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 Cheyenne Hall

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Cheyenne Hall

  • Birth Feb 1997
  • Death 21 Mar 2008
  • Burial Non-Cemetery Burial
  • Memorial ID 25512080

Cheyenne, also known by many other names, acquired her second set of
angel wings this morning at 7:50. It is her second set because I
always told her that she was my Angel. And that she surely was.
If anyone could learn anything from a dog, Cheyenne was a great
teacher. She certainly taught to always have a sense of humor. Even
in the bleakest of days, she would make me laugh. And I always
thanked her for that. She also taught me to never give up. All of
the trials that she went though, she persevered, learned how to work
through them, and carried on. I always told her she was a trooper.
Even when the going was tough, that sense of humor would come out.
She would laugh, even at herself, and carry on. She also taught me
to always enjoy what is given to you on your plate. "There are some
dogs that are starving out there, so be sure to appreciate your
dinner. Be excited about it! Food is good!!"
Of course she taught me, as all dogs do, to love unconditionally.
No matter what kind of mood I was in, or what she had gone through
any particular day, she always greeted me with the utmost of love.
She couldn't wait to see me! And likewise...
Even when she lost her sight, Cheyenne didn't seem to mind. She
was happy just to still be with me. And of course, I still took her
everywhere, letting her enjoy the things that any other dog would
enjoy. Many camping trips, walks, car rides, and she even learn to
swim last summer!! She was always eager to go, no matter where, as
long as she was with me.
To sum things up, Cheyenne taught me to never stop wagging your
tail. Keep your head up, or your nose to the ground, smile, and
enjoy life as much as you can.
Cheyenne will be very sadly missed. It will be hard to carry on
without her. But, I must not forget her lessons. One must carry on.
There are things to do, fairies to play with!! I will never have
another companion like Cheyenne. She was certainly one of a kind. I
thanked her for choosing me to spend her earthly time with. I surely
am the lucky one. We had many years of joy together, and went
through a lot of change and hardships, too. But, she always kept me
Cheyenne was 13 years old last month. When I got her 11 years ago,
she was 24 hours away from death. She pulled through, and learned
how to trust and love. This time was a bit too much, though, as she
was in kidney failure. the last couple of days were very difficult
for her. She became toxic. I knew that yesterday was her last "fair"
day on this plane. This morning it was surely time to help her leave
her physical body in a more peaceful manner. It was difficult, but,
she did not deserve to suffer. She was much too good for that.
As sad as I am, I am oh so grateful for the years of love and
laughter, the friendship, and the lessons.
Thank you, Cheyenne, for being as I often called you, "The Best
Dog in the World". I miss you, but I know that you will always be
with me in spirit, until we are together again. You are no longer
sick, but very much alive and well, with all of our other loved ones
who have gone to the Other Side. I know that you are frolicking with
the fairies.
Love forever,
Mom (Eva)

Blessings from Above

As you all know, Cheyenne graduated from this earth plane last Friday, March 21st. A very sad day, indeed. But, with every trial comes a blessing, whether it be noticed or not. This is part of our growth. Well ,Cheyenne didn't want her message to me to go unnoticed. And it surely did not.
I wanted to bury Cheyenne at home, returning her to Mother Earth, as with all of my other beloved pets. So, we brought her home, and after a bit more sobbing, Gordie went outside to proceed to dig her grave. After he finished, he said he just needed a few moments, and then we could bury her. I said some more goodbyes to what was now just her vessel, but, I know she was listening, and carried her out to the resting place of her former body. Carefully placing her in her comforter, I made sure she had her gorilla, the only toy she ever really liked, and shedding more tears, said my final goodbye to that precious vessel. Gordie grabbed the shovel, and this not being a part of it that I particularily like to see, I told Asia and Sunny (my other two dogs), that it was time to go back inside. I turned from the grave, brushing the branches away form my face, when suddenly I heard a very familiar cry. A cry that was also very close. It was an eagle. I knew the sound instantly and immediately looked to the sky to see one of my favorite sights on this earth. From in the trees just across from me, on the other side of the yard, an eagle came up from a branch. Awesome, I thought, as it made a circle, the whole time never ceasing to cry, or should I say sing. I told Gordie to look, but he didn't hear me at first. Then from the same area came yet another eagle. To just above the tree tops they flew, continuing their song, and then came directly toward me, Gordie, and the place where Cheyenne's body was placed ever so gently. As they came toward us, in what seemed to be slow motion, they where looking directly at us, and their song was music in a suddenly lighter, more brilliant air. Gordie and I stared at the magnificent birds as they seemed to dance over us, clearing relaying a message from Cheyenne. "I am in a beautiful place! I am at peace. I'm OK, and want you to be the same. Much love from the heavens!" And a feeling of peace and love swept over me instantly. I knew that was my Cheyenne. I knew that the animals and Mother Nature were working together to bring peace to my aching heart. My tears turned in to a smile, thanking Cheyenne and Nature for the oh so clear message.
A message that I will never forget, as I will never forget Cheyenne.
Sometimes, even in the darkest of days, there is a blessing not far from your sights. We just have to remember to open our eyes.
Eva~March 2008

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