ohio, USA
Jacksontown, Licking County, Ohio, USA GPS-Latitude: 39.9759157, Longitude: -82.4138423
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Thomas Kirk's original headstone is now missing. An old photograph of that marker showed that his name was inscribed "THOS. KIRK". Unfortunately, the picture's quality is poor so it's difficult to read any dates.

In 1970, the Johnstown Genealogy Society conducted a census of all marked burials in Beard-Green Cemetery. From Thomas' original marker, which still existed at that time, they recorded that he was born in 1778 and died in 1846.

Today, next to the remaining stump of the original marker is a new bronze plaque. The plaque states that Thomas was born in 1761 and was a veteran of the American Revolution.

This information does not match bio-data on Thomas from census records. Cemetery trustees based at the Dawes Arboretum have no information on who placed this marker. The Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) have no record of a Thomas Kirk serving in the Revolution. A researcher with Ohio History Connection also cast doubt on the likelihood of any service in the war of independence, noting that "There is no Thomas Kirk listed in either the official roster of the soldiers of the American Revolution buried in the state of Ohio by Ohio Adjutant general's dept., nor the official roster of the soldiers of the American Revolution who lived in the State of Ohio by the Daughters of the American Revolution Society."

There was only one Thomas Kirk in Licking County in the 1820 and 1830 censuses. In 1840, a second Thomas Kirk appeared in the county's census - Thomas' son Thomas Kirk Jr. There was never any other Thomas Kirk enumerated in the county in the early 19th century, and certainly non that matched the age on the bronze marker.

It appears the bronze marker was mistakenly placed on the grave for the wrong Thomas Kirk.

(Information from Family Sleuther. Thank you!)