William Henry Pace

William Henry Pace

Goochland County, Virginia, USA
Death 21 Oct 1815 (aged 70)
Yuma, Scott County, Virginia, USA
Burial Scott County, Virginia, USA
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He was a soldier in the Americam Revolution. He was transfered to the Commander-in-Chief's Guard, under Gen. George Washington, on 6 May 1777. He was ingaged in the following battles: Brandywine, Germantown, Mommouth, Connecticut Farms, King's Bridge, and Yorktown. He was discharged 3 Nov 1783.


William Pace, Jr. who moved by 1832 from Scott Co., VA to Jackson Co., AL.My husband, Jim Maples, has used William, Jr.'s father Sgt Wm Pace, Sr. for membership in SAR and membership in 'The Descendants of George Washington's Army at Valley Forge, Alabama Brigade'.In the book Shelton, Wininger and Pace Families_ by Harold and Robert Casey, there is a photo made by Robert Chumley of William Pace, Jr.'s tombstone, Pace Cemetery, Jackson County, Alabama.William Pace, Jr. per the 1850 U.S. census was born in 1790 in VA.William, Jr. and his wife Elizabeth (Wininger per marriage record of VA) were living at the time of the 1870 U. S. census taken in Jackson Co., AL. The inventory of the estate of William Pace, Jr., deceased, was dated September 12, 1878. Since there is no death record, it appears William died between 1870 and Sep. 1878 in Jackson Co., AL.His wife Elizabeth is not listed in the 1878 probate records and is not found in the 1880 census in Jackson Co., AL so it is assumed she died between 1870 and Sep. of 1878.All this info is taken from _Shelton, Wininger, and Pace Families_.Primary references are used throughout this book.I can download the photo of William Pace, Jr.'s tombstone if you can add his name as one of William Pace, Sr.'s sons.The above-mentioned book also has a list of children of William Pace, Jr. with birth dates. My husband's line connecting him to William Pace, Jr. is the oldest daughter Martha Pace, who married at Jackson Co., AL about 1835 William Shelton, born Washington Co., VA about 1811. Please let me know if you can add William Pace, Jr. to Wm, Sr.'s list of children. I then can followup with adding the photo of his tombstone.Thank you so much. Linda Alcott Maples and Jim Maples (the descendant)Revolutionary war patriot and military guard for George Washington for 7 years!


He enlisted in the 14th Virginia Regiment commanded by Colonel Lewis on January 23, 1777. Because of his outstanding performance and character, Pace was recommended for assignment to George Washington's Commander-in-Chief's Guard.

Each regiment from Virginia sent four men that were to be interviewed by George Washington himself for the Guard. They were not to appear in uniform as George Washington wanted to see what they looked like in everyday clothes. The candidates had to be between 5 ft. 9" and 5 ft. l0" tall. Additional requirements included neatness of appearance, good character, married, a land-owner, and a sober man with good character. In May of 1777, William Pace was transferred from the 14th Virginia Regiment to the Commander-in-Chief's Guard. William Pace's enlistment was up six weeks after Valley Forge where he spent that terrible winter. However, he reenlisted for the duration of the War. William Pace remained in the army after the Battle of Yorktown in October,1781,until he was discharged in Newburgh, New York, in November of l783.

Although he was furloughed home after the Paris Peace Treaty on June 5th, 1783, he and the other troops would have returned if the British had tried to start the war again. There is much evidence to support the fact that the British were plotting to retake the Colonies.

Several documents from the United States Archives show information through monthly Company Muster Rolls and other documentation. Another good source for this information about William Pace is the 100-year-old book by Carlos E. Godfrey entitled Commander-in-Chief's Guard.

William pace's battles are enumerated in Mr. Godfrey's book, and also on p. 332 of the Casey book. The battles he participated in are as follows:

Morristown, New Jersey, May 6, 1777

Sick in Hospital, June and July, 1777

Battle of Brandywine, September 11, 1777

Battle of Germantown, Pa., October 4, 1777

Battle of Monmouth, New Jersey, June 28, 1778

Reenlisted and furloughed one hundred and ten days,
January 18, 1779

Rejoined September 1, 1779

Battle of Connecticut Farms, New Jersey, June 7,

Skirmish of King's Bridge, New York, July 3, 1781

Battle of Yorktown, Virginia, October 19, 1781

Promoted to Sergeant, June 4, 1783

Furloughed Newburgh, New York, June 6, 1783 until
the ratification of the definite Treaty of Peace

Discharged November 3, 1783

A biography of George Washington in THE ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA lists the battles of George Washington during the Revolution, and every battle that George Washington was in after William Pace joined the Guard, William Pace
was there, also.

Washington's Guards not only guarded George Washington's person and his papers, but they also fought in the battles, many times on the front lines.


Roy Johnson


Oaths of Allegiance - 1777 Pittsylvania County, VA
copy done by Cynthia Hubbard Headen source: The Magazine of VA Genealogy, v.23, #1 (Feb.1985), transcribed by Marian Dodson Chiarito.

These lists were taken from a typewritten copy found in the Clerk's Office, Pittsylvania County, at Chatham, Virginia. The two following affidavits found attached to the copy are self- explanatory.

I, S. H. F. Jones, do hereby certify that about the year 1930 I personally copied and had checked the names of persons who took the oath of Allegiance in 1777 as shown by manuscripts then in the Clerk's Office of Pittsylvania County, Virginia. The writing was faded and a few names could not be deciphered. Every effort was made to transcribe the names as they appeared on the manuscripts. The names of the foregoing Lists are a true and correct copy of the aforesaid manuscripts to the best of my knowledge and belief. The lists were also checked by Mr. Langhorne Jones, atty.
Given under my hand and seal this 8th day of November, 1939.
S. H. F. Jones (Seal)

State of Virginia
Pittsylvania County, To-wit:
I, E. E. Friend, Clerk of the Circuit Court of Pittsylvania County, Virginia, the same being a Court of Record, do hereby certify that Mrs. S. H. F. Jones whose name is signed to the foregoing writing bearing date 8th day of November 1939, personally appeared before me in my county, Office and State aforesaid and made oath that the foregoing statements are true to the best of her knowledge and belief. Given under my hand this 8th Nov. 1939.
E. E. Friend
Clerk Pittsylvania Circuit Court
Chatham, VA

William Pace


U.S., Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications, 1889-1970
about William Pace Name: William Pace
SAR Membership: 99765
Birth Date: 1749
Birth Place: Virginia
Death Date: 1814
Death Place: Scott, Virginia
Children: Edward Pace

Family Members


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