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George Eckroth

  • Birth 1740 Germany
  • Death 1805 Steinsville, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Burial Greenawald, Berks County, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Memorial ID 24820340

George Eckroth (2)

Son of John Eckroth and wife Anna Margaret (Geddinck) Eckroth

Please note: Other information listed below was used to determine reasearch possibilities; see below:
George Nicolaus Eckroth(2) (listed as "AECKERT" in the Egypt reformed Church records) is the son of Johannes Henricus Eckroth(1)(possibly brn. 1721) and Anna Margaretha (Moellers) Eckroth.
Update note: Possibly the son of Joan Dirk. Ekrodt and wife Anna Margaret (Geddinck) Eckroth of Kirkberg/Kirchberg/Billerbeck Germany.

Served in County of Northampton 6th Company under Captain Mathias Probst.

Please note: is is also possible that Georges parents were Joannes Henricus Ikrott (Eckroth) and Anna Margarethae Moeller who were married August 13th 1750 at St. Vitus Catholic Church in Olfen, Westfalen, Preussen near Coesfeld Germany. Update note: Info that may be useful later in researching family of Ikrott.

Please note: It is also possible that George Eckroth(2) grandparents may be that of Joannes Petrus Ickerodt(Eckerodt) brn. 03 NOV. 1700 of Koblenz-Niederberg, Rheinland, Preussen Germany whose parents of Joannes Petrus Ickerodt(Eckerodt) was Joanni Ickerodt(Eckerodt)and Catharinae. Joannes Petrus Ickerodt also had a sister; Anna Margaretha Ickerott(Eckerott)Christened 24 AUG. 1709.

Please note: Possible son of Joan Dith. Eckroth and Anna Margaret (Geddinck/Gedding) Eckroth

Please note: The old German script "E" looks like "I" and may have been transfered this way.

Update note: Children of John and Anna Margaret possibly from Kirkberg, Alsace-Lorraine, Germany "Should not be counted fact until fully researched".

?. Catharine Elizabeth brn.1732 Billerbeck

?. Johann Wilhelm Eckroth brn. 1735 (Unknown birth location) or Parents

1. Henry brn. 1736 Kirkberg, Germany

?. Maria Gertrud brn. 1738 Billerbeck, Germany

2. Peter brn. 1739 Kirkberg, Germany

3. George Eckroth/Egroth brn. 1740 Kirkberg, Germany. Married Anna Maria "Mary" (Neier-in).

4. Mary Elizabeth (Eckroth) Lutz brn. 1741 "Elder" Kirkberg, Germany. Married Friedrich Lutz Sr.

5. Christophel/Christopher Eckrode/Eckeroth/Eckenrode brn. 1742. Married Anna Margaret (Henrich) Eckenrode.

?. Anna Margaret (Eckroth) Baverts Hartman brn. 1744

?. Catharine (Eckenrode) Kuhn brn. 1746

?. Mary Elizabeth (Eckroth) "Younger" Keffer brn. 1750

Please note: A person named George AeCKERT was baptised on June 6th, 1756. The sponsors of George were Nicolaus Nehlich, Maria Catharina Altmann, and Jacob Roth and wife.

George Eckroth (2)married Anna Maria Neier/Neier-in/Neyer/Neuer/Neigher/Neighert a neighbor, and lived on a farm in Lynn Township on the Blue Mountain House Rd. just West of Leaser Lake PA. (The Marriage was performed by a non-Catholic Minister/Possibly a minster in the German Reform Church) See George Eckroth wife's bio: Mary Neier Eckroth Henrich

After George's death in 1805; his widow wife, Anna Maria, remarried to Christian Henrich Jr., Christian a widower himself. (This marriage was performed in front of a Catholic Priest; it had been noted that Mary's first marriage was performed by a non-Catholic minister.)
The Children of George Eckroth(2)were given guardianship to John Adam Henrich until 1807 when David Zehner became guardian to his minor children.
The Eckroth children of George Nicolaus Eckroth(2)care are:George(3), Anna Catharine(3), Christian(3), Peter(3), Jacob(3), Catharine Elizabeth(3), Polly(Mary)(3), and then under the age of 14 years or younger were: Daniel Eckroth(3),John(3),Mary Barbara(3)and Carl/Charles(3).

Please Note:John Adam Henrich owned his father's land on Sharp Mountain after Christian Henrich Sr. died. This land was known as "Prüfmond" or "Sharp Mountain" or "Spitzenberg".

Please Note: That John Adam Henrich lived on Christian Henrich's Jr. land for 2 years before leaving in 1807.

George's children stayed at the former house of Christian Henrich Jr. on a 27 acre farm until Christian Henrich's brother John Adam Henrich stayed there with the children until 1807. After 1807 John Adam Henrich moved to Westmoreland PA. George's minor Children then went to David Zehner for guardianship.

Please Note: John Adam Henrich's farm may have been the farm just Southeast of Eckville near another pointed mountain, most likely called, "Prufmond". Also note that John Adam's son, Jorg 7yrs old, is buried on this old property. See bio: Jorg Conrad Henrich The other "sharp mountain", south of this would be called Spitzenberg at Greenawald and then Christian Henrich's Sr. final home would be 4 miles North of Lenhartsville, at Greenawald during his golden years. Chirstian Henrich Sr. home in his 80's was near Maiden Creek at Greenawald at the base of Spitzenberg near Lenhartsville. Today it has a Kempton address.

Please Note: David Zehner belonged to the congregation of Friedens Luthern Church in Schuylkill Co. PA.

Please note: Anton Zehner was a passenger on the 1743 ship Charlotte noting this family may have been friends with the Eckenroth's (WK-book page 29)

Please Note: There was a conflict of interest of whom guardianship of Georges children after Anna Maria Eckroth born Neyer (Neier/Neir-in/Neher/Neighert); remarried in 1807 to widower Christian Henrich Jr.

On June 18, 1777, Friedrich Lutz was back in Lynn Township and serving as a Sergeant in the 6th Company, 3rd Battalion of the Northampton County Militia together with Corporal Christopher "Stophel" Eckroth/Eckerodt and Private 6th Class George Eckerodt/Eckenroth, both his brothers-in-law. (History of Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, 1914, page 154)

As to his actual burial. It may be the Jacob's UCC Cemetery; The Reform Church that no longer exists but is close to Southeast of Leaser Lake or could be at Jacob Union's Cemetery in Jacksonville; very close walking distance from the Eckroth farm. Another suggestion in his burial may be in Schuylkill Co. PA Just North of the old farm. I would also check the New Bethel (Corner) cemetery in Berks Co., Albany township, PA. I also would check Eckville at the old Luthern Church cemetery. I would also suggest to check the old Moravian Church that was taken over by the Luthern (possible Frieden Luthern Church) at the county of Berks and Lehigh near the Eckroth farm. (White Church?)for his possible burial. Also would check Dunkel's cemetery. Could even simply be buried on this farmland. I would aslo suggest looking for the burial at the Frieden Cemetery at Stoney Run. He also may be buried at Asperum Collem at the old site of Christian Henrich's Mass House. The Cemetery may have been moved when they moved the Mass House away from the Creek along with the old cemetery just north were it once resided.

Please Note: The assessment roll in 1781: The names given below are taken from the assessment-roll made by the commissioners of Northampton County, Dec. 27, 1781

-George Eckroth
AKA: George Eckenroth(2)

-Stophel Eckroth (George's brother Perhaps?)AKA:Christophel Eckenrode(2)

As for the meanwhile I will list him at this cemetery until further update.

In George Aeckert's brn. 1756 baptismal record from Egypt reform Church it says: "Omnia ad Dei gloriam Salutemq ostrarum aimarum." The person who baptised this early congregation was: J. Henricus Goetschius, M. Helvetico Tigurinus. (A Swiss from Zürich Switerland) He may have gone by Johan Zurich. (Again, this info may be helpful later to determine further research in other possible family connections and may or may not relate to the person described here in this bio.

George was raised Catholic but married a Non-Catholic; Anna Maria Neyer/Neuer/Neher/Neigher

It is possible that Casper Wenig (Wenninck)or(Benning) out of Bally Berks PA was the great-grandfather of George Nicholaus Eckroth. (It is not been proven fact, suggest further research.)
I also believe that Casper Wenig (Wenninck) is known as Casparus Benning of Darfeld Germany and that when he came to the area the pronounce of his name is thought to be that of Benning(Benninck)(Benig) or Wenning (Wenninck)(Wenig) Casparus married Christina Isfording Nov. 2nd 1694 in Darfeld Germany; a part of Kreis Coesfeld just south of Eggerode Germany. If their child together was Caspar Wenig Jr. this would leave him at the right age of 94-95 years in the year of his death 1788.

A research possibility: The possible mother of Georg Eckroth(2); Anna Margaretha Fischer, was born on 29th Jan. 1723 and Christening was on 02 MAR. 1723 at the Catholic Church in Eggerode Westfalen Germany. Anna Margaretha's Eckroth born Fisher parents are, Johannes Nicolaus Fischer and her mother was Anna Elisabeth Wenninck (Wenig)also pronounced;Benninck or Benning. (Again, this should be fully researched to determine relationship; it is not considered fact)

Please note: the "W" can be also known as "B" Example: Koblenz Germany is known as also "Kowelenz/Koblenz"

George Eckroth(2)early family has used the Surname:Eckroth as; Eggerode/Eckerode/Eckeroth/Eckroth/Eckroate/Eckroat
In Germany it is also found as:Ikrott/Ikrodt/Ikerot/Ikroot/Ickroth/Ickrath/Ikroedt/Ikerott/Iknrott/Iknrodt/Ickerodt/Ickerott (Check names in Bork Germany and Koblenz-Niederberg, Rheinland, Preussen)

Please note: Benninck surname is also noted as: Benning/Benninghoff/Bennig and is taken from the NRW German name "Benno" meaning house of the Bear.

Please note: in George's Agreement between George Eckenroth and his son Christian Eckenroth dated 23rd of May 1805 (Northampton County Deed Book A3 Pages 316-317 (Auf Deutsch) It is shown that George Eckroth had his Surname spelled "Eckenroth" as did his son Christian.

Please Note: The term of Land "Prüfmond" to me is considered land sold with "Improvements" usually known as "Imprufmonds" a German try at writting the word,"Improvements".

Please Note: The family of George Eckroth may have lived in Alsace Township PA. Alsace Township PA was just south of Lynn Township and later Alsace became known as Muhlenburg Township PA and was located in that time Berks Co. PA. It is also known that part of the Henrich family lived in Oley just East of Alsace Township, PA.

Please note: The similarities of Olfen, Germany and Oley, PA. Is this a Anglo translation of Oley?

George Eckroth (2) and Anna Maria/Mary Neier/Neuer/Noyer/Neyer/ children are:

1. George Eckroth(3)He married Suzanne Catharine_____? 1803-04 In the 1810 Census of Brunswick Township, Berks County (Page 742) George (3) was listed as head of a family consisting of himself, his wife, one son, and two daughters. On 11th March 1811, Brunswick Township, Berks County, and West Penn Township of Northampton County just north over the Blue Mountain, became part of the new Schuylkill County, PA. George Eckroth (3) and his wife Susan Catharine thereby became the founder of the "Eckroth/Eckrode family in Schuylkill County". (WK-book page 257). See bio: George Eckroth Jr.

2. Anna Catharine Eckroth(3)daughter of George Eckenroth and his wife Anna Maria (Neur) born 13th February 1784 (more likely 1783) Baptized at the same time (16th March 1783) and place (Christian Henrich's House at Asperum Collem Spitzenberg) as above: Sponsors, Christopher Eckenroth and his wife Anna Margaret (Henrich)Eckenroth. (Goshenhoppen Registers, page 88; Records, Volume 3, page 365). (WK-book page 266)

3. Christian Eckroth(3)married Eleanor Ireley around 1806/1807. On 15th of August 1805, Christian Eckroth(3), George's Eckroth(3) brother, had agreed to sell his father's 160 acre tract of Land in Lynn Township, Northampton County to Michael Brobst (Also kown as Michael Pope) of Albany Township, Berks County. However, before the sale could be completed, the Northampton County Orphan's Court awarded the property to George Eckroth(3) on or before the April 1807 session of the Court. On 23rd October 1807 Christian Eckroth(3), now living in Albany Township, Berks county sold his own individual right and title to the property to Michael Brobst. Three days later, on 26th October 1807, his brother, George Eckroth(3) sold a part of the property and on 17th March 1808 the remainder of the property, all to Michael Brobst (Northampton County Deed Book C3, page 334; Lehigh County Deed Book 1, page 243. After George Eckroth(3)first son of George Eckroth(2)and with George Eckroth(2), recognizing the imminence of his death, concluded the agreement with his son Christian Eckroth(3) rather than with George Eckroth(3) who was not "available". (WK-book pages 267-268) See bio: Christian Eckroth

4. Peter Eckroth(3) married Rosina around 1810 In November-December 1818 Peter Eckroth(3), son of George Eckroth(2) and 2nd cousin of Christian Eckenroth(4),died in Lynn Twp., Lehigh County(until 1813 part of Northampton County). In his will (Lehigh County Probate File#285), Peter Eckroth(3) states that his wife Rosina (Rose Anna) and children are to move and live on the land purchased/ to be purchased for him on/ near the Susquehanna (river)by Christian Eckenroth(4). Peter had 3 children:Pollij,Leah, and Harrata. (WK-book page 280). See bio: Peter Eckenroth

5. James Jacob Eckroth(3) Listed as "Eccorod", James (Jacob) born 23rd June (23 or 25 May 1788) of George Eccorod and his wife Maria Weuer (Neuer) baptized 25th May (23 or 25 June 1788); Sponsors, James (Jacob) Frederick Aitz (Lutz) and Elizabeth Eccorod (GR, page 139; Records, Volume 8, page 347). (WK-book page 282)

6. Catharine Elizabeth(3)born 26th March (1791) of George Eckenrot and his wife Mary (Neuer); baptized 22nd May (1791); Sponsors, Henry Veven (Vewertz) youth and Catharine Stal (Stahl) maiden. (GR, page 148; Records, Volume 8, page 356). Please note:Vewertz is probably Biebers or Beewerths/Bewerths/Bewaehrts/Baver known as the Biebers or Beavers family surname. (WK-book page 288)

7. Polly (Mary)Eckroth(3) (WK-book page 288)

8. Daniel Eckroth(3) born 13th November 1794 of George Eckenrodt and his wife Mary (Neuer), non-Catholic, baptized 22nd March (1795); Sponsors, Philip and Magdalen Burkhard. (GR, page 158; Records, Volume 8 page 366). In the year 1815-16 He moved to Mifflin Township, Columbia County were he married his second cousin once removed; Margaretha Rebecca Eckroth born Eckenroth was born on 19th April 1793. Margaretha Rebecca, known as,"Peggy" Eckroth was the daughter of Christian Eckenroth's second wife, Maria Magdalen born Schlosser, the younger sister of Christian's first wife Catherine Anna. Check "Eckroat" for his decendants. Daniel later moved to Stark County, Navarre, Ohio Please note: See Daniel "Eckroate" for his bio. (WK-book page 289) See bio: Daniel Eckroate

9. John Eckroth(3) married his second Cousin; Mary Eckenroth daughter of Christian Eckenroth. They moved to Stark County,Navarre, Ohio Please note: See John "Eckroat/Eckroate" for his bio. (WK-book page 301). See bio: John Eckroate

10.Mary Barbara Eckroth(3)born 5th November 1798 of George Eckenrod and his wife Mary (Neuer) baptized 15th December (1798); Sponsors, Peter Eckenrod (Son of Christopher 2) and his wife Mary (Eck). (GR, page 193; Records, Volume 11, page 50). (WK-book page 310)

11.Carl (Charles)Eckroth(3) born 3rd September (1802) of George Eckenrodt and his wife Mary (Neuer) baptized by Catholic Priest, Fr. Paul Erntzen, on 28th November (1802); Sponsors, Philip and Elizabeth Henrich. (GR, page 193; Records, Volume 11, page 50). Carl or "Charles" married Elizabeth Rhinehard/Rhinard (Rheinhart)around 1834. (WK-book page 311).
Charles Eckroth went to Mifflin township and attended the country schools. He followed farming, owning about ten acres of land, and besides cultivating his own place, worked around among the neighbors. He was a member of the German Reformed Church. His wife, Elizabeth Rheinard, born in 1818, died in 1906, and their children were:
a. Mary (Eckroth)Sponenberg brn. 1835 died 1915, wife of Samuel Sponenberg
b. George J. Eckroth brn. June 6, 1838 died 1920, married Sarah Ethel Sitler brn. Jun 28, 1838, she died 1914.
c. Elizabeth (Eckroth), who died at the age of sixteen
d. Samuel Eckroth, living on a six-acre tract near Briar Creek
e. Sarah (Eckroth)Sponenberg brn. Oct. 12, 1844 of Mifflin Township, PA., She was the wife of Philip Sponenberg. They married September 4, 1860; They had 11 children.
f. Elizabeth Eckroth
g. Malinda (Eckroth)Whitenight, wife of Frank Whitenight, Buckhorn, Columbia county.

Please note: Taufschein of Carl Egroth/Eckroth Carl Egroth ist geboren the 3. Sept 1802 In Pennsylv. in Northamp. County in Linn Township der Vater war Georg Egroth und die Mutter Maria eine geborne Neierin Und wurde getauft von Hn. Paul Ernst Taufzeuger waren Philip Steinhacker/Steiniger und seine Ehefrau

Please note: Translation of Carl Eckroth's baptism document:
Carl Eckroth is born the 3rd September 1802 In Pennsylvania in Northampton County, in Lynn Township
The Father was George Eckroth and the Mother Maria born (Neier) And was baptized by Mr. Paul Ernst Fr. Paul Erntzen Sponsors were Philip Steinecker/Steiniger and his Wife.


Agreement between George Eckenroth & Christian Eckenroth

Let all men know by these presents that as stated here in, on the 23rd day of May 1805 between two parties, George Eckenroth of Linn Township, Northampton County and his son Christian Eckenroth, a public and irreversible agreement has been made, to wit, George Eckenroth sells his land with improvements, with house and barn, trees, garden, roads and water, fruit in the field and all my moveable goods and whatever belongs to the land or improvements; Consisting of 160 acres more or less which land lies in Linn Township, Northampton County, State of Pennsylvania and adjoining the lands of Martin Donat, John Neijer and others. For and in consideration of 800 Pounds lawful money of Pennsylvania or gold or silver; and that he shall make yearly payments of 40 pound each as follows. The first payment of the aforesaid Christian Eckenroth is to pay one year after my death to my son George, 2nd to my daughter Catharine, 3rd to my son Peter, 4th to my son Jacob, the 5th to m y daughter Elizabeth, 6th to my daughter Polly, 7th to my son Daniel, 8th to my son John, 9th to my daughter Barbara, 10th to my son Carl and so forth until the entire sum of money as been paid.
Further, Christian Eckenroth firmly obligates himself, his heirs, executors, and administrators from this date forward that he, his heirs, executors, administrators agree to support their mother Maria Eckenroth for the remainder of her life giving and allowing annually to her:
18 bushels of corn, 3 bushels of Wheat, 8 bushes of Buckwheat, 4 bushesl of Welsh Corn, ½ bushel of fine salt, and ½ bushel of Coarse Salt, ½ pound of pepper, ½ pound of all spice, 4 pounds of good wool, and one pound of Cotton, one pair of new shoes, and to have woven as much as she needs, ¼ section of land shall be sown in flax. The seller (George Eckenroth) reserves ¼ section of land for his wife Maria and one, and requires that this cow shall be pastured wherever the buyer's (Christian Eckenroth) cow is pastured.
Further, my wife, Maria, is to have the bed, chest, a spinning wheel. Further, Christian Eckenroth is to give her the right to room for her dwelling, 5 pounds of sugar and 2 pounds of coffee, one beehive; and the cow's winter feed, He is to feed her cow where he feeds his own.
She shall retain possession of these articles as long as she carries my name. Further she shall have as much right to the use of the cellar and kitchen as she needs.
Further, the aforesaid Christian Eckenroth is to support my minor children until they are 14 years old and send them to school according to normal practice.
We hereby set one hand and seal to this agreement binding ourselves one heirs, executor, and administrators to its fulfillment; Ourselves one heirs, executor, and administrators to its fulfillment.

/S/ Geroge (his mark) Eckenroth /S/Christian Eckenroth
Surname German Script, Given)
-Peter Donat- Northampton County P)

Be it remembered that on the 14th day of June A.D. 1805 Personally appeared before me the subscriber one of the Justices of the Peace in foresaid County, Peter Donat, the subscribing witness. Being duly sworn according to law and upon his oath says that he did see George Eckenroth & his son Christian Eckenroth sign, seal and subscribe their names to the forgoing agreement and that the name Peter Donat being of his own handwriting and further the deponent said not Peter Donat Sworn and subscribed the date above said before

/S/ John Weiss

Recorded the 16th day of August A.D. 1805

(WK-book page 321 translation of Agreement)

Sources: The following entries pertinent to George Eckroth(2) and his wife Anna Mary Neuer, and their descendants have been extracted from the "Goshenhoppen Registers, 1741-1819"; i.e. the Registers of Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths of the Catholic Mission at Goshenhoppen (Bally) Washington Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. Initially published in 1888-1897-1900 in Volumes 3, 8, and 11 of the "American Catholic Historical Society Records", reprinted 1984 by the Genealogical Publishing Co, originally translated by the Reverend Thomas C. Middleton, D.D., OSA. Parenthetical inserts are those of the current compiler.

Sources: William Kirkpatrick "Eckroth-Eckenrode-Eckenroth" Vol I. and 2. published by Chris Pelikan 1987

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