Henry Huffman, Sr

Henry Huffman, Sr

Rockingham County, Virginia, USA
Death Jun 1835 (aged 77–78)
Mitchell, Pendleton County, West Virginia, USA
Burial Mitchell, Pendleton County, West Virginia, USA
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Henry Huffman
b. 1757 Rockingham, VA d. Pendleton, WV md abt 1777 Probtsburg, Pendleton, VA/WV to Mary Eve/Maria Eva Propst b. abt 1757 daughter of Johann Michael Propst & Catherine Elizabeth [--?--]
#4125 Virginia Application for Revolutionary War Pension (B.Dave Sarles)
History of Pendleton Co. WV: Morton 1910 –pp 51-54; p.401-2; 360-1 (Sarles)
Talbot, Dyer Settlement – Ft. Seybert Massacre: 1937 re. Maria (Sarles)
Descendants of Michael John Propst (of Pendleton Co.) by Walter L. Eye(lists Mary Eve Propst m. Henry Huffman - no further details)
Pendleton County, WV Deedbook Records 1788-1813
Letter written by Phebe A. Huffman Carr Carr Davis in 1904 (Sarles)
FGS & emails from B. Dave Sarles
Young website: David Bruty [descendant of Henry, Jr.
1820 Census: Pendleton Co, VA M133-140 pg 41; Henry Huffman; 1m 10-16; 1 m 16-26; 1m 45+; 1f 10-16; 1 f 45+
1830 Census: Pendleton Co, VA Roll 199 pg 54: Henry Huffman, Sr. 1m 20-30; 1m 70-80; 1f 20-30; 1f 70-80

5 of the 6 known children for Henry married prior to 1820. Henry, Jr. married in 1825. He was reportedly born between 1790-1800 which would fit the 16 to 26 male in the above 1820 record. The female 10-16 could be domestic help or possibly another daughter? Also this record appears to indicate there was another younger son born between 1804 & 1810. This would have put Mary Eve if born abt 1757 at an age of abt 47. This male could also have been farm help.

Note: Walter L. Eye, a school teacher, was born and raised in Pendleton Co. VA/WV. He never married and he spent much of his life traveling and visiting court houses and scouring records for over 20 books that he authored on Pendleton's early ancestors - Propst, Eye, and Rexrode, among others. He accepted family information and gave limited details re. dates and locations. His books were donated to a library, possibly in Pendleton Co. WV. David Bruty was instrumental in helping Mr. Eye's daughter achieve this on a visit after the death of Mr. Eye.

Revolutionary War Pension papers show Henry Huffman to be of Pendleton Co. VA (WV). He was a private in the Company commanded by Captain Cravens of the Regt. Commanded by Col. Harrison in the Militia of line* for Virginia for 10 months…… Allowance total $66.65: Book D Vol 7 pg 123 (Sarles)

Pendleton County Pension Records: Transcribed from Microfilm Record of Pendleton Court Records: V150-206 (from Heritage Quest)
3 Oct 1832, p. 203
Henry Huffman produced to the court a declaration in order to obtain a pension under the act of Congress of the 7th of June 1832. In the words and figures following to wit State of Virginia Pendleton county.
On the 3rd day of October 1832 personally appeared in open court before the justices of the County Court of Pendleton now sitting, Henry Huffman a resident of said county in the state of Virginia, aged 75 years, who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed Jun 7 1832. That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers and served as is herein stated--He was born in the county of Rockingham Virginia in the 1757 and he entered the service of the said County on or about the 8th of January 1778 as a substitute in the room of John Armentrout a private who had been drafted to perform a tour of three months against the Indians on the frontier settlement in a company of militia commanded by Captain Robert Cravens. He was marched with said company to Tygarts Valley, where they were stationed in a fort at or near where the Town of Beverly now stands in the County of Randolph Va. He entered in that neighbourhood assisting to guard the settlement their against the Indians until the expiration of three moths term of his service, when he was discharged; and Captain Cravens immediately proceeded to raise a Company of Volunteers to serve for the term of --- months in the same service into which Company sd. Huffman volunteered after serving in the same neighbourhood about three months the company was sent home and them ordered to equip and clothes themselves and prepare to march immediately to join the forces under Genl McIntosh then about to undertake an expedition against the North Western Indians and the British fort at Detroit. He remained at home about two weeks engaged in preparing for McIntosh's Campaign and marched again sometime early in the month of July 1778 under Captain Robert Cravens Lieutenant William Herron and Ensign George Mallow, Capt. Benjamin Harrison and Major William Old also accompanied and commanded the Battallion or Regiment to which his company was attached. They were marched down the south Branch of Potomac to a place near the Maryland line where they were joined by a body of Militia of Hampshire and perhaps the adjoining Counties under the command of Colonel Vanmeter. From there the two Battalions or Regiments crossed the Allegany Mountains and at the Monongahala River near Pittsburg, they were joined by and placed under the command of Colonel Campbell, who he supposed was an officer in the Regular service, as he sometimes wore a red coat. From thence they were marched to the Ohio River which they crossed at the mouth of the Big Beaver, and on the opposite shore they joined the forces under Genl. McIntosh, the commander in chief of the expedition. At this place he assisted to build Fort McIntosh and where (in about three weeks the For was nearly completed a Garrison was left there under Col. Campbell and the remainder of the troops both Regular and Militia were marched to the Tuscarora River a short distance above its junction with the Muskingum; there they built another fort called Fort Lawrence. After it was completed and a garrison left there the winter coming on and their provisions nearly exhausted; it would seem that the expedition against Detroit was abandoned. The remainder of the troops were marched back to Fort McIntosh where they arrived sometime on December 1778 about three days after their arrival there the company of Captain Cravens in which he had continued to serve during the whole of the time was pardoned at the For McIntosh and discharged. The other companies of militia having as he believes been all discharged a day or two before. He immediately set out together with the balance of Capt. Cravens Company on their return from and reached his place of residence in the county of Rockingham early in the month of January 1779 having served under the last engagement as a volunteer fully nine months and under the first engagement three months making in all twelve months service during which time he suffered almost incredible hardships in consequences of want of provisions and having to make his way home from For McIntosh in the Ohio to his residence in Rockingham in the depth of winter and through an almost uninhabitable wilderness. The names of the only regulars offices which he can now recollect in addition to Genl McIntosh the commander are Colonels Campbell Broadhead, Crawford and Morrow. Those officers he served with and believes they were from Pennsylvania and belonged to the regular Army, but the names of the regiment he cannot now recollect, nor does he know whether they were state troops or Continentals but thinks they were the latter. He has no documentary evidence of his service never having received a printed or written discharge but believes he will be able to prove nine months service by Henry Mallow of this county who served with him during all of that tour. He hereby relinquishes every claim to a pension or annuity except the present and declares that his name is not in the pension roll or the agency of any state. Sworn to and subscribed the day and year aforesaid.
Henry X Huffman
his mark

Pendleton County, Virginia Land Tax prepred by Sandy Fackler shows a Henry Huffman from 1795 & 1796 then again in 1799 through 1801 in Pendleton County, VA Tax Lists 1789-1801.

Pendleton County, WV Probate Records 1788-1866 by Rick Toothman
pg 1 Willbook 1
3-4: 19 December 1785. WILL of John Miche [sic] PROPS, planter, Rockingham Co, Wife Catherine Elizabeth: thirds of land during her life, with household goods and movables during her widowhood. If she remarries, to have her chest, clothes, bed, spinning wheel, a horse, 2w milkd cows, side saddle, and 72 acres on the South Fork. Youngest son Henry Props: land where Catherine lives, at her death, 100 acres valued at ₤20. If he dies without heirs, land to be divided among all the children. Heirs of Daniel Props: 60 acres on the mountain between South Fork and South Branch, valued at ₤20, to be equally divided among them; Sophia Props to have use of the land during her widowhood. Eldest daughter Catheraine Barbara Props: ₤20 at my wife's decease. Second daughter Elizabeth, now wife of John Cowger: ₤20 at my wife's decease. Youngest daughter Mary Eve Props: ₤₤20 at my wife's decease. Granddaughter Elizabeth Props: ₤12 if she remains with her grandmother till her decease. If estate not sufficient to pay legacies to the daughters, sons Leonard, Frederick, Michael, Henry, and heirs of Daniel Props should pay equal shares to make up the deficiency. Daughters are empowered to sue any of the sons who refuse to pay in such circumstance. Executor: my wife. Signed: Johann Probs Michell [sic]. Witnesses: Peter Michler, Peter [mark] Hubeber [sic], Wm Ward. Proved by witnesses (including Peter Hoover), 3 August 1789.
5: 3 Aguust 1789. BOND of Cath* El* PROPS, executor of John Michael PROPS. Signed: Cath* Eli* [mark] Props, Sebastian [BH] Hooever, Zaxarriah Rexroth.

Henry Huffman entries in Rick Toothman books:
Pendleton County, WV Deedbook Records 1788-1813 by Rick Toothman
Deedbook Records pg 20
1 Feb 1793. John and (blank) COWGER to Henry HUFFMAN, 96 acres on the east side of Black Thorn, adjoining Joseph Leaser; part of 154 acres patented 26 June 1780. Consideration: L60, VA Signed: John [|] Cowger, Elizabeth [+] Cowger. Witnesses: none. Acknowledged by both in court, 4 Feb 1793. Recorded: 1:2347-238

Deedbook Records pg 36
1 Jun 1795. James Martin EARLY, Botetort Co, to Lennard PROPS. 212 acres on a souotheast branch of the South Branch, n o adjoiners named; surveyed 12 May1782. Consdieration: ₤80, VA. Signed: James M. Early [as before] . Witnesses: Wm Ward, Henry [+] Hoffman, George [G] Rixrod. Proved by Witnesses: Ward and Rexrode, 6 Jul 1795; fully proved by witness Henry HOFF[?], November 1795. No delivery shown. Recorded: 2:114-116.

Deedbook Records pg 153
9 February 1807 . Henry HUFFMAN to Christian ROLEMAN Sr. Bill of sale for 5 horses. 10 cattle, 5 sheep, 9 "hocks." Consideration : $36. Signed: Henry [H] Huffman. Witness: Susey Roleman. Achknowledged in court 7 Jul 1806. No delivery shown. Recorded: 4:382-383

Wills, 1788-1866; Inventories, Sale Bills, Settlements, 1788-1846 by Rick Toothman
Willbook 1 – pg 8
151-152: 6 March 1797. BOND of Christian STONE, guardian of Henry SMITH, Jr. infant orphan of Henry SMITH. Signed: Christian Stein, Jacob Hoover.
153-156: 23 February 1797. WILL of Christopher EYE, planted. Sick of Body. Wife Katrine: thirds of plantation and dwelling house during her life, plus movables to support the children. Sons Jacob and Christian: if they work the plantation and allow their mother sufficient to keep the family together till they are of age, they may have the plantation between them and pay ₤15 each to the others. Daughter Bantiana [sic]; cow, heifer, sheep, ₤15. Son Frederick: ₤15 and his gun. Son George: ₤15 and to be put to a trade if he chuses. Daughters Elizabeth, Mary, Rachel: ₤15 each. Small childen, not yet of age, to remain with their mother. If their mother dies before the children come of age, they are to remain with Christian and Jacob until of age or bound out. Any surplus to be equally divided among all the children. Exectuors: wife Katrine, son Christian. Signed: Christorpher [mark] Eye. Witnesses: Wm Ward, Christopher Cromet, Hennrich [+] Hoffman.. Codicil: If Jacob and Christian do not wish to take the plantation per his wishes, the place to remain in wife' hands and to be sold at her death, the proceeds equally dividied amonth the children. Igne: Christopher [C] Eye. Witnesses: Wm Ward, Jacob Hoover, [Geman script, difficult to see on microfilm, Petter Seibert?]. Will proved by witnesses, 1 May 1797; codicil proved by Ward and Hoover.
listed immediately after "Will of Christopher Eye" (153-156: 23 February 1797.)

156-158: 1 May 1797. BOND of Catherine AWE and Christian AWE, executors of Christophel AWE. Signed: Catherine [)] Awe, Christian [+] Awe, Jacob Huver, Henry [X] Huffman

Willbook 2 – pg 33
155-158: no date. APPRAISAL of Catherine PROPST. Includes German psalm and other books. Debts due from Michael Propost & P Sinnett, George Propst, John Cowger & William Ward. George Fisher, Henry Huffman , Christian & George Propst, Abm Pittsabarger & Justice Roleman, Henry Swadley, Leond Propst, Jr. Henry Hoover, Jacob Propst, John Miller, Leonard Propst, Sr, Petger Michler, and debts from Henry and Daniel Propst, per the will of John Michael Props. Total: 816.94. Signed Uriah Lowther, James Keister, Yost Ruhlman. Recorded 2 July 1805.

159-161: 14 December 1804. SALE BILL of Catherine PROPST. Purchasers: Robert Davis, Samuel Dickinson, John Dunkle, Jacob Eye, Nicholas Havinor, Michael Hively, Jacob Hoover (of Jacob), Peter Hoover, Thomas Hoover, Henry Huffman, Michl Huffman, Henry Hull, Fredeick Keister Jr. Uriah Lowthr, James McGlauchlin, Michl McGlauchlin, Tunis McIlwan, John Miller, Sallry Morral, Abs Pittsabrier, Christian Props, Henry Props, Jacob Props, Michl Props, Lenard Propt r., Geroge Rexrode, Christian Roleman, Jr. Justus Roleman, Danile Snider, Jacob Snyder, Henry Swadley, Henry Swadley, Jr, Total: ₤223.8

Willbook 3 pg 50-51
172-173: 3 December 1811. SETTLEMENT of the estate of Jacob HEVNER with Nicholas HEVNER, executor. Payments to John Rexroad, Adam Havener, Henry Havenor, John Propts, Geo Gandevanter, Henry Bolt, Henry Huffman, John Hick, Geo Simmons, John Dean, Christian Simons, Jacob Keeper, Elizabeth Hoover, Geo Havenor, Nicholas Havener. Balance: ₤547.13.9 ½ . Signed: H. Hull, Wm. Dyer

Willbook 3 pg 50-51
172-173: 3 December 1811. SETTLEMENT of the estate of Jacob HEVNER with Nicholas HEVNER, executor. Payments to John Rexroad, Adam Havener, Henry Havnor, John Propts, Geo Vandevanter, Henry Bolt, Henry Huffman, John Hick, Geo Simmons, John Dean, Christian Simons, Jacob Keeper, Elizabeth Hoover, Geo Havenor, Nicholas Havener. Balance: L547.13.9 ½. Signed H. Hull, Wm. Dyer.

Inventories 4 pg 143-146
81-89: There follows 3 very lengthy lists of debtors to the estate of Aaron KEE [note that some names appear on all 3 lists; parenthetical comments are contemporary annotations]……………………..
"Debts considered good" ……. Michael Huffman
"Insolvent & doubtful:" ……… Henry Huffman
"List of accounts with which the Executors are chargeable"……. Michael Huffman

Inventories 4 pg 163
378-381: no date. SALE BILL of Henry EKERT. Purchasers: Henry Amick, William Colter, John Cowger, Frederick Crumit, John Eye, George Harhold, John Harhold, Danl Heavner, Jacob Hoover, John Hoover, Thomas Hoover, Henry Huffman, Michael Huffman, Henry Jones, George Mitchel, John Mourey, George Moyers, Philip Moyers, Henry Peniger, William Peniger, George Probts, George Rexrode, Catharine Sawyers, Frederick Simmons, Jacob Simmons, Leonard Simmons, John Smith, Henry Snider, Danl Stone, Joseph Varner, John Wamsley. No total. Not signed. Recorded 2 April 1823.

Inventories 5 pg 185
80-83: 2 June 1827 SALE BILL of Jacob CROUSHORN. Purchasers: Adam Bomgarner, Jas Cravens, Elisabeth Croushorn, George Croushorn, John Croushorn, Susannah Croushorn, George Hammer, Michael Henkle, Henry Huffman, John Jorden, Jas B. Kee, Wm Killingsworth, Philip Moyers, Jacob Mumford, Jacob Rexroad, John Rexroad, Zachariah Rexrode, Sr, Zachariah Rexrode Jr, Henry Simmons, John Simmons, Peter Simmons, Danl Smith, Saml Sullenberger, Isaac Waggy. No total. Signed: John Croushorn, executor

Inventories 5 pg 191
166: no date. DEBTS due the estate of James SKIDMORE. Robert Davis, John Haigler, William Haglier, Noah Harmon, Jesse Harper, Frederick Hedrick, Henry Huffman, Jacob King, Daniel Propst, Andrew Skidmore, Jesse Skidmore, Samuel Skidmore, Jacob Smith, John Smith, Balser Sponaugle, William Vanmeter. No total. Signed: John Haigler. Recorded. 5 August 1829

Inventories 6 pg 217
74: 16 November 1835. APPRAISAL of Henry HUFFMAN Sr. Includes some old books. Total: $97.42. Signed: George [X] Mitchel, Jacob [X] Rexrode, Geroge [P] Propst.
75-76: 16 November 1835. SALE BILL of Henry HUFFMAN Sr. Purchasers: John Dye, John Grogg, Jacob Hammer, Catharine Jordan. Frank McClinton, Jacob Mitchel, Geo Propst (of Geo of Fredk), George Propst (of Geo of Leond). Geo Rexrode (of Geo), Jacob Rexrode, Zachariah Rexrode Jr., Zach Rexrode (of Geo) Henry Sinnett, Jacob Sinnett. Notes on Andrew Jordan. Henry Hufman. No total. Signed: P H Kinkead.

Children of Henry Huffman, Sr & Mary Eve Propst:
1. Michael Huffman [1783-1872] md Susannah Summers in 1805
2.. Susan Elizabeth Huffman [1784- ] md Johann George Rexroad
3..Catherine Huffman [1789-1885] md Andrew Jordan
4…Henry Huffman [1800-1848] md Elizabeth Sarah Hartman [1805 - ]
5…Mary Madgaline [1793- ] md Lewis Moyer
6…Sarah Huffman [1795-1876] md Johann Zachariah Rexroad

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